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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Arvind Kejriwal Vs Sheila Dikshit: Who Will Win?

Arvind Kejriwal has become Sheila Dikshit’s nightmare. AstroSage’s expert Astrologer Acharya Raman predicts the winner. Indeed it is fascinating to see a newbie giving tough time to the grounded ruler. Let’s see what Astrology says...

Sheila Dikshit Vs Arvind KejriwalThe most talked about election is about to happen few days later between Arvind Kejriwal with his anti-corruption brigade and long-term CM of Delhi Sheila Dikshit. Media is daily serving endless news about both and daily news channels are opening differently. As astrology is a good indicator about winner or losers, I am trying to find out who will make it through. This is only for academic purposes and should not be taken for any other purposes. The educated and smart voters of Delhi will decide about their fate and we have to watch till 8th December, 2013. 

But, let us go through the KP Horary chart which has come up in front of me and see what it says:

Date: 29-11-2013
Time: 7:57:36
Place: 77E24,23N16
KP Horary Number: 90 

Rule of KP for winning in a competition: If the 6th cuspal sub-lord is a significator of 6,10,11, the person will win. On the contrary, if it is a significator of 4,5,12, the opponent will win. If it is a significator of both the groups, then we have to see Dasha and Bhukti. Since Sheila Dixit is the ruling person and Arvind Kejriwal is giving competition, we will take Sheila Dikshit as the ascendant and Arvind Kejriwal as the 7th house. 6th cuspal sub-lord of this chart is Venus. 

Venus is in the own star and in 5th house, which is 11th to 7th house. Venus is in sub of Ketu, which is in 9th house. Ketu is in own star. Here itself, the ascendant is losing and opposition is winning, but we will take one more criteria i.e. the ascendant sub-lord.

The ascendant sub-lord is Jupiter, which is retrograde. So, we do not have to see further. Moon at the time of query is in star of Moon itself, which owns 12th house and in sub of Venus in 5th house. Thus, this threefold approach leads to declare that opposition will win with very marginal votes. Here, the opposition is Arvind Kejriwal. Best of luck to both the contestants!

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