Monday, February 25, 2019

Mercury transit in Pisces

Mercury, the coveted “prince” among all the Navagrahas, is considered to be a gentle and auspicious planet. It possesses a dual nature, which means that it delivers results according to its placement with a certain planet in any house of the kundli. If it is posited with a benefic planet, it offers auspicious results and vice versa. It is the smallest planet and closest to the Sun. When in conjunction with Sun, it forms the Budhaditya Yoga, which is very effective. 

Mercury is also known to be the ruling lord of Gemini and Virgo, and is usually exalted in Virgo and debilitated in Pisces. It is interesting to point out that Libra is Mercury’s own sign, Mool Trikona sign as well as exalted sign. Mercury planet remains strong and powerful throughout the day and night and governs the Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, and Revati Nakshatra. This planet represents intelligence, skin, speech, logical reasoning, communication write-up, etc. 

A well-placed Mercury makes the native wiser and logical with a good analytical ability. If Mercury is weak in one’s kundli, the native can suffer from skin related problems, difficulty in speaking, mental illness, dizziness and loss of understanding etc. One can adorn the Emerald gemstone to nullify its negative influence or follow Mercury remedies.

Its friendly planets are Sun, Venus and Rahu, whereas its hostile planet is Moon. Mercury, which transmitted in about every 14 days, once again entered on 25th February 2019, on Monday at 8 o'clock 43 minutes, in Pisces from Aquarius. It will stay in this sign until 08:59:30 on Friday, March 15, 2019, and at 9:00 will move back to Aquarius. The effect of this transit can be seen on all zodiac signs. Let’s read in detail:

Note: The horoscope is based on your Moon sign. To know your moon sign, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


With the planet Mercury entering your 12th house, your expenses will skyrocket. You will spend without giving a second thought and may end up blowing a hole in your pocket. This spendthrift nature of yours might put...Read More


As the planet Mercury moves in your 11th house, gains will fall in your lap. This will make you happy and help you to take another step towards success. Laying the cornerstone of a new business or enterprise...Read More


As Mercury enters your 10th house, your career and professional life will witness a tremendous change. You will become a workaholic. During this period, you will be more invested in your work than ever....Read More


With Mercury posited in your 9th house, you will have a positive turn in your life events. Long journeys are highly probable during this period. Your inclination towards religious and spiritual activities will be on a rise....Read More

Install Budh Yantra & Strengthen Mercury


Mercury will move into your 8th house. This will be a mixed period with flashes of rainbows and storms. You will witness unexpected monetary losses followed by sudden gains and vice versa....Read More


As Mercury enters your 7th house, the colors of love will add the missing element in your married life. You will be devoted to your spouse and so will be your life partner. Both of you will tackle the difficult situations...Read More


Mercury will be posited in your 6th house. During this transit, you will have to put extra efforts at your workplace to achieve the desired results. Also, your health should be your priority during this period....Read More


Mercury will move into your 5th house with this transit. You will find your love life to be happy and content. You will make promises to your loved one regarding your love life. Those who want to tie the knot with their loved ones...Read More

Wear 10 Mukhi Rudraksha to Ward off Malefic Effects of Mercury


With this transit, Mercury will be posited in your 4th house. Your mother's health will show a remarkable improvement during this period. She will be able to get rid of various medical issues that she had been suffering from lately....Read More


As it transits in Pisces, Mercury will be posited in your 3rd house. During this period, you should focus on your hobby as it may help you to gain recognition. Taking your hobby as a career will be a good option...Read More


The planet Mercury will be posited in your 2nd house. This will bring impressive transformations in your speech and communication skills. Avoid gossipping too much as it might put you in trouble....Read More


As Mercury enters Pisces, it will be positioned in your Lagna or first house. This time will be highly prosperous for your family. Also, you will spend time in the company of your loved ones, which will make you happy....Read More

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Weekly Horoscope 25 Feb to 3 Mar, 2019

The last week of February begins with Mercury transiting in Pisces! Let’s see how this week treats all the zodiac signs.

This week starts on 25th February and ends on 3rd March, where a new month begins. Moon will be seen transiting into four zodiac signs throughout this week, which are Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. These signs are identified as the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th houses in a Kaal Purush Kundali. This week holds high significance due to the occurrence of another major transit of Mercury. Along with that, Vijaya Ekadashi will be observed during the weekend, which makes this week very impactful.

