Monday, March 18, 2019

Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th March 2019

Conjunction of Mars-Venus will resolve all the troubles, read the weekly horoscope and find out what’s special for your zodiac sign!

Read our weekly horoscope and find out what this week has in store for you. This horoscope also includes love horoscope, which will help you in knowing more your love life. You can also read about your career and learn about the opportunities and challenges waiting for you. Explore the outcomes in the respective fields of business, education, family, health and conjugal life and learn how will you prosper in life.

Hindu Panchang and Astrological Facts of this Week 

According to Hindu Panchang, this week will start from the Dwadashi tithi in the month of Phalgun during Shukla Paksha, where Moon will transit in the Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra zodiac signs and rule the Ashlesha, Magha, Purva Phalguni, Hasta Chitra, Swati and Vishakha Nakshatra. Accordingly, it will end on the Chaturthi tithi in the month of Chaitra during Krishna Paksha. Other than that, Mars will also transit in the zodiac sign Aries on 22nd March 2019. On the same day, Venus will also transit from Capricorn and enter the zodiac sign Aquarius. Hence, these transits will majorly affect the lives of natives.

Holi Will Bring Alive This Colourful Week!

The most important aspect about this week is the arrival of the festival of colours, Holi. It will be celebrated on 21st March 2019 with merriment and joy. It can be said that this festival of colours will paint the town red. Holika Dahan is celebrated just a day before Holi. According to Hinduism, Holika Dahan puja rituals and muhurat are considered significant. It is known to be an auspicious day for people associated with tantras-mantras.

Various Colours of Politics 

The country is currently experiencing the storm of the upcoming elections. Multiple candidates are selected by the National Election Commission. Therefore, we will get to see many politicians taking part in political rallies and spreading awareness about their respective parties amongst the general public. We may also get to see Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi engaging in a war of words.

What’s Brewing in Bollywood?

Birthdays of two prominent Bollywood celebrities will be celebrated this week. Queen Kangana Ranaut’s birthday is on 20th March and the “Mardani of Bollywood”, Rani Mukherji’s birthday is on 21st March. Along with them, Emraan Hashmi will also be celebrating his birthday on 24th March. Fans of these stars will wish the best on their birthdays and celebrate the day in their own way.

Considering this, the importance of this week has already increased multiple times. Let us have a look at this week’s horoscope.

Know your Moon sign here: Moon sign calculator


This week, Moon will transit in your fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh house. During the beginning of the week, your resentful attitude may affect your health. Try to control your temper. Refrain yourself from maintaining a stubborn attitude and drive your vehicle with extreme caution.....Read More

Love Predictions: For love related matters, this week will be quite favourable. You will be on cloud nine as you will get full love and cooperation of your partner. You will try to make this week quite mesmerising and gain success in that. You can gift something beautiful to....Read More


Transit of Moon will take place in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth house, whereas Mars will transit in your sign on 22nd Match 2019. On this very day only, Venus will transit in the tenth house of your zodiac sign. Your stature will increase at your workplace as Venus...Read More

Love Predictions: Midweek will be favourable for love related matters, but the natives will have to remain patient other than that. Differences can creep in between you and your partner primarily because of your busy work schedule. You are likely to stay overloaded….Read More


Moon will get posited in the second, third, fourth and fifth house. Mars will also transit in the twelfth house of your zodiac sign on 22nd March 2019. On the same day, Venus will also move and transit in your ninth house. The presence of Mercury and Venus in 9th house and..…Read More

Love Predictions: This week will be favourable for love related matters. You will be lucky in love because of the planetary positions. You will witness great moments with your lover and think about taking your relationship forward as you will propose to your partner.....Read More

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Moon will transit in your zodiac sign and then in your second, third and fourth house during this week. You may remain distressed during this period, and your peace of mind may also get disturbed. Some task in the family will attract your attention and prospects of earning money.….Read More

Love Predictions: This week will give favourable outcomes for love matters. Jupiter’s position will help in the growth of understanding and affinity in your relationship. With the blessings of Mercury and Venus, you will find yourself fully immersed in the sea of romance.....Read More


This week, Moon will transit in your twelfth, first, second and third house. From the beginning of the week, you will witness an increase in your expenses. As the week progresses, you will get some relief, and your income will also increase. On the other hand....Read More

Love Predictions: This week does not seem to have something good in store for lovers. Resist the urge to meet your partner frequently and talk to him/her casually. Do not plan any holiday during this week as the journey will be full of challenges. If you are married, you will...Read More


Moon will transit in your sign’s eleventh, twelfth, first and second house. It would help if you kept a tab of your financial resources as your expenses will increase in this week. There may be an unpeaceful environment in your family. Family members will remain dissatisfied.....Read More

Love Predictions: The week will offer mixed outcomes in love related matters. The week will begin on a good note as your love life will be in cloud nine. During the mid and end of the week, situations will alter. For specific reasons, you may not be able to give time to your lover....Read More


This week Moon will transit in your tenth, eleventh, twelfth and first house, because of which the situations at your workplace will keep changing, but you will not face difficulties. You will gain fruits of your hard work. Venus’ position in the fourth house will bring....Read More

Love Predictions: This week will be favourable for love related matters. Due to the combined influence of Mercury and Venus on the fifth house, love between you two will grow, and your lover will become happier and expressive towards you. The train of your love life will finally...Read More


