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Weekly Horoscope, Navratri Day 7 - Worship Maa Kaalratri

Don’t let April fool you. Look into our Weekly predictions in advance and be on hand to ward off all the troubles before they even take shape!! Also, we’ve prepared a list of all the right things that you must do on Navratri Day 7 , to please the goddess of good deeds, Maa Kaalratri. Find that at the last of this article!

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You’ll feel re energised and high spirited this week. You’ll be aggressive and stubborn in your approach. This might become a problem for you in long run. Your expenses would increase; chances are that it might sky rocket. Some might get a chance to dip their feet in foreign waters. You’ll be quite understanding and chivalric in this duration. Journeys are possible. Students are advised to work hard to achieve their goals this week. 


This week would be great for you in love matters. Some minor bickerings are possible; take all of that in good humor. The beginning of the week would be on a bright note. You’ll be able to squeeze in some time to spend with your partner for entertainment. The mid of the week will be average, however the end would improve things and bring back the lost passion. 


REMEDY: Donate mustard oil on Saturdays.


The inflow of income would increase this week. Rise in social status is indicated. You would enjoy company of friends and people of opposite sex. Most of your time would be spent befriending new people. Romance is in the air for you; enjoy good time with lover in this duration. Some issues in marital life are probable. Avoid arguments at all costs. Take care of your health to avoid every possibility of long illness. Students would perform well. Children will be comfortable this week. 


This week would be average for your love could be the case that your vocation and work pressure could be hampering your love life. You are advised to stay away from commotion and chaos at the beginning of the week. Do not get hot under the collar. The mid of the week would be amazing for you. Do not escalate petty issues into wars! 


REMEDY: Meticulously dust a religious place and keep it clean.


This week some mental stress might keep you frustrated and agitated. You’ll receive the support of your spouse and will pave a way for your better future. Some benefits from government sector might ring in. You are advised to avoid aggression in love matters. Gains through disputes or legal cases is a probability. Harmony would prevail in domestic life. You might undertake a journey in this duration.


This week would be mellow for you in love related matters. However, if you are married your love life would be great. At the beginning of the week, you’ll go through an emotional turmoil. The end of the week would change the things and improve them for the better. You can plan a day out with your lover in this period.


REMEDY: Feed fodder to cows, daily.


Cough, chest congestion and Cold might stress you in this period. Your health would fluctuate this week. Mood swings are probable. Gain in authority or profile at work is highly likely. Some controversy at work might distress you. Long enjoyable journeys might take place. Your inclination towards virtuous pursuits would increase. This week would be average for love matters. Try to understand viewpoints of each other to enjoy your relationship. 


This week promises to give you good result. Your love will cease all your stress and agony. However, the beginning of the week won’t give you much time to be with your lover. But, as the week conspires, you’ll be able to meet them and celebrate your bond of togetherness. Some minor arguments are predicted by the end of the week. 


REMEDY: Worship lord Shiva.


This week your health might dwindle. You’ll might feel a bit under the weather. Luck would remain on your side. Some issues with the people of opposite sex might crop up. This week is good for love matters. You might think of going for a love marriage. Chances are that people might not understand you in this period. Some minor losses are possible. Students would perform well in this week. 


This week could give you mixed results. You are advised to keep your behaviour in check. Maintain cordial relations with everyone that you come across. You’ll be able to feel passion in your love. By the mid of the week, your senses would rule your emotions and brains. You’ll feel content with your lover and just talking to them. 


REMEDY: Feed street dogs regularly.


This week would give a boost to your intellect. Your aggression would also increase. Spouse would be lovable but might be egoistic during the week. Your focus would be on work, due to which you won’t be able to give time to household activities. Fever, and headache related health issues might crop up. Expenses would be more than income during the week. So, keep your pocket in consideration while shelling out.


The week would be average for you. At the beginning you’ll be able to balance both your work and your love life together. The mid of the week harbors sweet memories and moments for you. You’ll be able to fully enjoy your love life, but the weekend might give you a whiplash. You must keep your tongue under check in that period.


REMEDY: Consume jalebi or rasgulla, at least twice a week .


This week you would have high energy and would face every challenge head on. Ample of opportunities of lucrative gains would be available to you throughout the week. Your spouse would try to dominate you. You are advised to avoid arguments at all costs. Children might suffer health issues. Some troubles in love matters are probable. Try hard to maintain a balance in your relationships. Elevation in professional status. Expenses towards religious or virtuous pursuits. Students may lack in concentration.


This week would give you brilliant results in love affairs. However, there will be times when you won’t be able to focus on your lover due to too much work load. Although, if you’re in love with a colleague, the week would eb tremendously beautiful. You’ll have to maintain a balance between your love life and work to operate both, smoothly. 


REMEDY: Feed a chapati to a cow, daily.


This week your health might dwindle. You’ll be feeling little under the weather. Minor fever or headache may occur. Love matters will be on full swing. You would enjoy memorable time with partner. However, occasional tiffs due to ego may come in between. Children will be fine this week. Your social status would increase due to your philanthropic nature. Some natives might think about a job change.


