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AstroSage 2 Minute Astrology Tutorial: Part 3

Astrologer Punit Pandey has come up with his 3rd part of ‘2 Minutes Astrology Tutorial’ series. In the previous part, we learned about the benefic and malefic planets. Today, we will go further and discuss about the signification & nature of all planets. ‘Learn Astrology in 2 Minutes Tutorial’ is available for FREE, read further to know more...

(If you missed the Part-2 of ‘2 Minutes Astrology Tutorial’, click here: Learn Astrology In 2 Minutes - Part-2)

Hi, welcome to the 2 min astrology tutorial. Today, we’ll discuss about signification and nature of planets. Planets are considered as living beings in Vedic Astrology. That’s why planets have certain significations and nature. “Signification” depicts the things associated with a planet. All things of the world are associated with 9 planets. Let’s talk about some main significations.

Sun is significator of king, father, copper and heart etc.

Suppose, if a native has malefic Sun in his birth-chart, things related to signification of Sun i.e. his father and heart etc–would be affected adversely. In other words, the native may not get affection from his father or may suffer with heart-ailments.

Red color, masculine, warrior race, vice, Sattva Guna, fire element, and Pitta are the nature of Sun. Suppose someone has Sun in his ascendant. It will make him aggressive due to Sun’s belligerent or Kshatriya nature. Sun also has masculine nature. So, if a female native has Sun in her ascendant, she may be aggressive and free thinker.

I hope you’d have understood the difference between ‘signification’ and ‘nature’ of planets. We’ve talked about Sun so far, now let’s discuss about Moon.

Moon has nature of female, business-class, water element and Kapha etc. While things such as white color, mother, mind, silver and rice are signified by Moon.

If a native has Moon in his ascendant, he might have feminine attributes in his personality. If a native has malefic Moon in his birth-chart, he might not get the love and affection from his mother.

I hope this information will be helpful for you. 


By Astrologer Punit Pandey

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The Oath Of Kejriwal: Fate Of AAP

Arvind Kejriwal Astrology
Arvind Kejriwal has taken the oath as new CM of Delhi on December 28, 2013. However, his intentions are not restricted to the welfare of Delhiites. It seems that he is targeting to change the face of Indian politics. However, let’s concentrate on his fate with Delhi now. See what Astrology says about the future of Mr. Kejriwal as well as AAP.

As the Kundali (birth-chart) of a native is created according to the birth-time; similarly, every thing on this Earth has a birth-chart according to the time and date of its initiation. Arvind Kejriwal took an oath as the Chief Minister of Delhi on December 28, 2013 at 12 pm. Let’s analyze the chart of that time and know the fate of AAP. 

AAP Astrology Prediction

While Arvind Kejriwal was taking oath; Pisces ascendant, Libra sign and Virgo’s Navamsa was rising. Dual ascendant, movable sign and dual Navamsa are not good for this time. Hence, stability is not foreseen in any case. Also, ascendant-lord is retrograded along with dual ign; it is also not indicating stability. However, good thing here is positioning of ascendant-lord as well as tenth-lord, Jupiter is in its own constellation, which is giving favorable indications. Though these indications are pointing toward some troubles; but at the same time are also indicating formation of government. It means that he will form the government somehow. Let’s find out how he will fare with handling government.

For this we will discuss about ascendant, tenth and Moon. Ascendant-lord and tenth-lord, Jupiter are posited in fourth house, in the sign of Mercury; and Mercury in this chart is quite malefic. Not only this, it is situated with Sun (Lord of sixth house) in tenth house. Thus, enmity is seen from all ends. His opponents i.e. Congress & BJP won’t let him work properly. In his tenth house, there are two planets - Mercury & Sun. According to me, here Congress is playing the part of Mercury. Because, Mercury is the Badhak (hindrance creator) along with being the enemy of ascendant-lord & tenth-lord, he is creating Dwikendradhipati Dosha. As Congress is giving so-called support, but trying to judge and trouble AAP in reality; similar signals are being catched from Mercury. Hence, Congress should be considered by Mercury from this chart. This party can make AAP go fanatic because Mercury signifies mind and afflicted Mercury may disturb mental balance.

BJP here seems to be playing the role of Sun. Sun in this chart is the sixth-lord i.e. opposition and is situated in tenth house. Tenth house is also affected by many other planets. Sun & Mercury are situated in tenth and Mars, Saturn & Jupiter are aspecting there. Since, Rahu is with Saturn, it will act as Saturn only. It means that we cannot ignore its influence in tenth house.

