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Weekly horoscope – 23-29 October 2017

How lucky will your life be this week? Here is this week’s predictions for you as per your zodiac signs. Read and learn what factors might prove to be favorable in your case, and what are the areas you must look out for.

Predictions are based on your moon sign. Calculate yours: Moon Sign Calculator


Take a good care of your health. You might face difficulties within your workplace and struggle with the target, but with sheer determination and hard work, you’ll be able to overcome all your challenges. You won’t be able to give enough time to your family due to work commitments, leading to conflicts and disagreements in the family. There can be arguments between business partners. Siblings will purely support you in every case. There might be differences with the children. Students will work hard with full concentration to gain success.

Love Predictions: This week will bring by mixed results and situations. Starting will be slow, moving to a good midweek and ending to a normal weekend. People in long-term relationships will try to take the next step towards marriage. Married couples might end up having verbal clashes, but proper communication is the ultimate key to resolve differences.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Donating Black Urad pulse will be beneficial for you. 


Your efforts will be acknowledged and you’ll be hopeful for the rewards and success flowing along with it. You might end up going on a long journey. Family life will be good, but there are chances of disputes arising regarding the property. You might end up winning a lottery. Your financial status will be good and you’ll be able to pay off your previous debts. Your kids will be happy, and students will perform well.

Love Predictions: This week, you’ll be high on love and romance. Beginning and middle of the week will be good, ending on an average weekend. You’ll spend quality time with your love. Married people might encounter some issues. Give enough time to your life partner. Your spouse might come across some gains, and go on a journey overseas.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Donate Jaggery and Black Gram or Gud-Chana on Tuesday. 


Beginning of the week will be slightly slower. There will be a significant increase in your expenses. Midweek will be good, followed by a spiritually-soaked weekend. At this point, you may feel lonely. On the other hand, you might buy or invest in a property. You will continue to dominate your opponents. Siblings will support and cooperate with you. Children might become a little stubborn during this time. Students will enjoy studying and improving their skills. You can expect benefits from government. There are chances of some profitable gains during this time.

Love Predictions: This week will be suitable for love matters. Starting will be slow, followed by a good midweek and ending on a better note. You will strengthen your bond of love with your partner/life partner. Your spouse can stumble across some major advantages.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Worship the Holy Cow.


Family life will be blissful. Do not get involved in any kind of argument and brawl. People associated with marketing and media will be benefited. Your kids will improve tremendously, and siblings will contribute to your success and gains. Students will focus on their studies and work towards achieving the targets. Personal life will be affected due to certain situations but everything will be slowly back to normal. Your career can improve during this period. Unemployed people might come across great job opportunities. You can go on short trips.

Love Predictions: The week’s beginning will be generic, midweek good and weekend normal. You may get involved in a new relationship filled with passion and excitement. Stay calm in regard with love matters. If already in a relationship, try getting your partner a bit more and take out plenty of time to spend with each other. There are chances of conflicts arising in married life, hence think through before arguing.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and offer him White flowers while worshipping. 


You may have to face some difficulties in your family life. There will be a lot of pressure on you within the workplace. Those who have government jobs might gain some profits. There will be an increase in your financial balance. You will help your siblings. Children will have a great time while students will deliver good results in their studies.

Love Predictions: There could be a beginning of a new relationship, but avoid putting in too much efforts or trust all of a sudden. Observe and take your time. If already in a relationship, do not hurry and share everything with your partner. Plan to go somewhere on a trip. People who are married will have a normal week, although spouse’s health won’t be that good.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu and offer water to Sun Lord.


You will be full of energy this week and devoted towards every task. As a result, you will make progress within your workplace and financially benefited. Avoid arrogance in your behaviour and being an egoistic person. Do not let creative ideas overshadow your work. You might make a short trip. Your children might face some problems and students won’t be able to perform as well as they are capable of. In this case, be polite and gentle while making them understand. 

Love Predictions: It will be an average week for love matters. You can feel a sense of detachment and irritation in your relationship, which can weaken your bond. Do not let it overpower you and stay faithful towards your partner. If married, this week will help you enlighten up your romance. Small tiffs are possible.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Donate red-colored clothes.


