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Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius Tomorrow, Read Predictions!

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius from Pisces makes a unique combination! Know the effects of this transit on your life!

Mercury is considered the determining factor of intelligence, debating skills, arithmetics, statistics and travel. In Vedic Astrology, the retrograde of most of the planets are considered inauspicious. However, to say that planets in retrograde motion always provide negative results would be incorrect. Sometimes, retrograding planets bear good results for the natives. Mercury dominates the North direction and Ashlesha, Revathi and Jyeshta Nakshatra. It maintains a positive and friendly relationship with Sun, Venus and Rahu but remains enemic with Moon. The planet’s retrogression and progression bring important changes as it directly affects our health, rhetoric skills and communication. Various challenges arise in the lives of the natives because of the influence of Mercury. Mercury is placed in an exalted position in Virgo, while it occupies a debilitated position in Pisces. Mercury remains the most powerful in Virgo, and this positioning benefits the natives but produces unfavourable results when placed weakly in Pisces. In such a state, natives should wear Panna or Emerald or Char Mukhi Rudraksha.

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Timing of Mercury Retrograde

The determining factor for language, intelligence, skin and mental strength, Mercury has started its journey in retrograde motion from Pisces on 5th March 2019 and will enter the zodiac sign Aquarius in the same motion on 15th March at 9 AM. After that, it will become progressive on 28th March 2019, Thursday and once again enter the zodiac sign Pisces on Friday, 12th April, 2019. Thus, Mercury will keep changing its position and highly influence the natives.

Let us read about the effects of Mercury retrograde on your zodiac sign and how will it benefit you.

Note: The horoscope is based on your Moon sign. To know your moon sign, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


Retrograde Mercury will transit in your eleventh house. The eleventh house represents your ambitions and elder siblings along with profit and income. Because of this transit, you will earn financial profits and desirable success in some of your projects. Problems which have been haunting…..Read Now


Retrograde Mercury will fall and enter in your tenth house. The tenth house represents one’s workplace as it provides information about the profession and indicates the status of an individual in the society. Because of this placement, you will plan new schemes which will ensure prosperity…..Read Now


Retrograde Mercury will fall in the ninth house of your zodiac sign. The ninth house determines our luck and enlightens us about travelling and pilgrimage. It also provides information about various religious beliefs. Because of Mercury’s transit in retrograde motion, a religious ceremony…..Read Now


Retrograde Mercury will fall in the eighth house of your zodiac sign, which points towards the unexpected changes about to take place in your life. It also enlightens us about the upcoming hurdles in one’s life. Your behaviour will change during this period. The most trivial matters may irritate you…..Read Now


Mercury is in retrograde motion and will fall in your seventh house. The seventh house determines our business partnership and married life. Because of the effect of retrograde Mercury, you should do your work with full dedication without depending on others. Bright prospects of…..Read Now


Retrograde Mercury will fall in your sixth house. This house tells us about our enemies, competitive exams, elections and many other aspects like loans etc. Because of the retrograde motion of Mercury, your health might not remain sound. If you have taken a loan in the past…..Read Now


Mercury, which is in a retrograde motion, will be transiting in your zodiac sign in the fifth house. The fifth house represents a native’s intellect, love relationships, education, interests and children. As a result of this planetary change, you may have to make several undesirable trips…..Read Now


Retrograde Mercury is going to fall in your fourth house, which tells about mother, happiness, comfort and facilities, house and vehicle. As a result of this transit, you will get relief from never-ending issues, which will be a breath of relief for you. You should express your heartiest feelings…..Read Now


The transit of Retrograde Mercury will be in your third house, which tells about our medium of communication, communication skills, diligence, younger siblings and short-distance trips. Due to this transit, there will be a sense of excitement arising within you. Also, you may go on short-distance…..Read Now


Mercury is in retrograde motion and will fall in your second house, which is a factor for family, house and accumulated money. Apart from this, it also represents the food we eat, our eyes, speech and right eye. In such a way, the transit of retrograde Mercury may result in eye-related diseases.…..Read Now


Mercury will especially impact your zodiac sign due to its transit in retrograde motion. You may come across a special person in your life who will play an important role in transforming your situations. As a result, the closeness between you two will also increase. During this time, you will remain busier…..Read Now


Retrograde Mercury will fall in the twelfth house of your zodiac sign. During this time, you can start a new job as it might bring prosperity, profit and wealth in your house. In order to attain success in life, it would be better to remain calm and patient. This will help you stay strong during stormy situations…..Read Now

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