Moon will transit in the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth house of the Scorpio natives. Because of this, you will get a chance to travel, and your luck will favour you during this period. You will attain success in any project you undertake. Things will remain favourable.....Read More

Love Predictions: Sun’s presence in the fifth house will not favour your love life. However, Jupiter’s blessings on your fifth house will bring depth to your relationship. The misunderstandings will fade away....Read More


This week, Moon will transit in the eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh house, because of which you will remain preoccupied with various worries. Sudden mishappenings which you’ve never imagined will constantly trouble you. You are likely to experience hurdles in your.….Read More

Love Predictions: For love related matters, this week will produce average results. Because Mars is present in its own sign and placed in the fifth house will make you appetent for love and affection. However, your impulsiveness will become an issue in between….Read More


This week, Moon will transit in your seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth house. On 22nd March, Mars will transit in your fifth house and on the same day, Venus will transit in the second house of your zodiac sign. Because of these transits, you are likely to be under the spiritual influence....Read More

Love Predictions: For love related matters, this week will force you to speculate about your future. You will measure the depth of your relationship and estimate your chances of being happy with your current partner. Your lover will support you, and you would want to give....Read More


This week Moon will transit in your sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth house. As a result of this, you may unnecessarily get into a fight with someone, and your weekly expenditure may also increase. However, during midweek, your financial situation will improve, and your expenses will also.....Read More

Love Predictions: This week has not much in store for you, as misunderstandings will creep in your relationship. The amalgamated effect of Rahu and Saturn will be responsible for the differences between…..Read More


This week Moon will transit in the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth house of your zodiac sign. Your mind will remain juggled in multiple thoughts, and you will not be able to complete your tasks on time anyhow. What you need is a friend who can guide you. Mars will transit in...Read More

Love Predictions: If you are single, then someone new may enter in your life, who will touch your heart. If you are already in a relationship, until midweek, every situation will be in your favour.….Read More

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Sun Transit in Pisces (15 March 2019)

Sun transit in Pisces will form Raj Yoga in the horoscope of the natives. Stay prepared.

According to religious science and astrology, Sun plays a vital role in the universe. This is why it is  considered the soul of this universe in ancient scriptures as the entire universe is dependent on it. In astrology, Sun is known to be the determining factor of one’s soul, father, ancestors, respect and higher government services. If Sun is placed positively in the native’s kundali, then s/he is blessed with respect, fame and a senior post in government services. On the other hand, if it is in a debilitated position in one’s kundali, then the native may experience eye pain, Pitra Dosha and sufferings on father’s side.

According to Vedic Astrology, Sun dominates the zodiac sign Leo and rules the Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttarashada Nakshatra. The transit of the Sun is considered a crucial event in Hinduism. When Sun transits in any zodiac sign, it is considered an auspicious time for the commemoration of any religious function. Hence, natives can conduct religious ceremonies and establish Surya Yantra to attain fruitful results. Acknowledging its importance, Hindu Panchang is calculated according to the Sun’s placement in various zodiac signs. In order to pacify the Sun, many natives wear Ruby gemstone.

Timing of Sun Transit

The Sun’s transit in various zodiac signs brings out several changes in the lives of the natives. Sun is all set to transit from Aquarius to Pisces on 15th March 2019 at 05:36 AM. Natives of all the twelve signs will experience the effects. Sun will remain static in this position for a month and on 14th April 2019 will transit in Aries from Pisces at 14:05. Let's have a look at the outcome and speculate the formation of Raj Yoga in the kundli of the natives.

To know your Moon sign, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


Sun will transit and get in the twelfth house of your kundli, which shows your subconscious mind, hidden nature, bed pleasures, loss, moksha, foreign land and journey, investments and loss, solitude, thinking and imagination. This month, you may get some news….Read More


Sun would be in eleventh house of your kundli with this transit. Known as Labh Bhava, this house represents elder siblings, success and gains in life, friends, goals and aspirations. This month, you’ll achieve major financial gains in the form of appraisal, arrears or….Read More


With this transit, planet Sun will be posited in your tenth house, also known as the Karma Bhava. As a result, it signifies elder siblings, success and gains in life, friends, goals and aspirations. In this duration, your work life will be majorly affected, and you’ll observe major changes….Read More


Sun would be in your ninth house of luck and righteousness. Dharma or Bhagya Bhava signifies luck, favours in life, guru or mentors, long distance travels, pilgrimage, principal and wisdom. The presence of Sun in this house can awaken your luck. You may achieve something big….Read More


Sun would be in the eighth house of your kundli, and represents ups and downs in life, sudden happenings, death and rebirths, longevity, chronic diseases, occult sciences, research and intimacy. This transit advises you to remain alert throughout this duration, as there are chances of you meeting….Read More


Sun will change its position and transit in your seventh house, which is known as Vivah Bhava. Hence, it signifies marriage, married life, elevation in status, spouse, business, people around us or people who meet daily and general relationship with everyone. With its position in seventh house….Read More


With this transit, Sun would enter in the sixth house of your kundli. In astrology, this house signifies diseases, illnesses, employment, job, pets, enemy, legal battles, immune system and separation in marriage and known as Ari Bhav or Shatru Bhav. As a result of this transit, you may get into some troubles….Read More


