Thursday, October 26, 2017

Saturn transit in Sagittarius, Know its effects!

Saturn’s movement will bring big changes. Saturn is transiting in Sagittarius zodiac sign on 26th October 2017. Know how will it affect your profession, health, finance, etc.


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Saturn is a friendly planet but people consider it as a malefic one. It is the disciplinarian planet and holds a vital role in people’s life. Hence, its transit will affect all 12 zodiac and bring some major changes in their lives. Let’s know them here.


You’ll face difficulties and tensions at work, which might distress you. Take control of the situation and mould it your way...Read More


You need to keep a check on your words and the tone you use while speaking them...Read More


You’ll achieve fame and glory this year with your continuous efforts at work, howbeit there will be some troubles in your marital life...Read More


Arguments might arise between you and your partner; if not taken care of they might escalate into something big...Read More

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People who are already in love will consider going for a love marriage this year, albeit there will be some hurdles...Read More


Chances are that you might consider changing your current residence and relocate somewhere new. You might get short tempered and lose your temper over someone...Read More


Your determination would increase, and you’ll be inclined towards achieving greater things in life. This period indicates suffering of younger siblings...Read More


Arguments and tiffs might breathe in your relations which if not taken proper care of might escalate into sour patches in the relationships...Read More

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This period won’t be easy for you, as it’ll give birth to mental unrest and anxiety. Any health issue that you previously treated as minor should not be avoided and be taken seriously...Read More


You’ll spend lavishly which might increase your losses or maybe manifold it for some.Going for an overseas trip or to a foreign land is highly likely to happen...Read More


Chances of getting many opportunities at work are at an all time high. The life that you dreamed of might turn into a reality this year. You will earn tremendously...Read More


Expenses might exceed your income. It’s advised that you keep tabs on your expenditure and think cautiously before spending on anything...Read More

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