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Weekly Horoscope 11-17 March, 2019

Know which movie this week will the jackpot! Weekly horoscope gives you a tell-all insight!

Weekly horoscope for this week is back with all new information about your life and surroundings. Our motive lies in updating you with details about your life and its different aspects, such as love, marriage, education, profession, business, studies, friendship and much more. Looking at the placement of planets and Nakshatras, this week can roll out unexpected outcomes.

Bollywood & Astrology: Hand-In-Hand Relationship

For movie buffs, this weekly horoscope comes with a special edition. Three movies, named Milan Talkies, Mere Pyare Prime Minister and Kesari, are releasing this week on Friday, 15th March. Hence, it would be really exciting to see which movie dominates the box-office and caters to the liking and preferences of the audience. On 15th March, Moon will be seen placed in Gemini under Ardra Nakshatra, which is ruled by Rahu, during Shukla Paksha. Hence, the union of Rahu and Moon on Gemini can certainly prove to be surprising. Here is a quick astro-insight of its influence on the theatrical releases:

Milan Talkies- As per Vedic Astrology, the letter “Mi” comes under Leo zodiac sign and Magha Nakshatra, ruled by Ketu. On the day of release, Moon will be placed in the 11th house of Gemini and Ardra Nakshatra, which is ruled by Rahu. Due to the impact of both Rahu and Ketu, the success will be average.

Mere Pyare Prime Minister- “Me” also comes under Leo and Magha Nakshatra as per Vedic Astrology. This movie will perform average on the box office due to the placement of Moon in Ardra Nakshatra and 11th house of Gemini.

Kesari- The letter “Ke” comes under the Punarvasu Nakshatra-1 and Gemini, where Moon is already transiting, hereby making a conjunction. Therefore the outcome would be high, and there are chances of success.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

What Does Hindu Panchang Says?

As per Hindu Panchang, Moon is transiting in the zodiac signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer and influences the Bharani, Kritika, Mrigashirsha, Ardra, Punarvasu and Pushya Nakshatra this week. It begins on Panchami tithi under Bharani Nakshatra during Shukla Paksha. During this time, Moon will be seen posited in Aries. On the same note, it ends on Ekadashi tithi under Pushya Nakshatra during Shukla Paksha. 

This week proves to be very special and significant, as transit of Sun in Pisces and Mercury in Aquarius is taking place on the same date itself, i.e. 15 March 2019. Hence, wearing Ruby or Ek Mukhi Rudraksha can help to pacify malefic effects of Sun, whereas Emerald or Char Mukhi Rudraksha can help gain the blessings of Mercury.

Hence, astrological effects on 12 zodiac signs will be impactful this week. Lets go ahead and read: 

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The presence of Mangal or Mars in your Lagna house is creating the Ruchak Panch Mahapurush Yog, which is known to be an auspicious yog as per Vedic Astrology. With the placement of Moon in this house, your.....Read More

Love Predictions: After some problems in the love life, the clouds of despair will be gone and you will happily meet your loved one. The reason for this will be....Read More


Mercury will return into the tenth house with the same effect. The lord of your zodiac sign or lagna house, Venus will be in your ninth house and lead to several recreational trips to remote or far places. Also, your honour and respect will...Read More

Love Predictions: Your love life will continue normally but the transit of Mercury can lead to unwanted quarrels and arguments. Hence….Read More

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During this period, Sun will transit through your zodiac sign in the tenth house and Mercury will be in the ninth house. This year, your income may increase significantly and you will be able to repay your debt. No work of yours will stop..…Read More

Love Predictions: This week is good for love affairs. The position of Mars and Moon will lead to an increase in romance in your relationship at the beginning of the week. You both will....Read More


Moon will move and transit in your tenth, eleventh, twelfth and lagna house. During this time you can think of an investment, but it doesn’t seem to be a good idea. You can plan to invest your money in the stock or spec (betting) market this week. Although it can prove to be.….Read More

Love Predictions: The presence of Jupiter will add seriousness in your relationship. Your marital life will be a little stressful. Although there will be....Read More


Mars will be present in the ninth house and its influence will be seen in your third house, because of which you will become more courageous and mighteous. This will help you completing your task with the right amount of zeal and energy....Read More

Love Predictions: Because of the presence of Saturn and Ketu in your seventh house, your love life may face severe turmoil. You should remain extremely careful during this period, as a trivial thing can cause differences in your relationship...Read More


You may be blessed with unexpected gains during this period. Your ship will sail in various fields and you will receive a good amount of money. During this period, your business will attain substantial amount of gains. During midweek, Moon will transit into Gemini and throughout this time, you should remain.....Read More

Love Predictions: Because of certain issues in your family, you can face unfavourable circumstances. But, you should not let your love life suffer because of your family issues. This week will be favorable for....Read More


Mercury will transit in your fifth house and on 15th of March, Sun will be in your sixth house. Because of Moon’s transit in your seventh house, your public image will grow and you will also flourish at your workplace. You will find yourself attracted towards the opposite sex.....Read More

Love Predictions: This week will be good for relationships but Mercury’s transit in your fifth house will cause differences because of irrelevant things. You should....Read More


The presence of Saturn and Ketu in your second house can make your way of talking unpleasant. During this period you should take care of your relations and prevent any mishap which may happen in your family. Pay great attention to your eating habits as it may.....Read More

Love Predictions: Your love life will prosper when you will stop doubting your partner. Love is in the air because of the presence of Jupiter in the seventh house.....Read More


This week chances of earning profit from government sector will be bright when Sun will enter your fourth house. If you are a government servant, you can acquire a car or a government quarter. Tensions will prevail in your family as there will be a change in your demeanor. You will put your.….Read More

Love Predictions: The presence of Mars in the fifth house will escalate the attraction between you and your partner. You will show dedication towards each other but there can be….Read More


This week you will have to think before talking until the time when Sun is in the second house. You will become more courageous when Sun will enter your third house. The presence of Saturn and Ketu in your twelfth house can help you to reach the peak in the realm of spirituality.....Read More

Love Predictions: This week, Jupiter will be placed and you will remain excited to get married to your lover and if you propose your lover for marriage during this period then you can expect positive reciprocation....Read More


Your behaviour may change as you will start talking in an unpleasant manner. During this period, Jupiter will transit in your own zodiac sign which will place you in a undecisive position. Avoid making any crucial decision during this period. There will be an escalation in your courage and achievements due to the presence of Mars in the third house.....Read More

Love Predictions: Mixed outcomes will be seen in the field of love this week. Because Rahu will be placed in your fifth house, you will have an uncontrolled urge to break every tie and meet your lover…..Read More


This week Moon will transit in your second, third, fourth and fifth house. On the other hand, Mercury will shift to your twelfth house and Sun will transit in your zodiac sign. There will be an arrogance in your attitude and you should be ready to face its consequences. It will be better if you keep your behaviour in check....Read More

Love Predictions: During this period, there will be problems in your family. But you should remain careful all this while and not put the burden of your family issues….Read More

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