Sun would be in the fifth house of your kundli during this transit, which represents progeny, creativity, intelligence, education (graduation), mantra recitation. For mothers who are expecting during this time, there isn’t any need to worry….Read More


Sun would be in the fourth house of kundli and is also known as Sukh Bhav/Matra Bhav or the house of comforts and mother. Hereby, if your mother is fighting with some health issues, then she will get a good relief, which will also cut back on your stress levels. She will become healthy….Read More


Sun will be in the third house, and signifies will power, curiosity, younger siblings, overall energy, ambitions, passion, zeal, interest and hobbies. It is widely known as Bhatru Bhav or Sehaz Bhav in Vedic Astrology. As a result of this planetary change, your younger siblings will perform exceptionally….Read More


Sun will transit and get placed in your second house during this time, which is a factor for wealth, livelihood, speech, primary education, family, mouth and taste. It is also called as Kutumbh Bhava or Dhan Bhava. During this time, you must look at what you eat, as you may suffer from acute….Read More


Sun will transit in your Lagna house. Lagna or Ascendant represents physical body, overall health, general prosperity, basic self-expression, behaviour or nature, wisdom and your own self. With this event, your thinking pattern….Read More

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius Tomorrow, Read Predictions!

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius from Pisces makes a unique combination! Know the effects of this transit on your life!

Mercury is considered the determining factor of intelligence, debating skills, arithmetics, statistics and travel. In Vedic Astrology, the retrograde of most of the planets are considered inauspicious. However, to say that planets in retrograde motion always provide negative results would be incorrect. Sometimes, retrograding planets bear good results for the natives. Mercury dominates the North direction and Ashlesha, Revathi and Jyeshta Nakshatra. It maintains a positive and friendly relationship with Sun, Venus and Rahu but remains enemic with Moon. The planet’s retrogression and progression bring important changes as it directly affects our health, rhetoric skills and communication. Various challenges arise in the lives of the natives because of the influence of Mercury. Mercury is placed in an exalted position in Virgo, while it occupies a debilitated position in Pisces. Mercury remains the most powerful in Virgo, and this positioning benefits the natives but produces unfavourable results when placed weakly in Pisces. In such a state, natives should wear Panna or Emerald or Char Mukhi Rudraksha.

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Timing of Mercury Retrograde

The determining factor for language, intelligence, skin and mental strength, Mercury has started its journey in retrograde motion from Pisces on 5th March 2019 and will enter the zodiac sign Aquarius in the same motion on 15th March at 9 AM. After that, it will become progressive on 28th March 2019, Thursday and once again enter the zodiac sign Pisces on Friday, 12th April, 2019. Thus, Mercury will keep changing its position and highly influence the natives.

Let us read about the effects of Mercury retrograde on your zodiac sign and how will it benefit you.

Note: The horoscope is based on your Moon sign. To know your moon sign, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


Retrograde Mercury will transit in your eleventh house. The eleventh house represents your ambitions and elder siblings along with profit and income. Because of this transit, you will earn financial profits and desirable success in some of your projects. Problems which have been haunting…..Read Now


Retrograde Mercury will fall and enter in your tenth house. The tenth house represents one’s workplace as it provides information about the profession and indicates the status of an individual in the society. Because of this placement, you will plan new schemes which will ensure prosperity…..Read Now


Retrograde Mercury will fall in the ninth house of your zodiac sign. The ninth house determines our luck and enlightens us about travelling and pilgrimage. It also provides information about various religious beliefs. Because of Mercury’s transit in retrograde motion, a religious ceremony…..Read Now


Retrograde Mercury will fall in the eighth house of your zodiac sign, which points towards the unexpected changes about to take place in your life. It also enlightens us about the upcoming hurdles in one’s life. Your behaviour will change during this period. The most trivial matters may irritate you…..Read Now


Mercury is in retrograde motion and will fall in your seventh house. The seventh house determines our business partnership and married life. Because of the effect of retrograde Mercury, you should do your work with full dedication without depending on others. Bright prospects of…..Read Now


Retrograde Mercury will fall in your sixth house. This house tells us about our enemies, competitive exams, elections and many other aspects like loans etc. Because of the retrograde motion of Mercury, your health might not remain sound. If you have taken a loan in the past…..Read Now


Mercury, which is in a retrograde motion, will be transiting in your zodiac sign in the fifth house. The fifth house represents a native’s intellect, love relationships, education, interests and children. As a result of this planetary change, you may have to make several undesirable trips…..Read Now


Retrograde Mercury is going to fall in your fourth house, which tells about mother, happiness, comfort and facilities, house and vehicle. As a result of this transit, you will get relief from never-ending issues, which will be a breath of relief for you. You should express your heartiest feelings…..Read Now


The transit of Retrograde Mercury will be in your third house, which tells about our medium of communication, communication skills, diligence, younger siblings and short-distance trips. Due to this transit, there will be a sense of excitement arising within you. Also, you may go on short-distance…..Read Now


Mercury is in retrograde motion and will fall in your second house, which is a factor for family, house and accumulated money. Apart from this, it also represents the food we eat, our eyes, speech and right eye. In such a way, the transit of retrograde Mercury may result in eye-related diseases.…..Read Now


Mercury will especially impact your zodiac sign due to its transit in retrograde motion. You may come across a special person in your life who will play an important role in transforming your situations. As a result, the closeness between you two will also increase. During this time, you will remain busier…..Read Now


