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Chandra Grahan Today, Read Horoscope Predictions

Rare Eclipse after 104 years, 3 Zodiac signs will get lucky! Chandra Grahan, or Lunar Eclipse, will occur today during midnight. Read here to know its timings, Sutak Kaal and predictions for 12 Zodiac signs.

Second Lunar Eclipse of Year 2018 is occuring today, i.e on Friday, during midnight (27-28 July). The unique thing about this celestial event is that it will be the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century, as it is occurring after 104 years. It will be a total Lunar Eclipse, which will be visible in Europe, Australia, Africa, South America, Pacific/Atlantic/Indian Ocean and throughout Asia including India.
Festival of Guru Purnima is also being celebrated today. Due to Sutak Kaal (inauspicious period) of Chandra Grahan, it is advised to perform all religious rituals and Pooja of Guru Purnima before 12:27 PM in the afternoon. The reason being that it is considered taboo to worship idols or touch them after Sutak period of an Eclipse takes place.

Chandra Grahan - July 27 - July 28, 2018
23:56:26 to 03:48:59 (as per IST)Total Lunar EclipseIndia and throughout Asia, Australia, South America and European Countries

Note: Sutal Kaal of this Lunar eclipse will start from 12:27 PM at noon on July 27, 2018 and will end with the conclusion of the Eclipse.

Astrological Effects of Chandra Grahan

This Eclipse of Moon will have a profound influence on human life around the world. As this eclipse is occurring in the month of Ashadh, therefore, as a result, water level of rivers and ponds will reduce. Drought and Famine may also take place in some of the areas. Regions such as Kandahar in Afghanistan, Kashmir in India, and other territories and countries including China may see major political changes. Life and monetary loss due to natural disasters may also occur.

Beginning in the end phase of Uttarashada Nakshatra, this Chandra Grahan will conclude during Shravana Nakshatra. Since, the Sign or Nakshatra in which an eclipse occurs, it highly influences the life of its natives. So, to avoid its malefic effects, hawan, charity, donation and chanting of mantras are performed in Hindu religion. This time it will occur in Capricorn sign and therefore, the natives of this sign may face some kind of pain or problem. It will be beneficial for the natives of this sign to chant mantra as well as perform charity related to Moon - Rahu and Capricorn’s ruling Planet, Saturn during Lunar Eclipse.

Chandra Grahan on Friday: With its occurence on Friday, the prices of silver and pearls will rise. At the same time, white clothes, sugar, ghee, gram (Chana), and cotton prices will also increase.

Grahan Nakshatra Phal: As the eclipse is taking place in Uttarashada and Shravana Nakshatra, therefore it may cause problems to Brahmins, devotees of Gods and people who do Wrestling (Kushti).

Grahan Yoga Phal: With this eclipse occuring in “Priti Yoga”, disputes among friends and relatives, lack of coordination in Cabinet, etc, might occur.

Horoscope Predictions for Chandra Grahan

  • Aries: Family happiness may dampen and problems may arise. Work hard to achieve success. You may feel insecure about something. You may also feel some physical discomfort.
  • Taurus: You may feel more concerned about something. Your children may have to face some problems as well. Obstacles in love relationships are likely. Avoid meaningless disputes.
  • Gemini: Beware of your adversaries as they might create problems for you. Financial situation will remain as usual. Monetary gains are predicted, but expenses may also increase.
  • Cancer: You may face some challenges in your married life. Difference of opinion may occur with your spouse about something. Discord with business partner may also occur.
  • Leo: Monetary loss as well as physical discomfort are predicted. You may feel tired due to unnecessary journey.
  • Virgo: Expenses will be more than income. Delay in work will increase your restlessness. You will have to work extra hard for attaining success.
  • Libra: You will become proficient in your work and would gain some kind of benefits as well. Your prestige will grow at work and so would your authority. Success is also presaged in this period.
  • Scorpio: You will progress in your job or business domain. Monetary gains will lead to financial stability. You will spend a great time with your family and friends. Business expansion is also likely.
  • Sagittarius: Money loss is presaged. You may have to stay away from your home due to travelling. Pay attention to your health as overthinking or over-concern may lead to mental stress.
  • Capricorn: Drive carefully or you may get hurt. Some health issue may cause you physical pain. Avoid unnecessary stress and instead of overthinking, busy yourself with work.
  • Aquarius: Money loss is predicted. Unnecessary stress will increase mental tension, therefore avoid overthinking. There may occur differences of thoughts with family members.
  • Pisces: Small trips are likely. These are good times for your siblings. You will gain various types of materialistic comforts. Your courage and determination will also increase.

Chandra Grahan Sutak Kaal

Since this Lunar Eclipse will be visible in India, therefore its Sutak (inauspicious period) and religious significance will be considered here. The Sutak Kaal will begin from 12:27 PM in the afternoon today (July 27) and end at 03:48 AM at night (July 28) with the completion of the Lunar Eclipse. 

Today is also the auspicious festival of Guru Purnima. Students and devotees must perform all the rituals or Puja related to Guru Purnima before 12:27 PM (Sutak Kaal of Chandra Grahan). Furthermore -
  • Worshipping idols or touching them, eating and drinking is prohibited and considered inauspicious during Sutak period.
  • It is highly beneficial to chant mantra during Sutak and Chandra Grahan period.
  • Performing Havan after eclipse using Ghee and Kheer (Rice pudding) is beneficial and it also prevents long-term diseases. If Moon is debilitated in your Kundali, then chant “ॐ Chandraya Namah”.
  • These traditional rules of Sutak period are not applicable on helpless and sick people, elders, children and pregnant women.
  • Do not eat food. Only if it is necessary, then take milk, fruit, juice or Sattvic meal. Also avoid preparing food in this period. 

Do’s and Don’ts during Chandra Grahan

It is believed that negative energies, which influence humans negatively, become stronger during an eclipse. This is the reason why, according to religious beliefs, it is important to follow certain do’s and don’ts, so as to avoid the evil effects of Lunar Eclipse.
  • Put some Basil leaves in cooked meal, and in milk and curd before eclipse begins. This negates the effect of Grahan on edible materials.
  • Eat your food before Eclipse and do not eat anything during Eclipse.
  • Do not perform Puja or touch idols of deities, Tulsi and Shami plant.
  • Pregnant women should avoid activities related to cutting, sewing and peeling.
  • Avoid using a knife, scissor or needle.
  • Chant Chandra Mantra and ruminate the name of God in this period.

Things to Do after Chandra Grahan

  • Take a bath after Eclipse and bathe the idols of the Gods.
  • Sprinkle Gangajal over Tulsi and Shami plant.
  • Donate things to the poor and Brahmins after Grahan.

Chandra Grahan affects the natives of every Zodiac sign, but its influence remains for 108 days on pregnant women and their unborn babies. Therefore, they need to be more careful and take necessary precautions during this period. It is believed that if a pregnant woman watches an eclipse, it may mark a negative influence on her unborn child and affect them physically or mentally. However, modern science does not validate it.

AstroSage wishes you a bright future and hopes that above information will be quite useful to you.

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