This week would give you mixed results. Keep in mid to keep your modesty in check. If you do otherwise, chances are that you’ll have to face defamation. Those who’re in love with a colleague, might have to face discontentment. At the start of the week stay completely modest. The week would end on a brighter note. 


REMEDY: Offer water to Sun god daily before 8am.

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This week your main focus would be on your work. You’ll do hard and with smart and efficient work ethics. You’ll take all the wise decisions, which will help you in the long run. Support from spouse will uplift your spirits. Occasional issues in love life are probable, but make sure that they don’t dull your sparkle. Increase in wealth is highly possible. This week you might go for a pilgrimage or a long journey. Health would be fine however; you would like solidarity and would spend some time alone. 


This week promises to give you great results in love life. However, due to tension at work, you’ll be least interested in love matters. The start of the week looks great. Although, it’s important for you to stay modest throughout the week. You’ll get to enjoy great moments as the week ends. 


REMEDY: Meditate or pray regularly. 


This week you might over think matters. You’ll consider buying a new house or a vehicle. Some minor issues with spouse are probable. You’ll get authority at work. Some might plan a religious trip or a pilgrimage. There will be rise in virtuous pursuits. You’ll enjoy all entertainment options. Some benefits through siblings might ring in. Good period in love matters for you. Your tone might get a tad bit harsh in this period. 


This week will give you mixed results in love life. However for those in long distance relationships, the time promises to be extra special. The start of the week looks great. You’re advised to always keep it short and simple. The weekend might not be a good period for you, so try to be modest in your dealings. 


REMEDY: Chant Shani mantra daily.


The week would bring you great results. Your income would increase due to all the hard work that you’ve put in the past. Although, it’s indicated that your mental stress might increase too. Few wealth losses are predicted. Benefits from females and government sector are probable. You’ll be high spirited and determined in this duration. Children will be sensitive but their frustration might shwo this week. 


This week would be great for love affairs. However, you are to stay away from all things that might bring your image down or defame you.If your relationship is new, you are advised to make your first meeting fresh and memorable. Try to cherish all the time that you can with your partner. At the start of the week, your love would enhance for each other, but the end might be a little dull. 


REMEDY: Worship Maa Durga regularly.


The amalgamation of love, romance, and ego won’t let you enjoy your life in peace. You’ll be faced with dilemma on every step of your love. Your decision making would be affected due to this. Your answers will be curt and crisp. However, the sole good news for you is that you’ll gain financially. Your income would be great and you’ll be satisfied with it. Marital bliss would be there. Don’t let your ego rule your mind. Students would enjoy this period, with good education and great results. 


This week would give you average results. However, there might be some stress at the start of the week, after which the mist will clear and you’ll be able to enjoy your love life.the mid of the week is auspicious. You might propose the one you love in this duration. Abstain from tiffs and arguments. 


REMEDY: Recite hanuman chalisa regularly.

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Chaitra Navratri Day 7 - Maa Kaalratri

Chaitra Navratri is widely celebrated by the devotees of Goddess Durga all over the world to revere her 9 manifestations. The devotees are filled with joy and excitement to utilize this sacred period to achieve the empyrean blessings of Goddess Durga. This year, Saptami falls on April 3. With each day being dedicated to a particular incarnation, Day 7 is celebrated as the day of Goddess Kaalratri, also known by name Shubhankari.

Day 7: The Day Of Goddess Kaalratri

The seventh manifestation of Goddess Durga ennobled by the name Kaalratri, is the destroyer of evil, and represents the other side of Mother Durga, which can be violent and destructive when need be. This incarnation of Goddess Durga is the most ferocious manifestation, and rides a Gadarbh (Donkey). She sits in an upright posture, with disheveled hair and blood-thirsty eyes to destroy the evil. She emits fire as she breathes, wields a thorn-like cleaver and a shining dagger in her hands to destroy evil and darkness, while her other two hands are in the Var Mudra and Abhaya Mudra to bless and protect her devotees. Such is the glory of her name that chanting her name is enough to shoo any evil force away.

Importance of Day 7

Day 7 is a golden opportunity to pay your reverence to Goddess Kaalratri. The Utsav Puja is done on Saptami, and this day holds utmost significance in the lives of Yogis and Sadhakas. They repent for their sins and try to attain Sahasrara Chakra. Goddess Kaalratri is associated with the crown chakra, and provides the Siddhis to the invokers. It is said that worshiping her on this day opens the door to every Siddhi. In spite of her ferocious appearance, she is very generous to her devotees. She blesses them and protects them from any kind of demonic influence. Those who worship her with unfaltering devotion are bound to get the desired results.

We, here at Astrosage, wish you all a very happy Chaitra Navratri. We sincerely hope that Goddess Durga showers her divine blessings upon you and your loved ones! Have a mesmerising week!

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