Moon, being the ruling lord of Cancer, gets debilitated in the sign Scorpio and exalted in Taurus. Its influence depends on its placement in the kundli along with other nakshatras and planets. In the starting of this week, Moon will be seen posited in Libra sign under Vishakha Nakshatra on Saptami Tithi during Krishna Paksha. The week ends on Dwadashi Tithi under Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra during Krishna Paksha itself, where Moon will be seen placed in Capricorn. The astrological aspect of this week gives you a quick insight into how the planetary positions may affect your life and what destiny holds for you in the future.

Another major event is also happening at the beginning of this week. Mercury will make a transit in Pisces on 25th February 2019 Monday around 08:43 and remain in that sign March 15, 2019, Friday at 08:59:30. Pisces sign is the debilitation sign of Mercury, which indicates that things can be quite unstable. Mercury rules two zodiac signs, which are Gemini and Virgo, and possess a dual nature. It governs Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, and Revati nakshatras and makes a person highly smart, intelligent and analytical if placed positively in the kundli. Installing Budh Yantra at your house can help to strengthen the placement of Mercury. Any negative impact of Mercury can make a person ignorant and dumb. Hereby, one must do Mercury remedies in order to pacify its malefic nature.

Let’s read how your destiny will change this week, and what stars hold for you.

Predictions are based on your moon sign. Calculate your moon sign here: Moon Sign Calculator


In this upcoming week, planet Moon will be seen transiting in your seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth house, whereas Mercury will be posited in your twelfth house. As a result, this placement won’t prove to be good for your younger siblings....Read More

Love Predictions: This week will be good for your love relationship. You will make your beloved secure and happy. Keep aside your ego and anger; otherwise it will affect your bond badly....Read More


The position of the Moon doesn’t seem favourable for Taurus natives from the health point of view. You may feel mentally troubled and stressed due to problems from your in-laws' side. Remain calm and relaxed...Read More

Love Predictions- Don't lie or talk harshly with your beloved, as it will come back to you in the worst way. On a brighter side, you may take your spouse or beloved to….Read More


This week, Moon will get placed in the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth house of Gemini natives’ kundli. You may suffer from any chronic illness, which can affect your health severely. Include healthy items in your diet…Read More

Love Predictions- Venus, the ruling lord of the fifth house, is posited in your eighth house, which represents troubles, problems and misunderstandings. This indicates arguments and conflicts in your love life.....Read More

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In the zodiac sign Cancer, Moon will be seen transiting in the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh house. Therefore, if you wish to start a new business venture or thinking of investing in some, you are advised to….Read More

Love Predictions- Mars being in its own sign, things can become quite favourable in love life. Hence, if you’ve some feelings for your co-worker and haven’t confessed it yet, then this week is the best...Read More


Planet Mercury will be seen in the eighth house this week, whereas Moon will move into your third, fourth, fifth and sixth house. As a result, your elder sibling may become sick all of a sudden....Read More

Love Predictions- Lord of the fifth house Jupiter is in your fourth house, which is a factor of happiness. This means that if you’re thinking of meeting your future in-laws or making your beloved meet your parents...Read More


This week, Moon will be placed in the second, third, fourth and fifth house, whereas Mercury will be seen posited in the seventh house. Hence this week, you’ll gain wealth or can save a promising amount and add...Read More

Love Predictions- Shani or Saturn, who is a fifth house lord, will be posited in your fourth house, which represents happiness. With its influence, there won’t be any delay or disturbance....Read More


Moon will be in your first or Lagna, second, third and fourth house this week, whereas Mercury will be seen in the sixth house. Remain firm with your decisions and don’t sway away. This week, you will invest some money.....Read More

Love Predictions- This week, love life will be above average, and yield good results. However, you must try and understand how your partner thinks and understand her point of view as well...Read More


For Scorpio natives, Moon will be seen in the twelfth, first, second and third house in their kundli, whereas Mercury will move into their fifth house. Concluding to it, avoid trying your luck in the share market, gambling etc.....Read More

Love Predictions- Love life will be better than average for Scorpio natives. Don’t argue over small things and sit together and talk about your issues. Pay attention to your beloved’s emotion.....Read More


For Sagittarius natives, Moon will be posited in their eleventh, twelfth, first and the second house this week. Placement of Mercury shows that you may get into a verbal spat either with your spouse/ business partner or with your….Read More

Love Predictions- This week, you will be very close to your beloved and make him/her feel more secure than ever. Your actions will speak then your words, and you’ll enchant the mind….Read More

Wear 10 Mukhi Rudraksha to Ward off Malefic Effects of Mercury


Moon will be in your tenth, eleventh, twelfth and first house this week. Mercury being debilitated will make you confused regarding your strength and skills. Due to this, luck won’t favour you...Read More