Moon is stuck in Vish Yoga and Grahan Yoga. Moon in eighth house is also not considered favorable. Therefore, BJP & so-called supporter Congress won’t let AAP work well. This is evident that team AAP will try to work whole-heartedly, but chances of success seem feeble. Due to the aspect of tenth-lord on tenth house, he may make good plans sometimes; but hindrances will be experienced while executing them. There is a strong possibility that some of his steps may bring him disgrace. Feeling of remorse may arise. The time between 15th June, 2014 to 20th November, 2014 is not favorable for Kejriwal’s government. During this period, he will find it very difficult to run the government. Also, it is highly possible that during this time government may fall down and has to leave the seat in remorse. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Future of Kejriwal & AAP's Government: An Astrological Analysis

The power of common man, AAP has come in power. With the incredible efforts of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, Aam Aadmi Party has made a fabulous debut to the Indian Politics. Let’s see what Astrology tells about Arvind Kejriwal and AAP...

Aam Aadmi Party Astrology Prediction

AAP’s chief Arvind Kejriwal, the man who stormed political arena in Delhi, has sworn in as CM at 12 on December 29, 2013. Astrologically, it is creating a very interesting scenario. Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, will be rising till 1 PM and Jupiter is retrograde. Exalted Saturn is posited with Rahu in eighth house along with Moon. Interestingly, this Yoga indicates Vishkumbha and signifies that the native is possessed by a demon. It also creates Balarishta Yoga that is considered very dangerous.

AAP Astrology Prediction

Everything points toward a short stint for him in the government that may not be more than 6 months. Stars indicate that the government may lose the confidence of the house in 12, 18, 19 days or in 6 months at most. It is apparent that there are not many possibilities for development in Delhi for next one year.

According to astrological analysis, year 2014 does not look very promising for politics of the land and for the nation. After 30 years, stars are forming such Yogas that can play havoc for mighty and powerful. This process has been commenced since November, 15, 2013, which was the last date of nomination for the elections of five states. At that time, conjunction of Sun, Saturn and Rahu took place in Libra. Saturn was exalted, while Sun was debilitated during this time. It caused great many changes.

New Delhi is the capital of India and, therefore, political stability is pivotal for national capital. However, position of planets seems adverse to stability. Stars will once again show their immense impact during the General Elections in May, 2014. I will talk in detail about it in my next article.

All in all, we can say that the present Delhi government is going to enjoy only a short tenure. It will greatly affect the political milieu of entire country and may kick off a period of instability. Get ready to witness many big changes take place.

Click here for upcoming cricket match prediction: New Zealand Vs West Indies 2nd ODI

New Zealand Vs West Indies 2nd ODI Match Prediction

The New Zealand vs West Indies 2013 - 2nd ODI match prediction is now available at AstroSage. Numerology tells the name of the winning team. Both the teams will battle it out for the title, let’s see who goes home with the cup. 

New Zealand Vs West Indies

Match Details: 

Date - 29.12.13
Hosted by - New Zealand
Venue - McLean Park, Napier 
Time - 14:00 Local Time - 01:00 GMT - 06:30 IST 

Numerology Prediction 

We are predicting all the matches of this series with the help of Numerology. Here we have used the Cheiro method to predict the winner of the match. Let us analyze all the aspects to come to the final conclusion. 

Mulank Of The Date & New Zealand

The match is on 29.12.2013. Mulank of the date of the match is 2, while the Namank of Team New Zealand is 6. The relationship between 2 and 6 is hostile, which indicates a negative sign. 

Further, the Captain of the team is Brendon McCullum, whose Namank is 8. The relationship between 2 and 8 is again hostile. Brendon McCullum was born on September 27, 1981. The Mulank of the birthday of Brendon McCullum is 9. The relation between 2 and 9 is friendly, which indicates a positive sign. 

Mulank Of The Date & West Indies 

The match is on 29.12.2013. Mulank of the date of the match is 2, while the Namank of Team West Indies is 1. The relationship between 2 and 1 is friendly, which indicates a positive sign. 

Further, the Captain of the team is Dwayne Bravo, whose Namank is 4. The relationship between the 2 and 4 is hostile, which indicates a negative sign. Dwayne Bravo was born on October 7, 1983. The Mulank of the birthday of Dwayne Bravo is 7, which again shares a hostile bond with 2. 

Winner Of The Match 

Therefore, analyzing all aspects, we can deduce that the 2nd ODI match in this series will be a Draw. However these are mere possibilities and no risk should be taken on the basis of this prediction. We hope to see an interesting match. All the best to both the teams!

AstroSage 2 Minute Astrology Tutorial: Part 2

Astrologer Punit Pandey has come up with his 2nd part of ‘2 Minutes Astrology Tutorial’ series. In the previous part, we learned about the 9 planets. Today, we will go further and discuss about the benefic and malefic planets. ‘Learn Astrology in 2 Minutes Tutorial’ is available for FREE, read further to know more...

(If you missed the Part-I of ‘2 Minutes Astrology Tutorial’, click here: Learn Astrology In 2 Minutes - Part-I)

Welcome back to 2 min astrology tutorial. Today I'll talk about benefic and malefic planets. In Sanskrit, benefic is called shubha and malefic is called paap. Benefic is the planet that give good results and malefic is the one that gives bad results. Earlier I talked about nine planets, out of that few are classified as benefics and others are classified as malefic.