Retrograde Mercury will fall in the twelfth house of your zodiac sign. During this time, you can start a new job as it might bring prosperity, profit and wealth in your house. In order to attain success in life, it would be better to remain calm and patient. This will help you stay strong during stormy situations…..Read Now

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi: Fate of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

2019 Lok Sabha Elections- Kundli of Narendra Modi & Rahul Gandhi predicts the winner!

Political debates have started before the Lok Sabha elections, and with it, there are new speculations about who will emerge as the winner. The general public has brought forward many decisions. Some people are in favour of our current Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, while others are talking about giving a chance to the opposition party, Congress. However, the real picture will be clear after the announcement of the election results. Let's know the birth details and astrological chart of these two leaders:


Name: Narendra Modi

Date of Birth: 17 September, 1950

Time of Birth: 11:0:0

Place of Birth: Mehsana

Longitude: 72 E 28

Latitude: 23 N 37

Time Zone: 5.5


Name: Rahul Gandhi

Date of Birth: 18 June, 1970

Time of Birth: 21:52:00

Place of Birth: Delhi

Longitude: 77 E 13

Latitude: 28 N 39

Time Zone: 5.5

Rahul Gandhi and Modi’s Grand Face Off

The two leading political figures competing for the post of Prime Minister are trying their level best to win the confidence of the people. Congress has unofficially named Rahul Gandhi as their candidate and our current prime minister, Narendra Modi will be seen contending against him from Bharatiya Janta Party. On the basis of astrology, we will declare who stands a better chance of achieving victory in the upcoming elections.

The Five Year Record Of Narendra Modi

During Narendra Modi’s five-year-long tenure, the country witnessed many changes. He managed to surprise the general public quite a few times by undertaking measures like demonetisation and application of GST. The dreadful Pulwama attack news has reached the ears of every Indian and caused a terrible wound in our hearts. The Prime Minister’s decision to conduct air and surgical strikes have proved that he will net set his foot back in taking crucial decisions regarding the country. He will not compromise with the country’s pride and security. With these measures, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party are trying diligently to win the general public’s favour to gain victory in the upcoming 2019 elections.

Congress’ Comeback Possible With Rahul Gandhi’s Candidature?

After facing a massive defeat in the 2014 elections, Congress is leaving no stone unturned to come back to power in 2019. Rahul Gandhi, the Congress chief’s new demeanour, is seen in a new avatar nowadays, channelling the intensity and dedication within him. He has also devoted time in correcting his image nationwide. His dynamism was seen during Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat Lok Sabha elections which might have been a reason for Congress’ victory in these states. Even though if Congress achieves victory in 2019 elections, they do not have an official or clear name contesting for the post of Prime Minister. According to probabilities, the party will bring forward Rahul Gandhi’s name only.

What Does The Stars Of Narendra Modi Say During The Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

According to our astrological specialists, sub sub-period of Mars will begin in Prime Minister Modi’s kundali from 26th March 2019 which falls under Moon’s Mahadasha or major period and Venus’ Antardasha or sub period. The Mahadasha and Antardasha of Moon and Venus will remain static after 1st May 2019 as well. However, instead of Mars, Rahu’s sub sub-period will begin and last till 2nd August 2019.

Will Success Touch Modi’s Feet Because Of Neech Bhang Raj Yoga?

In PM NaMo’s Lagna chart, Neech Bhang Raj Yoga is forming presently. He will achieve great success in his upcoming life. In his kundali, Moon is in a debilitated but active position, which will help him in tackling his problems. As Moon is the mentor of the mind and in a quite active position in Narendra Modi’s kundali, this will encourage him to take decisions with a stable mind. Many times he has faced criticism for his decisions, but he is capable of handling those difficult times efficiently.

What Does Venus’ Antardasha Says About Narendra Modi?

Narendra Modi is undergoing the Antardasha or sub period of Venus. Venus is responsible for the growth of royal and aristocratic qualities in a human being. In Modi’s Kundli, Venus is in the tenth house which is also known as karma bhava (house) or the house of actions. The presence of Venus in this house increases the strength of a person which allows him to give his best in challenging situations. Such people can make great use of their speech skills, and this virtue is present in our current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi also.

The upcoming Lok Sabha elections will be held in seven different stages between the month of April and May. During this period only, PM Modi’s sub sub-period will change from Mars to Rahu.

Effect Of Sub Sub Period On Narendra Modi’s Kundali

In Modi’s Kundli, Mars is getting placed with Moon in the Lagna house, hereby forming a raj yoga. As Mars is placed in Lagna, it is also known as Shashi Mangal Yoga. As this Yoga is forming in the lagna, it will bring positive changes in Narendra Modi’s life. Public will be in his favour, and certain members of opposition can also change their party after being influenced by Modi. He will also solve the differences prevalent in the party during this time.

However, Rahu’s sub sub-period which is starting from 1st May 2019 can become the root cause of blooming differences between party members. It will not have life-changing consequences, and on a more significant note, it will prove to be beneficial for the upcoming elections only.