Love Predictions- Don’t cross your limits in your relationship. This will only create a negative impact on your partner. Be real, decent and pious. Flirting with others will get you in trouble...Read More


Weekly predictions say that the Moon will be in your ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth house. The placement of Mercury indicates that you will spend the money on your children, as they may suffer from....Read More

Love Predictions- Talking about your love life, you need to be more extrovert than being an introvert. Be vocal about your inner feelings and point out the wrongs in your partner if that can sabotage…..Read More


This week, Moon will be seen placed in your eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh house, whereas Mercury will be in your first house, where it will be debilitated. Hereby, there can be disputes between you and your family...Read More

Love Predictions- Since Rahu is placed in your 5th house, therefore there is a strong chance that you can get accused of some baseless accusation by our beloved. Hence do not hide anything.….Read More

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Venus Transit in Capricorn Will Bring Lots of Surprises

Venus, in Vedic Astrology, is known to be the brightest and glorious planet. It is the planet of love, beauty, marriage and comfort. It rules over the day Friday and zodiac signs Libra and Taurus. Its exaltation sign is Pisces, whereas Virgo is its debilitation sign. Planets which are friendly with Venus are Mercury and Saturn, and Sun, Jupiter and Moon are hailed as the enemies. This planet holds major significance in Hindu Astrology, as it governs the marital life of a native. Purva Phalguni, Purva Ashadha, and Bharani Nakshatra are governed by Venus or Shukra.

A well-posited Venus in one’s horoscope in regard with other planets results in a good and comfortable married life full of harmony and attractive personality. On the other hand, an afflicted Venus endows obstacles in marital life as well as delay in getting married, eye diseases and laziness. One can perform Venus remedies with a devoted heart on Friday in order to pacify its ill-effects. Natives can also get the Diamond gemstone carved in a gold, platinum or silver ring and wear on the ring finger in order to attain blessings of the planet Venus. Also during this period of transit, wearing white, cream or ivory coloured clothes can prove to be very favourable.

On Sunday, February 24, 2019, Venus makes a transit in the zodiac sign Capricorn at 22:34. Further, it will move into Aquarius on Friday, March 22, 2019 at 03:34. Its placement in Capricorn will bring about major changes in the lives of natives. Let’s know what they are:

Note: The horoscope is based on your Moon sign. To know your moon sign, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


With this transit, Venus will be posited in your tenth house. This house is associated with the profession and career of the native. You will find peace and happiness in your family life. You will connect well with your family….Read More


During this transit, Venus will be posited in your ninth house. The ninth house represents faith, religion, mentors, etc. This transit will pan out to be a blessing in disguise for you. You will find your luck smiling at you….Read More


Venus will make a move into your eighth house, which is associated with death, regeneration, transformation, accidents, etc. Your love life will be ecstatic. Romance will add spice to your dull life.….Read More

Establish Shukra Yantra and Strengthen the Placement of Venus


The planet Venus will be posited in your seventh house, which is related to marriage and business partnership. You will have a sensual relationship with your partner. Your bond will get stronger, and you will find yourself….Read More


As Venus transits in Capricorn, it will be posited in your sixth house. This house is concerned with your health. You will be required to work hard. At times, the work will demand more than what you can do….Read More


Owing to this transit, Venus will be posited in your fifth house. This house is also known as the house of children, higher education and pleasures. The transit will be favourable for you. Prosperity and happiness will….Read More


The planet Venus will move in your fourth house with this transit. The fourth house is related to mother, land, property, etc. As a result of this transit, harmony will prevail in your domestic life….Read More

Buy Nau-Mukhi Rudraksha to Strengthen Venus


With Venus moving in your third house, you will witness significant changes in your life. This house signifies your younger siblings, courage, efforts etc. Hence, the transit will have a profound impact….Read More


Venus will make its way in your second house. This house represents your money, speech, communication skills, and family. The planetary positions indicate that you will be raking in money during this period….Read More


Venus will transit in your own sign, which will bring significant changes in your life. Venus will make your love life more blissful than ever. Passion and romance will turn up the heat that will ignite the flames….Read More

Get Marriage Report & Know How Blissful Your Married Life Will Be


Venus will move in your twelfth house. The twelfth house is the house of liberation, subconscious mind, etc. During this transit period, you will have an urge to spend on materialistic pleasures.….Read More


The planet of comforts and luxuries, Venus will be posited in your eleventh house. The eleventh house is the house of gains, achievements and income. You will earn well during this period….Read More

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Will Narendra Modi Become PM Again in 2019?

