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Saturday, December 21, 2013

2014 Holiday Offers On AstroSage

New beginning in 2014
Welcome to AstroSage’s Weekly Newsletter! Today, we bring you all exciting stuff for this holiday season. Yes! with new year approaching, its time to celebrate. So, lets’ start with a preview of what all AstroSage is set to offer you this week. We have “Special Discount Offers” on some of our popular services. All the new year calendars are ready to be at your service to make this year go smooth & also we have your favourite, horoscopes for the “New Year 2014”!

Special Offers To Grab! 

We have a grand 25% discount going on some of our popular services, this is a one time special offer, don't let this chance slip away. Our services, 2014 Personalized Horoscope, Marriage & Love Analysis and Astrology Reading Over Phone (30 mins). These services have proved time and again that they are most sought after by our visitors. As such, we have chosen these service to give you the maximum benefit. Just use the below mentioned code and make the best of our offer! 


2014 Personalised Horoscope 

Everyone wants to know what the new year has to offer, what surprises awaits them. Well, there is no other means more convenient than reading your horoscopes for 2014. Our 2014 Personalised Horoscopes have all the details to start your new year all prepared. We have covered all the topics like family, career, health, finance and of course love life. 

Marriage & Love Analysis 

Love, a word that brings two people closer and will never part ways. To find someone who will love you more than anybody else is a priceless feeling; and what better way to take this forward than tying the holy knot. Get tips and ideas from expert astrologers and craft your path to a lifelong of togetherness. 

Astrology Reading Over Phone (30 mins)

Astrology has, time and again, proved a lifesaver for many. Are you facing unnecessary delays in your work? Is your life filled with problems? Do you feel like it’s a dead end and there is no way out? In such cases, Astrology may prove out to be your savior. Have a talk with our astrologers, who have a solution for anything and everything. 

Apart from this, we have some more important stuff that will help you leading a smooth year ahead. 

2014 Calendars Is Here! 

Calendar 2014AstroSage brings to you the most important item for 2014. Calendars for 2014 are here. We bring you all kinds of calendars, Regional, International, Chinese, Federal, Public Holidays and Bank Holidays, to name a few. 

Now, coming to the other important information and events of the week. Let’s have a look at the important dates of the week. 

Important Dates Of The Week

  • 24 December: Christmas Evening
  • 25 December: Christmas
  • 26 December: Kalashtami
  • 28 December: Saphala Ekadashi
  • 29 December: Saphala Ekadashi

Let’s now see what your stars tell about this week. Find your FREE weekly horoscope below:

Services Of The Week! 

2014 Annual Horoscope/ Varshphal

Future by Astrology in 2014Start your new year with our FREE Annual Horoscope or Varshphal and have a carefree year ahead. With an idea of what is to come, you will be able to plan better and prepare better. So, why wait? Grab this chance of our FREE service. 

2014 Finance Report 

Finance Horoscope 2014In today’s world, money talks. Though we say money can't buy happiness, money sure can make you comfortable. So, how is the coming year going to be financially for you? Will your current financial status keep you safe in 2014? Or, you will you have to put in some more effort to get the money flowing. Know all this with our 2014 Finance Report.

We will keep on sharing information with you on our new updated stuff. Stay tuned to AstroSage for more such interesting stuff, informations & FREEwares. Utilize the best of our services and stay blessed!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

AstroSage On 2014 Numerology

Welcome to AstroSage’s Weekly Newsletter. Today, we have brought to you a topic which is probably one of the most sought after topics in Astrology. Yes, Numerology has garnered the interest of many and the curiosity about the subject just keeps growing. In this article, we will tell you every single detail that will make you a fan of this field (if you are not one already). Also, as a bonus, we will be providing you with our Numerology horoscope for 2014 in English as well as Hindi. So, let’s begin...

What is Numerology? 

Numerology is the study of the number characteristic in a person’s life. It is the study of the numbers in the person’s date of birth, name and other allied stuff. With this study, we can formulate the future of that person. Success, failures, character; everything can be decoded with the help of these numbers.

Click here to know your Numerology characteristics - Numerology Calculator

Want to learn the art of Numerology? We are here to assist you with that. Our article, ‘Numerology: The Art Of Numbers Reading’ will help you in taking your love for numerology higher.

Also, for those who wants to know just the basic, give our Learn Numerology Basics a try. 

Find Your Compatibility With Numerology!