What Does Rahul Gandhi’s Stars Tell About The Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

Rahul Gandhi will undergo the Mahadasha or major period of Mars, Antardasha of Jupiter and sub sub-period of Moon respectively, which will start from 17th March and last till 15th April 2019. From 15th April, he will undergo Mahadasha or major period of Jupiter and antardasha or sub period of Mars along with Partyantardasha or sub sub-period of Mars. From 5th May to 26th June 2019, he will undergo the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Mars and Jupiter respectively along with Rahu’s Antardasha.

Presence Of Surya Mangal Angarak Dosh In Kundali Affecting Elections

In Rahul Gandhi’s Kundli, Mars is placed along with Sun in the Lagna house. The conjunction of Sun and Mars is creating Surya Mangal Angarak Dosh, which leads to several obstacles arising in life. This is the reason why many of his party people do not approve of his leadership. Saturn’s aspect on Mars will construct unending hurdles in Rahul Gandhi’s life.

If the Mahadashas or the major periods of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi are analysed, then Rahul Gandhi’s Mahadasha appears to be weaker than that of Narendra Modi.

What Does The Sub Period Of Jupiter Say?

The ruler of Rahul Gandhi’s antardasha, i.e. Jupiter, does not seem to be beneficially placed as Saturn is aspecting it and along with Rahu, it is creating Navpancham Yog. Both Saturn and Rahu are harmful to Rahul Gandhi. Because of Saturn’s influence, Rahul Gandhi may not be able to remain active on the political front as expected by the general public. His demeanour might lose grip, which will cause a stir amongst his political peers.

The position of Moon and Rahu will benefit Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi’s kundali will undergo the sub sub-period of Moon, Mars and Rahu from 17th March to 26th June 2019. Moon is debilitated and placed in the sixth house of kundali which will cause problems in Rahul Gandhi’s life. However, the placement of debilitated planets in the sixth house grinds positive outcomes. As Moon is the determining factor for ‘mother’, Sonia Gandhi will be successful in rescuing Rahul from unfavourable circumstances. Rahul may also succeed in making an important decision with the aid of Sonia Gandhi. Considering his sub sub-period, it would not be wrong to say that Sonia Gandhi can help Rahul in gaining success during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Rahu is placed positively in Rahul Gandhi’s kundli as it is posited in Aquarius zodiac sign. He can earn small victories in the Lok Sabha elections. He will have to work harder in order to increase the success rate. Considering the zest and activeness of Rahul Gandhi in politics these days, it can be said that he is using all his energy and dedication to win the elections.

Yoga Present in Rahul and Modi’s Kundalis

Extremely powerful Shashi Mangal Yoga and Budhaditya Yoga are present in Narendra Modi’s Kundali. Both of them are considered auspicious for the attainment of political success. There is quite a possibility that BJP can form a government this time also, without having to adhere to a coalition. This implies that Narendra Modi can earn a second term to serve as the Prime Minister of India.

In Rahul Gandhi’s Kundli, the presence of Dharam Karam Adhipati Yoga is seen, but Saturn is in a debilitated state which will block his path of prosperity. However, his performance will be better than average in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.


It becomes clear after observing the respective birth charts of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi that Narendra Modi may stand a better chance of winning this election than his opponent, Rahul Gandhi. Rahul’s Mahadasha and Antardasha is weaker than that of Prime Minister Modi. The sub sub-period of Rahul Gandhi is good which will bear him good results during elections. On the other hand, the sub sub-period of Narendra Modi is not good, and as a result, he can face a challenge or two during elections. Because of this, he will have to put some extra effort and hard work to gain victory.

Thus, it can be said that the positions of stars indicate the victory of Narendra Modi, whereas Rahul Gandhi will have to depend on his deeds and actions to become the Prime Minister rather than depending on his luck.

We hope that you will like this astrological perspective of the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections. Good luck with your future.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Weekly Horoscope 11-17 March, 2019

Know which movie this week will the jackpot! Weekly horoscope gives you a tell-all insight!

Weekly horoscope for this week is back with all new information about your life and surroundings. Our motive lies in updating you with details about your life and its different aspects, such as love, marriage, education, profession, business, studies, friendship and much more. Looking at the placement of planets and Nakshatras, this week can roll out unexpected outcomes.

Bollywood & Astrology: Hand-In-Hand Relationship

For movie buffs, this weekly horoscope comes with a special edition. Three movies, named Milan Talkies, Mere Pyare Prime Minister and Kesari, are releasing this week on Friday, 15th March. Hence, it would be really exciting to see which movie dominates the box-office and caters to the liking and preferences of the audience. On 15th March, Moon will be seen placed in Gemini under Ardra Nakshatra, which is ruled by Rahu, during Shukla Paksha. Hence, the union of Rahu and Moon on Gemini can certainly prove to be surprising. Here is a quick astro-insight of its influence on the theatrical releases:

Milan Talkies- As per Vedic Astrology, the letter “Mi” comes under Leo zodiac sign and Magha Nakshatra, ruled by Ketu. On the day of release, Moon will be placed in the 11th house of Gemini and Ardra Nakshatra, which is ruled by Rahu. Due to the impact of both Rahu and Ketu, the success will be average.

Mere Pyare Prime Minister- “Me” also comes under Leo and Magha Nakshatra as per Vedic Astrology. This movie will perform average on the box office due to the placement of Moon in Ardra Nakshatra and 11th house of Gemini.