The general election 2019 is likely to be challenging for Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Because BJP want him to repeat the huge victory, he has won in 2014, but the big question is whether the magic of Modi will be retained in 2019? With this question, AstroSage conducted astrological analysis of the horoscope of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi through his popular product 'Raj Yoga Report'. We studied the state principles made in his horoscope and tried to present a clear picture of 2019.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

Note: This Rajya Yoga Report of the Prime Minister has been prepared based on his birth details.

Birth Details of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Date of Birth - September 17, 1950, Sunday

Birth time - 11:00

Birth place - Mehsana (Gujarat)

Raj Yoga in the horoscope of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Punch Maha Purusha Yoga, Amla Yoga, Gaja Kesari Yoga, Vocal Yoga, Mercury Aditya Yoga, Chandra-Mangal Yoga, Mussal Yoga, Dand Yoga, Mountain Yoga, Kahal Yoga, Parashari Raj Yoga

All of these Raj Yoja, formed in the horoscope of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, are made from the special placements of planets in the horoscope and provide advancement in life. However, every raj yoga has different significance.

Auspicious Timing for Narendra Modi as per Raj Yoga Report 

First golden age

March 2019 to September 2019

Second golden age

May 2025 to May 2026

Third golden age

November 2036 to May 2039

Power of Raj Yoga in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's horoscope: 95%

As per Raj Yoga Report, the period March 2019-September 2019 is going to be good for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The special thing is that 2019 Lok Sabha elections are likely to be concluded in the period from April to May, so during this time, he has the potential to attain success in elections.

Astrological analysis of the horoscope of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi is born under Scorpio ascendant, his zodiac sign is Scorpio and his birth took place during Nakshatra, Anuradha. Presently, the effect of Saturn descending line will be seen till January 2020. This situation indicates mental stress and lack of physical health.

The question is whether the charisma happened in 2014, or will it be repeated in the year 2019? In view of astrology, the moon's Mahadasha will continue in the horoscope during the year 2019, which is a state-of-the-art condition. If you talk about interdependence, then the interval of Mercury by the end of February and then after the end of September, the interference of Ketu and subsequent Venus will run.

In the horoscope of Shri Modi Ji, in the eleventh hour, Mercury is the lord of the planet Ashtam and Ekadashi and in the eighth house, Dashmesh is located in the Sun and Ketu with its high zodiac sign, therefore, points towards achievements. Ketu gives good results in eleventh house and due to being in Virgo, the result will be according to Mercury which can live in favor of Modi Ji. Both Mercury and Ketu are showing success with success in Mahadasha Nath Moon located in Ekadash Bhavya.

After intercession of Ketu, the interval of Venus will start, being the owner of the seventh house and situated in the eighth house and Mahadasha Swami is located in the tenth house from the moon. In these situations, it is revealed that in 2019, Modiji will lead him to victory and in his victory religious institutions and especially women's contribution will play an important role.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Weekly Horoscope 18-24 February, 2019

This week of February will bring several unexpected changes in the lives of natives of all zodiac signs. Planet Moon will change its placement and transit into Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra zodiac signs. As per Vedic Astrology, the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh house in a kundli represents these signs respectively. In a Kaal Purush Kundli, these signs signify similar houses as well. Along with it, Magh Purnima vrat and Sankashti Chaturthi are also falling in this week, which makes it even more special.

Moon is known to be the ruling lord of Cancer sign and represents mind, personality, job and fluids. Transit of Moon in these signs along with the position of nakshatras will bring about major challenges and opportunities for natives. According to Hindu Panchang, this week starts on the Chaturdashi Tithi in Pushya Nakshatra under Shukla Paksha. In the beginning, Moon will be seen entering in its own sign, Cancer. With the week ending, the tithi will be Shashti, nakshatra will be Swati and paksha will be Krishna. During this time, Moon will be seen posited in Libra. 

Venus will also be seen transiting from Sagittarius to Capricorn sign at the end of this week on 24 February 2019, Sunday around 22:34. Venus planet is known to be closest to Sun and the benefactor of marriage, love, beauty and comforts. Its ruling sign is Libra and Taurus. It also governs the second and seventh house of Kaal Purush Kundali. During this transit, natives aspected by Venus can wear Diamond, Arand Mool root or 6-Mukhi Rudraksha in order to nullify its malefic effects. Wearing ivory, white or cream coloured clothes can prove to be lucky during this period of transit. This week may prove to be lucky for married natives due to the change in placement of Venus.

