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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Delhi: Astrology Predicts the Captain of the Capital

Looks like Delhi Elections fever will not go down. Uncertainty looms over our capital. Two Parties emerge victorious, but none with a majority to take over the seat. What is awaiting Delhi, will it be BJP, AAP or the President's rule. Read on… 


New Delhi has witnessed a historical event this year. the people of New Delhi have participated in the elections with great numbers, so much that the election commission had to extend the voting time till 9:30 pm in place of regular 5 pm. This has never happened before as far as I know, but I may be wrong. I am not much into history of voting patterns of New Delhi. More surprising is the result which the people of this city gave, as of now there are two parties who have good number of seats but none can form a sustainable government. In fact, both the parties are now blaming each other and are not willing to take support of each other. 

AAP contested on the premises that all others are corrupt and BJP contested on various other issues including corruption. All have eyes on 2014 Lok Sabha elections and no one wants to spoil the image of their party in the minds of the voter. Thus, Delhi is functioning without a government after huge number of voters casted their vote. This is an irony in itself that the capital of India does not have a majority government even after a very high voter turnout. Congress, the ruling party was completely rooted out by the people in four states and blame game has started in the party itself against each other. All parties try to do good for the people and all parties cannot be non-corrupt because the people make parties and one can never watch over all their functional members all the time. Ultimately, the party gets the beating and not the persons. It goes good with Congress, BJP or any other party. 

I am a non-political person with a view towards a prosperous and corruption free morally sound nation. The options left now are, which I have been hearing on the television:

  1. BJP makes a government but they do not have the numbers to prove majority. 
  2. AAP makes a government with Congress support but they are not willing to do so. 
  3. The eight MLA’s of Congress leave Congress and come with AAP or BJP for majority.
  4. There will be President's rule.
  5. There will be reelection and people will vote again.

I am not aware of any other option if there are any. So, I am casting a horary chart to choose the probable option which might happen now:

Date: 12.13.13
Time: 5:08 am
Place: 77E24 23N16

Ascendant Lord: Mars - 9
Moon Star Lord: Mercury - 9
Moon Sign Lord: Jupiter - 21
Day Lord: Jupiter - 21

The result coming is 9 which one applied we get 4 as the answer to our query.

Result: Option no 4 – There will be President’s Rule

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Delhi Assembly Elections 2013 - Who Wins The Capital?

Delhi is once again in the limelight, it’s the fight for power talking. Who will win the power capital? Will it be the long standing ‘Congress’; the come back party ‘BJP’ or the newbie ‘AAP’? Let’s know with the help of Astrology. 

Harsh Vardhan, Sheila, Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi the fort for Congress government in the past fifteen years (three terms) is going to conduct historical assembly elections in December, 2013. All eyes are on the capability of new born child Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). There are three main contestants for the throne of Delhi which attracted the attention of the nation. Congress, BJP and AAP are toiling hard to hoist their flag. In this scenario as an enthusiast follower of KP, I would like to present my prediction about the possibility of AAP to come to the rule in Delhi. The following is the horoscope for horary number 144 in favor of AAP:

Rule: The strength of 6th sub-lord is important. It should signify 1, 2, 6, 10 and 11 houses for the victory over opponents. The sub lord of 11th house confirms the above indications. 

In this horoscope, 6th sub-lord is Venus. She is in 2nd house in own star and Mars sub and he is in 10th house in Venus star. Therefore, Venus is connected with second house at sub level. Therefore, she is favorable for the victory over opponents (Congress & BJP). Hence, there is very likely chance for gains in the polls.

The sub-lord of 11th house is Jupiter. He is in 8th house in own star and Ketu sub. Ketu is in 6th house in own star representing Mars in 10th house. Therefore Jupiter is strongly connected with 6-10 houses at sub level which promises power and authority. 

Here, the sub lord of 7th house is Mars. He is in Leo in Venus star and Mercury sub. Venus denotes lady (Sheila Dixit) who is very weak with respect to 7th house. Further Mercury is lord of the 11th house with no planets in his stars. Thus one of the opponents may become an ally (11th house) with AAP. Of course this is an observation which needs more research. 

If we analyze the DBA at the time of election and declaration of the result we come to know that Moon-Moon-Jupiter period will rule between 15-11-2013 and 24-12-2013. As per the schedule polling will be on 4th December and counting on 7th December 2013. 

Moon is lord of the 10th house and occupant of 7th house in own star and sub. This shows that Sheela is a hard nut to crack for AAP. Moon was aspected by Sun, the star lord for 11th house. The significations for 7-10 houses are further depended upon the sub-sub lord Jupiter. As discussed earlier Jupiter is the sub lord for 11th house and connected with 6-10 houses at sub level. Hence Jupiter favors AAP to a great extent. 

If we look at transit, Sun is in Mercury star and Venus sub, Moon in Saturn sign Moon star! Saturn is in Mercury sub and Venus in Rahu sub. Jupiter is also in Mercury sub who is lord of 11th house. It seems to me that AAP will win this vote battle with a decent majority and stars are in favor for their ruling in Delhi.

It is my duty to disclose that the above prediction is purely out of academic interest and nothing to do with any impression on any political party. It is for the followers and lovers of Astrology. Good Luck All! 

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Arvind Kejriwal Vs Sheila Dikshit: Who Will Win?

Arvind Kejriwal has become Sheila Dikshit’s nightmare. AstroSage’s expert Astrologer Acharya Raman predicts the winner. Indeed it is fascinating to see a newbie giving tough time to the grounded ruler. Let’s see what Astrology says...

Sheila Dikshit Vs Arvind KejriwalThe most talked about election is about to happen few days later between Arvind Kejriwal with his anti-corruption brigade and long-term CM of Delhi Sheila Dikshit. Media is daily serving endless news about both and daily news channels are opening differently. As astrology is a good indicator about winner or losers, I am trying to find out who will make it through. This is only for academic purposes and should not be taken for any other purposes. The educated and smart voters of Delhi will decide about their fate and we have to watch till 8th December, 2013. 

But, let us go through the KP Horary chart which has come up in front of me and see what it says:

Date: 29-11-2013
Time: 7:57:36
Place: 77E24,23N16
KP Horary Number: 90 

Rule of KP for winning in a competition: If the 6th cuspal sub-lord is a significator of 6,10,11, the person will win. On the contrary, if it is a significator of 4,5,12, the opponent will win. If it is a significator of both the groups, then we have to see Dasha and Bhukti. Since Sheila Dixit is the ruling person and Arvind Kejriwal is giving competition, we will take Sheila Dikshit as the ascendant and Arvind Kejriwal as the 7th house. 6th cuspal sub-lord of this chart is Venus. 

Venus is in the own star and in 5th house, which is 11th to 7th house. Venus is in sub of Ketu, which is in 9th house. Ketu is in own star. Here itself, the ascendant is losing and opposition is winning, but we will take one more criteria i.e. the ascendant sub-lord.

The ascendant sub-lord is Jupiter, which is retrograde. So, we do not have to see further. Moon at the time of query is in star of Moon itself, which owns 12th house and in sub of Venus in 5th house. Thus, this threefold approach leads to declare that opposition will win with very marginal votes. Here, the opposition is Arvind Kejriwal. Best of luck to both the contestants!

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