Kesari- The letter “Ke” comes under the Punarvasu Nakshatra-1 and Gemini, where Moon is already transiting, hereby making a conjunction. Therefore the outcome would be high, and there are chances of success.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

What Does Hindu Panchang Says?

As per Hindu Panchang, Moon is transiting in the zodiac signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer and influences the Bharani, Kritika, Mrigashirsha, Ardra, Punarvasu and Pushya Nakshatra this week. It begins on Panchami tithi under Bharani Nakshatra during Shukla Paksha. During this time, Moon will be seen posited in Aries. On the same note, it ends on Ekadashi tithi under Pushya Nakshatra during Shukla Paksha. 

This week proves to be very special and significant, as transit of Sun in Pisces and Mercury in Aquarius is taking place on the same date itself, i.e. 15 March 2019. Hence, wearing Ruby or Ek Mukhi Rudraksha can help to pacify malefic effects of Sun, whereas Emerald or Char Mukhi Rudraksha can help gain the blessings of Mercury.

Hence, astrological effects on 12 zodiac signs will be impactful this week. Lets go ahead and read: 

Know your Moon sign here: Moon sign calculator


The presence of Mangal or Mars in your Lagna house is creating the Ruchak Panch Mahapurush Yog, which is known to be an auspicious yog as per Vedic Astrology. With the placement of Moon in this house, your.....Read More

Love Predictions: After some problems in the love life, the clouds of despair will be gone and you will happily meet your loved one. The reason for this will be....Read More


Mercury will return into the tenth house with the same effect. The lord of your zodiac sign or lagna house, Venus will be in your ninth house and lead to several recreational trips to remote or far places. Also, your honour and respect will...Read More

Love Predictions: Your love life will continue normally but the transit of Mercury can lead to unwanted quarrels and arguments. Hence….Read More

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During this period, Sun will transit through your zodiac sign in the tenth house and Mercury will be in the ninth house. This year, your income may increase significantly and you will be able to repay your debt. No work of yours will stop..…Read More

Love Predictions: This week is good for love affairs. The position of Mars and Moon will lead to an increase in romance in your relationship at the beginning of the week. You both will....Read More


Moon will move and transit in your tenth, eleventh, twelfth and lagna house. During this time you can think of an investment, but it doesn’t seem to be a good idea. You can plan to invest your money in the stock or spec (betting) market this week. Although it can prove to be.….Read More

Love Predictions: The presence of Jupiter will add seriousness in your relationship. Your marital life will be a little stressful. Although there will be....Read More


Mars will be present in the ninth house and its influence will be seen in your third house, because of which you will become more courageous and mighteous. This will help you completing your task with the right amount of zeal and energy....Read More

Love Predictions: Because of the presence of Saturn and Ketu in your seventh house, your love life may face severe turmoil. You should remain extremely careful during this period, as a trivial thing can cause differences in your relationship...Read More


You may be blessed with unexpected gains during this period. Your ship will sail in various fields and you will receive a good amount of money. During this period, your business will attain substantial amount of gains. During midweek, Moon will transit into Gemini and throughout this time, you should remain.....Read More

Love Predictions: Because of certain issues in your family, you can face unfavourable circumstances. But, you should not let your love life suffer because of your family issues. This week will be favorable for....Read More


Mercury will transit in your fifth house and on 15th of March, Sun will be in your sixth house. Because of Moon’s transit in your seventh house, your public image will grow and you will also flourish at your workplace. You will find yourself attracted towards the opposite sex.....Read More

Love Predictions: This week will be good for relationships but Mercury’s transit in your fifth house will cause differences because of irrelevant things. You should....Read More


The presence of Saturn and Ketu in your second house can make your way of talking unpleasant. During this period you should take care of your relations and prevent any mishap which may happen in your family. Pay great attention to your eating habits as it may.....Read More

Love Predictions: Your love life will prosper when you will stop doubting your partner. Love is in the air because of the presence of Jupiter in the seventh house.....Read More


This week chances of earning profit from government sector will be bright when Sun will enter your fourth house. If you are a government servant, you can acquire a car or a government quarter. Tensions will prevail in your family as there will be a change in your demeanor. You will put your.….Read More

Love Predictions: The presence of Mars in the fifth house will escalate the attraction between you and your partner. You will show dedication towards each other but there can be….Read More


This week you will have to think before talking until the time when Sun is in the second house. You will become more courageous when Sun will enter your third house. The presence of Saturn and Ketu in your twelfth house can help you to reach the peak in the realm of spirituality.....Read More

Love Predictions: This week, Jupiter will be placed and you will remain excited to get married to your lover and if you propose your lover for marriage during this period then you can expect positive reciprocation....Read More


Your behaviour may change as you will start talking in an unpleasant manner. During this period, Jupiter will transit in your own zodiac sign which will place you in a undecisive position. Avoid making any crucial decision during this period. There will be an escalation in your courage and achievements due to the presence of Mars in the third house.....Read More

Love Predictions: Mixed outcomes will be seen in the field of love this week. Because Rahu will be placed in your fifth house, you will have an uncontrolled urge to break every tie and meet your lover…..Read More


This week Moon will transit in your second, third, fourth and fifth house. On the other hand, Mercury will shift to your twelfth house and Sun will transit in your zodiac sign. There will be an arrogance in your attitude and you should be ready to face its consequences. It will be better if you keep your behaviour in check....Read More

Love Predictions: During this period, there will be problems in your family. But you should remain careful all this while and not put the burden of your family issues….Read More

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Rahu Transit 2019: Unexpected Changes in Life with Rahu Transit in Gemini

Rahu transit guarantees a major change in your life, which will transform your way of thinking! 