Let’s move further and know this week transcends for twelve zodiac signs.

Predictions are based on your moon sign. Calculate your moon sign here: Moon Sign Calculator


Planet Moon will transit and get posited in your fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh house in your birth chart. You may face some delays in your income. Your kids will achieve success in their endeavours and gain sweet fruits of their hard work....Read More

Love Predictions: When we talk about love matters, this week will be very curious. The fifth house, whose ruling lord is Sun, will be aspected by none other than Sun from the seventh house. Thereby, your love life will be good yet filled with small tiffs...Read More


This week, Moon will transit in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth house in your zodiac sign. As a result, there are chances of you getting into an argument with your siblings. Your intelligence will develop, and you’ll become intellectually skilful....Read More

Love Predictions: When it comes to your love life, situations can be a bit complicated. You’ll be fearful of something in your love life, which will brew insecurity within you. Hence, there can be arguments and fights with….Read More


Moon will get posited in your second, third, fourth and fifth house from your lagna sign this week. As a result, your expenses will increase at the beginning of the week. Also, think twice before investing your money, as situations can go awry…Read More

Love Predictions: This week will give mixed results when it comes to love and romance. There can be fights with your lover this week, which will stress you out. Love and care will always be there between you two...Read More

Install Shukra Yantra and Gain Love & Respect


Transit of Moon will take place from your zodiac sign in the Lagna, second, third and fourth house respectively. With the placement of Moon in Lagna or the first house, you’ll become more aggressive and temperamental….Read More

Love Predictions: This week doesn’t seem that favourable for Cancerians regarding love matters. If you are in a relationship, there will be a sense of reconciliation and togetherness along with arguments and disputes...Read More


This week, Moon will make a transit in the twelfth, Lagna, second and third house in Leo zodiac sign. As a result, your week will remain normal and be full of ups and downs. In the beginning, your expenses will dominate your income....Read More

Love Predictions: Your love life can be a bit stressful. There can be arguments between you and your lover, which will stress you out even more. Try to understand their mindset as well...Read More


Planet Moon will transit in the eleventh, twelfth, lagna and second house of Virgo natives’ birth chart. As Moon will be posited in your eleventh house, which represents gains and profits, there can be monetary benefits this week..Read More

Love Predictions: This week, your love life may not go that well. There will be dissatisfaction between you and your lover, which can make things more stressful at the beginning of the week. Hence, listen to what the other is saying...Read More


This week, Moon will transit in your tenth, eleventh, twelfth and first houses respectively. A very auspicious yoga named Ruchaka Yoga can already be seen forming in your horoscope due to the placement of Mars in your seventh house.....Read More

Love Predictions: In matters of love, your relationship may get affected due to the placement of planet Sun in your fifth house of love and romance. However, you’ll not let these little tiffs come in the way and enjoy the company of your partner...Read More


The transit of Moon will take place in your ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth house. As a result, arguments and conflicts with parents can happen. Instead of having a difference of opinion, ask them to listen to your point of view and.....Read More

Love Predictions: Love life will remain good this week due to the grace of Jupiter. You’ll go out on movie dates or dinner with your loved one. Talking about marital life, there can be some disturbances and small tiffs...Read More


Moon, this week, will transit in the eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh house of Sagittarius zodiac sign. There will be challenges cropping up in your path, but with hard work and dedication, you’ll be able to overcome all of that.….Read More

Love Predictions: Love life will remain intensified during this week. There will be sparks flying between you and your lover, and you’ll feel highly attracted to each other. However, due to the presence of Mars in your 5th house of love….Read More


Moon will get posited in the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth houses of Capricorn zodiac sign natives. With Moon’s placement in these houses, you need to remain careful in business partnership this week.....Read More

Love Predictions: Your love life will remain good and pleasant. However, you may develop a little fear especially related to your girlfriend. There will be insecurities popping inside your head regarding her leaving you or....Read More


Moon will transit in Aquarius natives’ sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth houses. This transit of Moon will lead to a sudden increase in your expenses this week. It is highly advised not to splurge your hard-earned money...Read More

Love Predictions: For the Aquarius natives, their love life seems to be good and satisfactory. However, this week, you may feel distant from your beloved at some point. Don’t overthink and try not to fight or argue on smaller issues…..Read More


This week, Moon will transit in your fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth houses respectively. As a result of the planetary placement of Moon, the possibility of arguments with your children can be seen....Read More

Love Predictions: This week doesn’t give out good signs in terms of love matters. Talking about your love life, there is a possibility of misunderstanding popping up between you and your partner.….Read More

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Valentine's Day Special: Best Gift Ideas for Beloved

Valentine's Day Special- Make the day special for your beloved by using these tips! 