Moon and Mercury are not always benefic. Moon close to full moon day is considered benefic whereas moon close to no-moon day is considered malefic. Same way, Mercury is considered benefic when situated with benefic planets and malefic when situated with malefic planets. Rahu and Ketu are natural malefics but under the influence of benefics, they also behave as benefics.

If we have to learn predictions, knowledge of benefic and malefic planet is very important. Nature outlined earlier is the basic nature of planet but it doesn't mean that benefic will always give good results and malefic will always give bad results. Good or bad results also depend upon various other factors like ownership, placement in sign and house, aspects etc. We will talk about that in detail later. 

This was all for part I. Stay tuned to for the next part. Till then, have a great time. 


By Astrologer Punit Pandey

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Having A Temple At Home - Do’s & Don'ts As Per Astrology

God, the one word that gives us strength to keep going. Because we know no matter what happen, he will be there by our side pushing us forward. Having a temple at home is a practise followed by many. But, is it right? Lal Kitab Vastu Shastra will tell you if it is, or not.

Mandir At HomeHome is to live and enjoy materialistic world, it is a materialistic thing. We should not get into the habit of building a temple in the house. As per Lal Kitab it is written that we should not keep the Idols of God in the house as these idols give us reverse effect if kept at home other than Temple. This is a very vast topic and I will write in detail on this some other time. But, for now, I will give you all some highlight on it.

There is no harm in keeping photos of Gods in the form of pictures hanging on the walls. We can keep those in our premises and pay respect to them. But, idols are meant to be in Mandir or temples and have to be taken care by the respective Sewadars or Pujaris (priests). Having temples at home can have reverse effects on the inmates. For example, persons having Jupiter in seventh house are supposed to be away from such things; otherwise, negative effects will be there.

Further, as per Lal Kitab, buildings adjoining temples walls also suffers from negative effects. In earlier days, there were very few Mandirs and temples; and these temples were away from the residential area, just like the cremation ground (as it used to be outside the village or city). But, now-a-days all are inside the residential areas because of the expansion.

Have any queries about Vastu? Then, contact our Vastu Expert to find the right solutions.

Certain Concerns With Having Temple At Home

  • We are living in such a society where we don't touch our wife in front of our elders. Then, how is it fine to have God in our room while having sex with our partner?
  • I have heard people coming to me and saying that we have Mandir in kitchen, which is considered purest place. But, with the smoke and the mess created while cooking, are we doing the right thing with our God or deity to whom we worship?
  • Long vacations and holidays leave us in a position where we have to keep our Gods looked up without any Pooja or prayers. Again, I ask, how is this justified? 

According to me, by keeping Gods in our homes we can not provide the daily care and dedication like Snan (bath), Shringar (adornment), Puja (worship), Archana (prayer), Vandana (recitation of hymns), Bhog (food offerings) and Shayan (sleep), to name a few.

Mandir should not be locked, but when at home we keep them locked when we go on a holiday. In some cases, people make Mandir downstairs and on the upper level there could be a toilet. There is a reason temples are built, temples are supposed to have tomb like structures, which lacks when built inside a home.

Well, these are some of the concerns which I can think of at the top of my mind. There are many more which I will discuss later on. All these discussion does not mean that we should not pray to God. We have to pray to Almighty for everything but in a right manner. We can meditate in our home. We can keep pictures of Gods but not idols because, in Hindu religion it is permitted to keep an idol according to the size of a human thumb at home not bigger than that. Otherwise, it should be kept at temple or a common place. But, if you still want to continue doing these things, then we should try to follow the standards that are kept in temples.

By M S Kondal

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Stock market predictions for 27.12.2013
Planets position on 27th December 2013 at 09:15am at Mumbai

Planetary Aspects

Sun squares Mars, sextiles Rahu and conjoins Mercury. Mercury squares Mars & sextiles Rahu. Venus Squares Moon. Saturn trines Jupiter. Ketu trines Sun & Mercury.


Tithi: Krishna Dasami
Nakshatra: Chitra
Yoga: Atiganda
Karana: Vanija

Bearish trend will be observed. Automobiles, Healthcare, Engineering, cement and software sector will keep the graph southwards.

Persons having Leo and Aries Moon signs/ Lagna will be financially affected today. They should refrain from money matters today.

We suggest the readers not to indulge in any kind of speculation like day trading, but invest astrologically as per their individual horoscopes for long term to gain profits.

Disclaimer: - The predictions made herein are for information purposes and are not recommendations to any person to buy or sell any securities. We only use astrological analysis, so target are not based on any technical or fundamental analysis but only on the experience of an astrologer. Its accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed. The information provided herein is not to be construed as an offer to buy or sell securities of any kind. The Astrologer and the company do not accept any liability for the use of this column. Readers of this column who buy or sell securities based on the information in this column are solely responsible for their actions. And author won't be liable or responsible for any legal or financial losses made by anyone.