Vedic astrology hails Rahu as the shadow planet or “Chhaya Graha”. It is known to be shapeless and possess no form or outline. This planet rules no house or zodiac sign and is said to dominate the sign it is posited in. When conjoined with other planet, Rahu offers results according to the planet aspecting it. Ardra, Swati and Satabhisha Nakshatras come under its lordship. As per the beliefs, it is said that Gemini or Taurus is the sign where it gets exalted and Scorpio or Sagittarius where it gets debilitated.

Rahu denotes materialistic desires and illusion. It makes the native craving for anything s/he can get her/her hands on. This planet offer fame, political success and dignity is placed beneficially in one’s zodiac sign. On the other hand, if placed malefically, a native suffers from sickness, health issues, accidents, injuries and sufferings. Rahu Mahadasha can stretch up to 18 months, hereby entering one sign from another in 18 months.

For natives born under Moon sign Aries, Leo and Capricorn, this transit proves to be auspicious. On the other hand, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces and Aquarius natives will rather face ups and downs with this transit. Wearing Hessonite or Gomed in a silver ring on the dominant hand’s middle finger can help pacify the bad influence of Rahu. One can adorn the Nagarmotha Root to attain positive effects and eliminate negativity. Also, wearing Eight Faced or Aath Mukhi Rudraksha can help nullify malefic effects of Rahu and attain comfort.

Rahu Transit & Effects on India

According to Vedic Astrology, Rahu will be placed in the second house of India's kundli, where Mars seems to be already present. This creates the Angarak Yog, which basically works as a fuel in fire and makes the native violent, mischievous, an anarchist and highly selfish. Hence, India as a country might see a lot of ups and downs with the transition of Rahu in Gemini. 

After the Pulwama attack, the situations are sensitive, and Rahu’s transit can lead things on a violent path. The image of Indian media may come under the doubt due to their preposterous allegations and absurd headlines regarding the sensitivity of the matter. Also, due to the effect of Rahu, Indian politicians may pick the vulnerable topics, which can lead to huge commotions, violent protests and several mishaps.

On the other hand, if either Mars and Rahu both or only one of them gets placed positively, the natives become fair, justified and cooperative. Therefore, India will also see people coming together and opposing against the irrelevant protesting and violence. Also, there are chances of several leaders being criticised for their narrow mindedness and trying to break the unity. Results for Indian General Elections 2019 might turn out to be unexpected as well. This transit will boost the Indian economy as a whole, as Rahu gets into the second house of wealth, hence resulting in foreign gains and investment.

Time of Transit

As per astrological calculations, Rahu gets placed into Gemini at 5:30 AM on March 7, 2019 and will remain posited in this sign till September 23, 2020. On that day, it will transit in Taurus. Rahu Transit 2019 marks a major impact on the lives of natives, and will offer mixed results for the rest of the year. Let us know the impact: 

Note: The horoscope is based on your Moon sign. To know your moon sign, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


For Ariens, Rahu will transit in third house, which specifically denotes courage, determination, power and wisdom. Rahu’s presence in this house signifies favourable circumstances for your life, hence a big professional change or appraisal....Read More


Rahu will make a transit in the second house, which specifies financial instability and deliberation. Rahu staying throughout this period in second house showcases difficult times. One has to be cautious with money and finances...Read More


In this case, Rahu will make a move and transit in the first house, which specifies our life and appearance for the world. Rahu transit in Gemini won’t be favourable for you throughout this duration. You have to be really cautious....Read More


Rahu planet will transit in the twelfth house of Cancer, which represents expenses. This means you will highly spend on unnecessary things. Although there are chances of you travelling abroad on a trip. Due to this transit you might have...Read More


In this case, Rahu will transit in the eleventh house, which represents income and monetary benefits. Rahu being this house will be fruitful for you and play a major factor in adding to your benefits. You will grow professionally and experience....Read More


Rahu will transit in tenth house of your zodiac sign, which denotes reputation and your deeds or Karma. This positioning isn’t a good sign for you at all, although it will benefit you financially. You will be able to save a lot of money....Read More


Accordingly, Rahu will transit into the ninth house, which is a majorly represents destiny and religion. As per the predictions and planetary positions, this transit is not suitable for you. Luck won’t work in your favor and....Read More


In case of Scorpions, Rahu will transit in the eighth house, which represents age. Accordingly, this transit doesn’t seem to be in favor of you. Keep in mind to follow traffic regulations while driving and refrain from speed or drunk driving unless..Read More


The planet Rahu will transit in the seventh house, which represents marital life. The positioning won’t prove to be suitable for you. Avoid arguing or pressurizing your partner for something and try to communicate and understand....Read More


Rahu will transit the sixth house of your zodiac sign. This house represents fear, disease and damage. This transit will be favorable for Capricorns and bring along good news with it. Happiness will knock your doors in full stream....Read More


This year will see Rahu transitioning in the fifth house, which represents wisdom, love and children. This transit will not be suitable for you in any sense. You may have to face financial loss during this time. Therefore be careful....Read More


Rahu will transit in the fourth house of your sign, which represents happiness, growth and relationship between brothers and parents. This transit will not prove to be a nice sight and might be painful for you in various senses....Read More

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Ketu Transit 2019: Rahu-Shani in One Sign Makes A Major Mahayog!