Valentine's Day, is annually celebrated on 14th February internationally, and honour love, loyalty and selflessness. In India, this festival has gained massive following due to its romantic nature and influential universal approach. Couples express their heartfelt feelings to their partners and renew their vows of love.

Predictions are based on Moon sign. Know yours: Moon Sign Calculator

Valentine’s Day as per Vedic Astrology

On the day of Valentine’s Day, Moon will remain posited in the sign Taurus under the Rohini Nakshatra. Moon is known to be a lover and represents compassion, romance, thoughts, love for country, family life and personal matters. Hindu mythology says that the Moon loved Rohini the most out of all 27 daughters of Daksha he married. This is the reason why this day becomes more special. Being the closest nakshatra, it symbolizes love, beauty, care, satisfaction, lust, passion, and possessiveness.

On the V-Day, planet Venus, the ruling lord of Taurus sign, will also impact the lives of natives, hence making them sensitive, emotional and filled with feelings and aspirations. Also, fifth house in a birth chart indicates love-related matters. Therefore, the combination of planets and nakshatras will definitely influence your birth sign. 

Know when will you find your dream partner: Ask A Question from Our Experts

Lucky Colour & Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Let’s read the astrological impact and know what actions you must follow to make this day more beautiful and special. Find out best gifts to give to your valentine and what lucky color you must wear.


For Aries natives, the fifth house of their kundli is the house of love and governed by zodiac sign Leo, whose ruling planet is Sun. On Valentine’s Day, Sun will be posited in your 11th house, which represents fulfilment of desires and new relationships. Hence, your every wish will be fulfilled. If single, there are chances of meeting new people and initiating new relationships. Though, try and remain patient, and do not hyper-react in any way.

  • What to Wear: You should wear thick thread garments such as jeans, woolen clothes, coats or jackets.
  • Lucky Color: Wear Orangish Red, Copper and Rust on this day.
  • Gift: You can gift any branded merchandise to your lover and make them feel special and loved.


In your kundli, fifth house represents love and relationships and is ruled by Virgo, whose sign lord is Mercury. On the day of Valentine’s, Mercury will be in your 10th house, which is a house of extrovertness, straightforwardness and expression. Hereby, on this day, you’ll speak out loud and express your feelings confidently. You’ll be rather direct with your words and speak your heart and mind than communicate through any medium. On a contrary, don’t go overboard and maintain the decency. Being direct doesn’t mean scaring the other person away with your over-enthusiasm.

  • What to Wear: Natives can wear funky clothes and accessorize it with chunky rings or earrings.
  • Lucky Color: Use different shades of Green when dressing up to meet your beloved.
  • Gift: Buy soft toys such as plushy teddy bear or dolls to gift your beloved. 


5th house, which tells about love, is occupied by Libra zodiac sign. Venus rules Libra sign, and will be placed in the seventh house on the V-Day. This planet is the factor for serious relations, marriage and new relationships. Hence on the love day, there is a possibility of single natives engaging in a new relationship. Those who are committed or married, the day will be highly filled with love and affection, as Venus naturally owns the seventh house (house of marriage and spouse). You need to keep a check on your behaviour and avoid being hasty or rude.

  • What to Wear: Natives can wear flamboyant dresses such as golden jacket or silver top to showcase their passion.
  • Lucky Color: Get a silver-coloured outfit mixed with shades of bling. 
  • Gift: Gift beautiful flowers to your lover on Valentine’s Day.


In the kundli of Cancer natives, Scorpio, ruled by Mars, is posited in the fifth house of love. On 14 February 2019, Mars will be seen in 10th house. This planet represents passion, energy and anger, and as a result of its influence, natives can witness some low moments throughout the day. You can get aggressive or behave badly with your loved one. So, watch out for it, remain calm and express your care nicely.

  • What to Wear: Wear leather outfits such as a leather jacket or pants.
  • Lucky Color: Lucky colour to wear on Valentine’s Day is Blood Red and Maroon.
  • Gift: Buy electronic gadgets for your beloved that can work as a cherry on cake if s/he is tech-savvy.