With an increase in revenues, there will be an equivalent rise in expenses. You will spend a good fortune on yourself as well as on your relatives with an open heart. There might be certain disputes in family life, one active reason being your over-burdened work schedule, busy lifestyle and your inability to give time to your family. Students will be diligent in their studies, although they might lack focus at some points. Children may encounter health problems. You may have sleep troubles or eye infection.

Love Predictions: This week will provide mixed results in case of love. You might go far away from your lover due to certain reasons, but constant communication is the key to maintain the love and closeness. Those married might indulge in a big fight with their spouse. Also, there can be a health decline in your partner’s health, so take good care and be lovable and calm.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Worship the Holy Cow and feed her balls made out of wheat dough.


You will be mentally and emotionally satisfied as well as at peace. There is a possibility that your expenses might increase, so keep a tab on your cash flow. Your confidence level will improve and remain strong. Your siblings may have to face some difficulties. You can go on a long journey. Father's health may remain weak. You might feel lonely at times. You’ll receive a great support from superiors in the workspace. Your child can act stubborn, whereas students might face difficulty studying.

Love Predictions: In case of love matters, it will be very good week. You will find ample opportunities to romance with partner and make beautiful memories. You can possibly go for a walk, have a nice dinner or lunch with your partner. If married, you will spend quality time with your partner.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Offer water to Sun Lord.

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You might go on a long-distance travel. Along with rising expenditure, your income will improve. There is a possibility of financial profit. Your way of speaking might go down. There can be arguments within the family. House rents coming from ancestral property will work as an asset. You can also purchase a new property. Your mother’s health might get down during this time. Your siblings might go abroad. Children will understand their responsibilities and students will work really hard. You will get support from senior officers within the workplace.

Love Predictions: This week will be good for love. Beginning of the week and the middle seems very nice ending with a great weekend. The intensity and affinity of love between you and your lover will increase. There are chances of a love marriage, so any couple aiming to take their relationship to next level can grab the opportunity. Also, you’ll be able to persuade family members for love marriage. Marital life will be balanced. Benefit via spouse is also possible.

Fortune Star: 4/5

Remedy: Apply a Kesar Tilak on your forehead and offer water to Peepal tree.


You will be financially benefited. You might feel stressed and frustrated due to certain thoughts. You’ll make progress within the workplace, although there can be certain conflicts with seniors in the office. Avoid such cases. People working in government sectors might be benefited. You’ll be capable of delivering your projects on time. People might doubt your capabilities and skills within the workplace, so make sure to tackle it professionally. Your mother will be healthy, but there can be a slight decline in father’s health.

Love Predictions: Try to maintain a balance between relationships, are this week is filled with lots of challenges. Stay decent and in your limits while approaching any situation. Do not try to do anything which can hamper your partner’s reputation as well as your image. If married, do not let doubts seep into your bond. You can go to parties and trips with the partner.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Offer milk to Lord Shiva.


You’ll be highly devoted towards your work, but extreme efforts will surely tire you off. Due to this, you might have to compromise on your health. Take good care of your health during working hours. You can contract eye-related diseases, so avoid rubbing eyes with dirty hands. You will be religiously inclined and do charity. You can go on a pilgrimage and long journeys. Look after your father’s health, as there might be a slight decline. There are chances of you getting financially benefited.

Love Predictions: It will be a nice week for couples in love. You’ll be able to give proper time to your lover, although stay in your limits and be decent. You might plan to go on a casual trip. Married couples will spend a good time with each other. You might get good news from your in-laws.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Worship Lord Shani with a pure heart and offer Mustard oil.


You might suffer from mental stress and stay tensed most of the times. There are chances of you travelling on a long journey. You might feel doubtful regarding any case and situation. You’ll be focussed on completing your task. Your siblings will support you at every step. Your business will surely flourish. There will be ups and downs in your workplace. You might suffer from physical pain, so take good care of your health. Your interests will rise in favour of spirituality. 

Love Predictions: It will be a mixed week for people in love. This week, you might end up going on a long, refreshing journey with your partner. Those married will see an improvement in their love life. You’ll spend a good time with your partner and make enchanted memories filled with small knicks-knacks.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Chant Brihaspati Mantra.

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