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Venus Transit in Leo Will Bring Opportunities For These Natives!

Venus transit in Leo will conjunct with Mars! Know the effects of Venus transiting in Leo on your zodiac sign and find out the opportunities and challenges coming in the way.

Venus is considered to be the brightest planet in the universe and mainly signifies all resources, happiness and luxuries. It mainly represents love relations, materialistic comforts and intimate relations. As Jupiter is known as the Dev Guru or Guru of Gods, Venus is given the status of the Daitya Guru or Guru of Demons. As per Vedic Astrology, Venus is considered as an auspicious planet and its favourable placement in a kundli makes a person enriched with all the luxuries and pleasures as well as knowledge.

Effects of Venus in a Kundli

In Vedic Astrology, Venus represents femininity, and is the epitome of beauty and attractiveness. If Venus is strongly posited in one’s kundli, s/he remains prosperous and doesn’t miss out on luxuries and comforts. Venus is the significator of marriage, woman, enjoyment, luxury, decoration, artistic work, acting, literature etc. On the other hand, if the planet Venus is weak or inauspicious in one’s kundli, one lacks wealth, love and material comforts.

A native under the influence of Venus prefers eating good food and trying out new cuisines and focuses more on maintaining an attractive personality. Such natives love dressing up, wearing good clothes, eating favourite foods, going out, watching movies and much more. Such a person seems readily inclined towards gadgets such as mobiles, tabs, laptops, and vehicles, watches and glasses. Use rose and white colour often in case you wish to strengthen the position of Venus in your kundli. 

In case you are undergoing adverse situations, you can follow Venus remedies and chant Venus Mantra to get rid of its malefic effects. A weak Venus can result in the native suffering from venereal diseases and his/her marital life remains under the weather.

Apart from being an auspicious planet, Venus is friendly with the planets Mercury & Saturn but considers Sun & Moon to be his enemies. It remains posited in a sign for about 23 days and is known as the Morning Star. This planet is transiting on Friday, 16 August 2019, around 20:23 at night in Leo, which is governed by Sun and will move into Virgo on Tuesday, 10 September 2019, around 01:24 after midnight.

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With this article, you will know the impact of Venus transit in Leo, but before that, lets know the effects of this event on the nation.

Impact of Venus Transit on The Commoners

On 16 August, Venus is transiting in Leo, where Mars is already posited. As a result, Venus will conjunct with Mars in Leo, which is ruled by its inimical sign Sun. Sun and Mars are masculine in nature and represents fire element. Hereby, this transit will impact the love life of natives. Intimacy between two people will increase, but some may face problems due to it.

Impact of Venus Transit on The Nation

Venus is transiting in Leo, which is posited in the second house from the independent India’s sign Cancer. As a result, this planetary event remains favourable from country’s financial point of view and may garner fruitful results. However, the atrocities against women in the country may increase, for which the governance will need to improve the system.

Impact of Venus Transit on The Market

With the transit of Venus in the zodiac sign Leo, natives associated with the field of Glamour and Media may have to face the ups and downs. Also, the prices of chemicals, cosmetics, decorative items, etc. are likely to rise. Talking about the share market, the prices of shares related to cotton, silver, makeup accessories, cosmetics, textiles, diamond, sugar, silk, arhar pulse, silk, decorative items, textile stocks, gold and medicines etc. may fluctuate.

Read the astrological impact of this transit below:

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Venus will move into your second house during this transit. This house reveals about a person’s family, speech, primary education and money etc. During the time, you’ll attain monetary gains and accumulate a good amount for your future. There are chances of an increase in your…..Read More


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