We analyse the fifth house of Leo natives to know more about their love life. Sagittarius is the 5th sign/house of their kundli and Jupiter governs this zodiac sign Sagittarius. Jupiter will remain in the fourth house on this main day. This house depicts your inner feelings, intuition and emotions. Hence it would be a day which will highlight your emotions for your beloved, hereby strengthening your relationship. Keep in mind not to overthink at any cost, as it can hinder your actions and love.

  • What to Wear: Dress simply on the V-Day or try wearing traditional clothes to mark an impression.
  • Lucky Color: Light or Normal Yellow is the colour of the day for you. 
  • Gift: Gift interesting books and witness that shine in your lover’s eyes.


Capricorn is placed in your fifth house, which represents passion, romance and love life. This sign is governed by Shani, which is a factor for lethargic nature, sorrow and delays. On Valentine’s Day, it will remain in your 4th house, which is the house of happiness and home. Hence, this day can result in delays or conflicts in your relationship. Avoid getting frustrated and try not to ruin your beloved’s mood as well.

  • What to Wear: Wear stylish faded, ripped or distressed jeans with a smart T-Shirt or shirt for a powerful impact.
  • Lucky Color: Wear Black colour on your date with your love.
  • Gift: Gifting Dark chocolates to the one will definitely make your day sweeter.


For Libra’s, their fifth house of love is ruled by Aquarius zodiac sign, whose governing planet is Shani. On V-Day, Shani will be in your 3rd house, which represents courage and short distance. Hence you’ll go on short-distance travels with your lover, such as overnight trips etc. Also, you’ll gain courage to speak about your true feelings to your crush. Don’t hold yourself back and just go for it. You might act possessively with your beloved or crush on the day of love. Be careful about acting in such a manner, as after a limit, things can go wrong.

  • What to Wear: Wear thick, cotton clothes made of Khaki or Chinos.
  • Lucky Color: Black or Blue coloured outfits will make you look attractive.
  • Gift: Gifting Chocolate cake to your beloved will definitely make your day better.


To know about one’s love life and relations, astrologers analyse the fifth house. For Scorpio natives, Pisces, which is ruled by Jupiter, is posited in this house. Jupiter is the planet which shows our true feelings for our loved ones and on Valentine’s Day, it will be placed in your Lagna house. This house tells us about our overall personality, nature and physical features. Hence, Scorpios are advised to keep it simple and avoid any kind of flashiness. Just be yourself and do not try to make something else out of things. Also, try dressing up simple and change your overall look. Things will turn out to be very rewarding for you.

  • What to Wear: Scorpios can dress in simple, fine and brand new clothes.
  • Lucky Color: Wearing Yellow or light yellow colour on your date will definitely attract your lover.
  • Gift: Gifting something related to music such as CDs, music album or musical gadget will be ideal.


Planet Mars is the lord of zodiac sign Aries, which rules the fifth house of love, in your kundli. On Valentine’s Day, Mars will remain posited in the fifth house only, resulting in an energetic and passionate day for Sagittarius lovers. As a result, the day will prove to be lucky for the natives. Closeness between you and your partner will increase, and your relationship will strengthen. You’ll find yourself fiercely attracted to your lover.

  • What to Wear: Wear camouflage clothes such as military print clothes to mark a strong presence.
  • Lucky Color: Lucky colour for the V-Day can be Maroon and Dark Green.
  • Gift: You can buy a ticket to an amusement park or any sport-related arena, like ice skating and go with your beloved.


The fifth house in the kundli of Capricorn natives can be analysed to know about love, relationships and romance. This house is obtained by Taurus zodiac sign, whose ruling lord is Venus. On Valentine’s Day, Venus will be placed in your 12th house, which is a factor for loss and separation. As a result, the day doesn’t seem favourable from love point of view. You may suffer from a loss of relationship on this day or get separated from your lover. In order to save your relationship, you must not argue or suppress your partner in any way. Keep your emotions in control and try not to overreact.

  • What to Wear: Wear something trendy and creative. Ditch your old jeans and hop into something stylish.
  • Lucky Color: Wearing Pink colour on Valentine’s can make your day better.
  • Gift: Surprise your lover by taking him/her on a romantic movie date. You can watch a romantic play at a theatre.


Mercury planet rules the zodiac sign Gemini, which comes in the fifth house of Aquarius natives. Fifth house is the house of romance and love. On Valentine’s Day, this planet will get placed in the first house or Lagna itself. Lagna bhava represents one’s personality and nature, whereas Mercury reflects majorly on your thinking and your way of speaking. Vedic Astrology suggests that the native must get rid of their narrow mindedness and set the beloved free while giving him/her some space. Don’t try to cage your beloved with limitations. The day will turn out to be good, as you’ll get ample opportunities to declare your love in front of your lover and express your real emotions.