Conjunction of Ketu with Saturn in Gemini after 18 Years! Read its impact on your zodiac sign!

Ketu, also hailed as a sinful planet in astrology, is a shadow planet like Rahu. It does not possess any physical existence of its own and always walks backwards, i.e. in a retrograde motion. Talking about this transit, Ketu changes its zodiac sign every 18 months and becomes capable of bringing definite changes during transit. On March 7, 2019, Ketu will transit through the Sagittarius zodiac sign under the Uttarashada Nakshatra, whose effect will be seen on the people of every zodiac sign.

Install Ketu Yantra & Get Rid of Malefic Effects of Rahu

Conjunction of Shani-Ketu After Years

Ketu will make a transit in the Sagittarius zodiac sign alongside Saturn. Ketu will move from Capricorn and enter into Sagittarius on Thursday, March 7, 2019, at 5:29 AM. It will remain there until September 23, 2020 and move out at 5:28 AM on the same day, hereby entering Scorpio. When in Sagittarius, Ketu will be exalted and become powerful. As per Vedic Astrology, an exalted Ketu represents logic, intelligence, knowledge, stoicism and imagination and eliminates long-term obstacles. On one side, benefic nature of Ketu develops spiritual qualities in a native, whereas its malefic placement in one’s kundli earns unfavourable results. Therefore, in order to pacify Ketu, natives can adorn Nau Mukhi Rudraksha. Its exalted presence will retrieve exclusive outcomes and the effects can be seen on political and social issues.

Ketu Transit Impacting India’s Political System

Ketu will be seen in the same sign with Saturn after 18 years, which is why this conjunction in Sagittarius rises the possibility of earthquake and natural disasters taking place in the areas of North India, Pakistan, Nepal and Iran. Apart from this, according to the astrologer, if you talk about the politics of the country, then the best effect of this transit can be seen on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this year's General Elections.

Since Ketu's influence is visible less physically and more mentally on the native, therefore a person infusing spiritual qualities within him/herself during the period of transit will gain better results.

Wear Lehsunia & Ease Your Mind

Effects of Ketu Transit on PM Narendra Modi

After conducting astrological analysis on the kundli of PM Narendra Modi, our experts stated that there are several raj yogas forming due to this transit. With Ketu’s transitory movement and being at the target of opponents very often due to his spiritual personality, PM Modi will actually garner favourable results. According to astrologers, if PM Modi succeeds in maintaining his spiritual image, then the results in the forthcoming elections will certainly grant him success.

Conclusion: Saturn and Ketu both represents renunciation, where Saturn is a factor of justice and Ketu denotes spiritualism. Hence, as per the experts, this transit strengthens the chances of a major decision being rolled out about Ram Mandir case, which can benefit PM Modi.

Now let us know how this transit of Ketu will affect twelve zodiac signs:

Note: The horoscope is based on your Moon sign. To know your moon sign, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


Ketu will transit into the ninth house which also represents your luck and religious interests. This transit won’t be fruitful for you, and will cause a lot of pain. Be sure and evaluate every step before moving ahead....Read More


Ketu will transit in the eighth house of your sign, which represents age and longevity. Ketu appearing in the eighth house will not be suitable for you. You’ll develop an interest in spiritualism and esoteric...Read More


Ketu will transit in the seventh house, which signifies married life. There will be adverse effects of this transit. You might have to face critical situations and difficulties in marriage, leading to a small dispute, disagreement or a major showdown....Read More


Ketu will transit the sixth house of this zodiac, which represents illness, fear and damage. Ketu’s position in this house can prove to be hostile during this period. You’ll face several obstacles within...Read More


In 2019, Ketu will make a transit in the fifth house of Leo zodiac, which states intelligence, knowledge, intellect and children. This position won’t work in your favor, hence making you suffer. You will be financially challenged...Read More


Ketu will transit in the fourth house of your zodiac sign, which depicts prosperity, mother, progress, growth and relationship with siblings. This transit won’t prove to be in your favor. Due to the evil eye of Ketu....Read More


Ketu will transit in the third house, which depicts comfort, courage and strength. The transition of Ketu in this house will be auspicious for you. You will get favorable results from different sources.....Read More


Ketu will transit in the second house, which symbolizes wealth and source of income in life. The position of Ketu in this house will result in gloomy and unlucky circumstances. You will be tried and tested throughout this period....Read More


Ketu will transit in the ascendent in 2019, which represents birth and nature. You will get mixed results during this period. Take good care of your health. You might catch up on a long, trailing illness...Read More


In the year 2019, Ketu will transit in the twelfth house, which indicates expenses. You might have to suffer during this period. There are chances of financial loss, increased expenses and declining...Read More


Ketu will make a transit in the eleventh house of this zodiac sign, which represents income and gains. Ketu’s position in this house seems highly in your favor. You will experience several happy moments during this time....Read More


In the year 2019, Ketu will transit in the tenth house, which stands for your actions (karma), deeds and reputation. Ketu’s position isn’t that suitable for you this month. Although you will attain profits within....Read More

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