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Mars Transit in Leo, Know Its Auspicious Effects

Mars transit in Leo will transform your life! Read its impact on all the zodiac sign and find out how auspicious this planetary event will prove to be.

Mars planet is known to be the “Commander-In-Chief” of the Navagrahas in Vedic Astrology, and signifies courage and fearlessness. It is the major source of energy in a native’s life, and helps to accomplish any task effectively. If Mars is posited strongly in your kundli, you get shielded from the malefic effects of Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. This planet is also known as the “Son of the Earth” or “Dharti Putra”, which is why its placement and strength is analysed when purchasing any property or supervising a real estate business.

Know If You Have Manglik Dosha In Your Kundli: Mangal Dosha Calculator

Planet Mars in Vedic Astrology

Mars is considered a cruel planet in Vedic Astrology, as it represents the Fire element. This planet plays an important in maintaining the free flow of life for living creatures. It is generally believed that Mars is an inauspicious planet, but the case seems completely different. It is the significator of physical energy, ego, bravery, courage and self-confidence. Unfavourable Mars makes a native stubborn, egoistic and prone to accidents, surgeries and injuries. You can also suffer from blood-related diseases such as high blood pressure etc. To pacify the malefic effects of Mars, carry out Mars remedies or wear Coral gemstone. You can also adorn Teen Mukhi Rudraksha and Anantmool root to strengthen the planet. 

Establish Mangal Yantra to Strengthen the Position of Mars

If Mars is placed in the third, sixth, tenth and eleventh house of a native’s kundli, then that native reach the heights of success and lead the way. On the contrary, its placement in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house gives rise to Mangal Dosha, which can affect a native;s marital life as well as spouse. If Mars is in a combust as well as weak state in a kundli, the native acts cowardly. Support your brothers if you wish to strengthen Mars in your birth chart and be for them at every step of the way. Also, you can chant Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday.

Time of Transit

Mars, the powerhouse of energy, is changing its placement and transiting from its debilitated sign Cancer to friendly sign Leo today, i.e. on 9 August 2018, Friday at 04:32 in the morning. It will remain posited in this sign until 25 September 2019, Wednesday at 05:56 morning. Despite transiting in Leo, it will majorly impact all the remaining signs.

Let’s read the effect of Mars transit on the country:

Effect on Indian Politics

Mars will transit in the Leo sign, which is posited in the second house of India’s sign, Cancer. In this case, it will mark an impact on Indian politics and some contradictory things can be said by the politicians, which may negatively affect the mutual harmony. Also, some new issues can crop up too, for which we have to remain prepared.

Effect on the Country

This transit of Mars in Leo will favourably affect the financial conditions of India. Adding to it, there are chances of strict actions taken by the government, which will further strengthen the economic condition of the country. After sometime, un and Venus both will transit in Leo, which will enable the government to stand against anti-national forces, and several surprising elements will too come in the way.

Effect on the Share Market

Mars transit in its friendly sign Leo shows a hike in the prices of several objects governed by Mars itself. Therefore, the prices of Machinery, Jaggery, Turmeric, Raisins, Gold, Iron, Copper and other precious metals, Electricity and Wheat are expected to rise in this duration.

Let’s move on and read the effect of Mars Transit in Leo on all 12 zodiac signs:

This horoscope is based on Moon Signs. Discover yours here: Moon Sign Calculator


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