  • What to Wear: Wear fitted clothings like dresses or jeans. You can also wear short-sized clothes such as capris or shorts.
  • Lucky Color: Try to experiment with Sea Green colour when styling yourself for the big day.
  • Gift: What’s better than gifting a beautiful and classy watch to your lover on V-Day!


Moon, the representative for feelings, love and caring nature, rules the Cancer sign. This sign gets into the fifth house of love for Pisces natives. On the day of Valentine’s, Moon will be in your third house, and as a result, you’ll come across opportunities to show your real, caring nature to your beloved. This will be the perfect time for making your beloved feel that you are serious and dedicated for him/her. Apart from this, don’t let others poke into your personal matters in case something isn’t going right between you two. Rather, be straight and speak out your feelings.

  • What to Wear: Dress formally and surprise your lover with a new look. Go for the classic look comprising of a crisp shirt, fitted trousers and a blazer or coat.
  • Lucky Color: Wearing any light colour on this day will do wonders. 
  • Gift: Get a personalised gift like keychain with your lover’s name engraved on it or heart shaped pillow.

Hope you’ve liked our article and find the perfect gift to give to your beloved. Wishing you and your loved one Happy Valentine's Day.

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Sun Transit Today Will Bring Unexpected Changes in Life!

Sun Transit in Aquarius will affect each sign. Some will get Raj Yoga in their kundli, while some have to remain alert!

Sun is a universally significant planet, not from the celestial point of view but also for humankind. In mythological scriptures, it is hailed as the “soul” of the universe and the “creator”. In Hinduism, it is worshipped as a sacred deity with full devotion, whereas in Vedic astrology, Sun is considered as the leader of all the planets. It owns the zodiac sign Leo and is the ruler of Kritika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra. When this planet enters any zodiac sign, the auspicious time period to carry out religious tasks begins. During this time, people organise religious ceremonies to ward off negative energies from life. Sun’s movement in different zodiac signs is regarded as the base when calculating Hindu Panchang.

The change in the placement of the Sun affects the people of every zodiac sign. It will transit in the sign Aquarius on 13 February 2019 (Wednesday) at 8:44 AM in the morning and will remain till 5:35 AM on 15 March 2019 (Friday). Hence, how favourable will this transit prove to be, let's know:

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This transit will pan out to be favourable for Aries natives. You will witness your dreams coming true. A few extra efforts will help you to reap better results. You will find yourself inclined towards religious and virtuous deeds.….Read More


For the natives of the zodiac sign Taurus, the transit of Sun in Aquarius might pose some problematic situations in domestic life. Try and control your anger and talk about the conflicts.….Read More


During the period of this transit, Geminis will be more determined to achieve their goals than ever. You may set your foot for a long journey, which will serve to be a stepping stone in your career upliftment….Read More

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Cancer natives will be required to take care of their health during the stretch of this transit. There are chances of you getting ill if you do not take care of yourself. Financial problems will be a pain in your neck....Read More


The luminary Sun is the ruler of the zodiac sign, Leo. Its transit in Aquarius will have a profound impact on the lives of the natives belonging to Leo. With its effect; you will become more devoted and committed towards your partner.….Read More


The transit of Sun in Aquarius will invite good fortune in the life of Virgo natives. You will have the peace of mind during this period. You may go on long journeys as well. Any work that is demanding in nature will catch your attention….Read More

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Your income will be on the rise during the period of this transit. Natives of Libra zodiac sign will gain wit and humour, which will add spice to their communication as well as personality.….Read More


The period of the transit will turn out to be an average time in a Scorpio’s life. You may have a confused state of mind during this period. It will be tough for you to make quick decisions….Read More


Sagittarians will witness their focus, concentration, and determination on the rise during the period of the transit. You will be goal-oriented and strike hard to achieve success. Your younger siblings need to be cautious during this period; otherwise, they may land in problems…..Read More

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There will be a bunch of surprises that will follow during this period of transit for Capricorn natives. You will receive good news during this stretch of time. There are chances of receiving benefits from your in-laws…..Read More


The luminary Sun will transit into your own sign, i.e. Aquarius. Owing to this, you will witness a tremendous change in various facets of your life. Most of the things will be in your favour, so you do not need to worry much.….Read More


The most awaited time will arrive in the life of a Pisces with this transit. You will have high hopes and give your best shot in whatever you do. You will be determined, and as a result, you will do well in your professional life.….Read More

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