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Sun Transit in Pisces (15 March 2019)

Sun transit in Pisces will form Raj Yoga in the horoscope of the natives. Stay prepared.

According to religious science and astrology, Sun plays a vital role in the universe. This is why it is  considered the soul of this universe in ancient scriptures as the entire universe is dependent on it. In astrology, Sun is known to be the determining factor of one’s soul, father, ancestors, respect and higher government services. If Sun is placed positively in the native’s kundali, then s/he is blessed with respect, fame and a senior post in government services. On the other hand, if it is in a debilitated position in one’s kundali, then the native may experience eye pain, Pitra Dosha and sufferings on father’s side.

According to Vedic Astrology, Sun dominates the zodiac sign Leo and rules the Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttarashada Nakshatra. The transit of the Sun is considered a crucial event in Hinduism. When Sun transits in any zodiac sign, it is considered an auspicious time for the commemoration of any religious function. Hence, natives can conduct religious ceremonies and establish Surya Yantra to attain fruitful results. Acknowledging its importance, Hindu Panchang is calculated according to the Sun’s placement in various zodiac signs. In order to pacify the Sun, many natives wear Ruby gemstone.

Timing of Sun Transit

The Sun’s transit in various zodiac signs brings out several changes in the lives of the natives. Sun is all set to transit from Aquarius to Pisces on 15th March 2019 at 05:36 AM. Natives of all the twelve signs will experience the effects. Sun will remain static in this position for a month and on 14th April 2019 will transit in Aries from Pisces at 14:05. Let's have a look at the outcome and speculate the formation of Raj Yoga in the kundli of the natives.

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Sun will transit and get in the twelfth house of your kundli, which shows your subconscious mind, hidden nature, bed pleasures, loss, moksha, foreign land and journey, investments and loss, solitude, thinking and imagination. This month, you may get some news….Read More


Sun would be in eleventh house of your kundli with this transit. Known as Labh Bhava, this house represents elder siblings, success and gains in life, friends, goals and aspirations. This month, you’ll achieve major financial gains in the form of appraisal, arrears or….Read More


With this transit, planet Sun will be posited in your tenth house, also known as the Karma Bhava. As a result, it signifies elder siblings, success and gains in life, friends, goals and aspirations. In this duration, your work life will be majorly affected, and you’ll observe major changes….Read More


Sun would be in your ninth house of luck and righteousness. Dharma or Bhagya Bhava signifies luck, favours in life, guru or mentors, long distance travels, pilgrimage, principal and wisdom. The presence of Sun in this house can awaken your luck. You may achieve something big….Read More


Sun would be in the eighth house of your kundli, and represents ups and downs in life, sudden happenings, death and rebirths, longevity, chronic diseases, occult sciences, research and intimacy. This transit advises you to remain alert throughout this duration, as there are chances of you meeting….Read More


Sun will change its position and transit in your seventh house, which is known as Vivah Bhava. Hence, it signifies marriage, married life, elevation in status, spouse, business, people around us or people who meet daily and general relationship with everyone. With its position in seventh house….Read More


With this transit, Sun would enter in the sixth house of your kundli. In astrology, this house signifies diseases, illnesses, employment, job, pets, enemy, legal battles, immune system and separation in marriage and known as Ari Bhav or Shatru Bhav. As a result of this transit, you may get into some troubles….Read More


Sun would be in the fifth house of your kundli during this transit, which represents progeny, creativity, intelligence, education (graduation), mantra recitation. For mothers who are expecting during this time, there isn’t any need to worry….Read More


Sun would be in the fourth house of kundli and is also known as Sukh Bhav/Matra Bhav or the house of comforts and mother. Hereby, if your mother is fighting with some health issues, then she will get a good relief, which will also cut back on your stress levels. She will become healthy….Read More


Sun will be in the third house, and signifies will power, curiosity, younger siblings, overall energy, ambitions, passion, zeal, interest and hobbies. It is widely known as Bhatru Bhav or Sehaz Bhav in Vedic Astrology. As a result of this planetary change, your younger siblings will perform exceptionally….Read More


Sun will transit and get placed in your second house during this time, which is a factor for wealth, livelihood, speech, primary education, family, mouth and taste. It is also called as Kutumbh Bhava or Dhan Bhava. During this time, you must look at what you eat, as you may suffer from acute….Read More


Sun will transit in your Lagna house. Lagna or Ascendant represents physical body, overall health, general prosperity, basic self-expression, behaviour or nature, wisdom and your own self. With this event, your thinking pattern….Read More

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