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Sun Transit in Leo, These Zodiac Signs Get Lucky!

Sun transit in Leo brings major life-changing alterations! Read how the transit of the King of Planets, Sun, will impact your life.

The Soul of the Universe Sun is also known as the King of the Navagrahas. Its light provides life to all the living creatures and nurtures them to become strong and healthy. Therefore, Lord Sun is also hailed as Surya Narayan, because Lord Narayan is only known as the Nurturer of the world. The Sun is also the source of light for the Moon, as the Moon’s surface reflects light from it. In Vedic Astrology, the Sun signifies father, government and health. Hence, its benefic placement in one’s kundli leads to higher designation, good health and government job. Ruby or Manikya gemstone can be worn to strengthen its placement in a kundli

Attain Benefic Effects of Sun by Wearing Bel Mool

Planet Sun in a Kundli

The Sun is considered to be the “soul” of the Universe, as it is the primary source of light as well as life. Therefore, whenever the kundli of a native is examined, the placement and strength of the Sun are foremost analysed. This planet governs the East direction and rules over the zodiac sign Leo as per Vedic Astrology, which is the fifth sign in Kaal Purush Kundali.

Sun is considered to be fully exalted at 10 degrees in Aries and fully debilitated at 10 degrees in Libra. The occurrence of seasons is based on the movement of the Sun itself. Any planet coming closer to the Sun becomes combust at a certain degree, i.e. its influence becomes subjected to the Sun.

As this planet signifies royalty, fame and repute in a person’s life, therefore its placement is foremost evaluated in a kundli. The level of respect and confidence earned by a native can be analyzed by the position of Sun in his/her kundli. Also, its relation with other planets also impact the lives of natives.

If Sun seems weak or debilitated in one’s kundli, then Surya Yantra can be installed to strengthen or pacify it. As Sunday is ruled by the Sun, then this yantra must be worshipped according to the rituals early in the morning before 8 AM on the same day and placed in the house’s altar facing East. It must be regularly worshipped to attain desired results.

If Sun is placed favourably in a native’s kundli, then not only they share a happy relationship with their father, but their father too attains great fame and success in life. Also, you remain healthy and achieve a higher position in your workplace.

Pacify The Sun In Your Birth Chart – Sun Remedies: Surya Puja & Mantra

Time of Transit

Sun, which emits light to the world, has entered in its own zodiac sign Leo from Cancer on Saturday, 17 August 2019 around 12:47 afternoon and will remain posited here till Tuesday, 17 September 2019, around 12:43 afternoon. As this planet is posited in its own sign, its favourable impact will be seen on all other signs. However, Sun posited beneficially in a sign garners positive results and vice versa. Let’s read its effects and know what is up or you in the near future.

Chances of Job Promotion

On 17 August, Sun will enter Leo from Cancer zodiac sign and conjunct with Mars and Venus already present there. Sun and Venus are inimical in nature, whereas Venus and Mars are friendly. As a result, the conjunction of Sun-Mars will lead to fruitful results in the workplace and there are chances of job promotion. However the presence of Venus suggests that you should treat women well and remain away from any kind of gossip within the office. Those preparing for competitive exams for government job may attain success in their endeavours.

Rise in Women-Related Incidents in the Country

Sun and Mars come under the fire element, whereas planet Venus is feminine in nature and signifies beauty, femininity and luxury. Therefore, with Sun transiting in Leo, there can be a rise in the incidents taking place against women.

Sun Transit in Leo will Increase National Issues

Both Sun & Mars represents the Fire element. Amongst all planets, the Sun is said to be the King and Mars as the “Commander-in-Chief”. As a result, our country will remain successful in defeating its opponents during this period and take drastic measures against intruders and terrorists. However, an increase in fire-related incidents and accidents is likely to happen.

Read the astrological impact of this transit below:

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