AstroSage brings to you some amazing compatibility testing tools. With the help of Numerology, these tools will give you the answer you are looking for. Yes! The compatibility you share with that special person. So, why wait? Get on with the testing. 

Who is the person whose name best suits with yours? How good are your names when put together? Know all this with the help of our Name Compatibility tool.

Friendship is the purest relationship, one can face any situation if there is a friend beside as your support. Know how compatible you are with your friends and find out who is your best one with our Friendship Compatibility Tool.

Love, the word that means the world for everybody; and the person who gives you love more than you can, is the person you have to be with no matter what. Find out how much love is coming your way from that special person with our Love Compatibility using Date Of Birth tool.

Now, coming to the other important information and events for the week. Let’s have a look at the important dates of the week. 

Important Dates Of The Week

Further, we have your Numerology Horoscope 2014 to help you plan your year in advance.

Let’s now see what your stars tell about this week. Find your FREE weekly horoscope below:

Services Of The Week! 

Name Correction: A name is the identity of a person, it defines who he/she is. A name gone wrong will haunt the person all life with failures and disappointments. But with the right name, its the road to success all the way! Use our Name Correction service and find your success.

Click here to know more about - More On Name Correction 

Lucky Numbers: Numbers play a very vital role in our life. They are everywhere, our phone number, vehicle number and even our name has numbers’ influence. So, have you chosen the right numbers? Find out with the help of our Lucky Number Detector tool. 

Click here to know more about - Lucky Numbers & Numbers Characteristics

Want to know more about the number which will prove lucky to you, go nowhere, it's right here. 

Click here to know all about lucky numbers for you

Special Discount Offers!

With new year approaching, we have some news that will make you all smiles. Yes! we have got some great discounts coming your way.

Some of our services have a grand 25% off going on. Don’t let this chance slide away. Click on the links below to catch them directly from here.

If you are buying the service by reaching, then use the Discount Code - DISCSER25 and avail your discounts. 

We will keep on sharing information with you on our new updated stuff. Stay tuned to AstroSage for more such interesting stuff, informations & FREEwares. Utilize the best of our services and stay blessed!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Free AstroSage in Hindi Now & More

हिन्दी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें

AstroSage has had a successful run with its many popular features. We, at AstroSage, thank you for making us the #1 Astrology Portal in India. In return for all this love and respect, we strive hard to offer the best services to you. In series of our endeavor, we have come up with something really exclusive for all our Hindi users. AstroSage is now available in Hindi!

Click here to View Astrosage in Hindi -

Indeed, it is awesome for all those who are more comfortable with Hindi. Especially, when it comes to reading the PDF of Kundali (Birth Chart) Predictions, it sometimes gets difficult to understand for those who are not comfortable in English. So, a special treat for Hindi speaking users - The PDF is also now available in Hindi!

Print 32+ pages Kundli in Hindi as well

Now, let’s jump to another good news. As AstroSage is more about freewares, here is another update for you. The AstroSage Kundali is now available in more detail. Now, the PDF is at least 32 pages long both in English as well as Hindi. So, the next time you will make your Kundali or Birth Chart, it will be more detailed!

Apart from this, you also get an option to choose the topics that you want. If you don’t want the print of entire detailed report, you can now select the areas of your interest. Just mark the checkboxes of the topics you want and click Print button.

Click here to get started with your Kundli Making - AstroSage Kundli

Blogs Of AstroSage

Ever since the first blog got published, the feedback and interest people showed is incredible. The topics that are chosen have been gaining popularity for its content and standard of writing. The best part is - you get these blogs in English as well as Hindi.

Many of AstroSage’s mobile applications have this facility of Blog notifications. You can start off by downloading our most popular Android application AstroSage Kundli. With this, you will automatically start getting Blog notifications on your mobile phone.

Click here to download the Android App - Astrosage Kundli

Now, let’s move onto other important things for the week. Like always, we have the horoscope predictions ready for you. Just click here to reach them -

Coming to the important events of the week. Lets see what this week has in store for everyone.

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”Oscar Wilde

Education has always been the most important aspect of one’s life. Astrology is very much used when it comes on Education & Career. Keeping this significant part of your life in mind; we would like to introduce our service on education.

Education and career are two inter-related subjects. So, you may like to try our service on career and job.

So, this is enough for the week. Hope you have a wonderful time ahead. Stay tuned to AstroSage for more informative stuff.