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Horoscope for the Week (24th April- 30th April, 2017)

The last week of April is here with the Weekly Predictions from AstroSage! Make the most of it by walking hand in hand with the future. 

The below mentioned predictions are based on your moon sign, to calculate your moon sign, follow the link: Moon sign Calculator


This week you might fall prey to increased ego and stubborn attitude, which will bitter your relationships. You would dominate over your spouse and this would results in tiffs with them. Keep yourself from overpowering others. Your speech might become aggressive. Some gains through governments and authorities are highly probable. Love life would fluctuate in this duration. Sensual activities will see an all time high. You might shell out on luxuries the world has to offer. Children would be in chaos. Domestic life would be average in this period.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week promises to give you auspiciousness, but you are advised to keep tabs on your anger and stubborn attitude. If not done, there are chances that you’ll have to face bitterness in your realtionship. The start of the week would be on a slow note, but as it progresses you’ll see it changing for the better. The weekend promises to be great for you!


REMEDY: Offer water to the rising sun with naked eyes.


You are advised to control your anger this week, else it would hurt sentiments of your loved ones. Aggression and tiffs in marital life however will sour your mood. Spouse would be helpful, and extend their support and devotion to you. High gains and high expenditure is possible. Try to keep tabs on it. Long journeys this week would be fruitful. You might plan a trip abroad. This week is the best time for love affairs. Children would be comfortable and cherish the life that they are living. Feeling of detachment from work will make you lag behind in your tasks. Gains through females in general are possible. You are advised to drive carefully this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week you’ll be able to get great results in love life. You’ll hvae to maintain a balance between your work and love. The beginning of the week will bring you auspiciousness. There will be freshness and love in your relationship. The week end would be a little slow and you’ll be dull in your affairs. But, despite of this things will be peachy!


REMEDY: Light a mustard oil lamp under peepal tree on Saturday evening.


High gains can be expected this week. Seniors would be kind enough to extend favours to you. Gains from government or high authorities will bring you happiness. This week you’ll meet eminent and prestigious personalities, who’ll help you in the long run. Social circle would increase and you’ll befriend new people. Troubles and ego clashes in love life are possible. Support from females at work will help you outreach new heights. You’ll be able to perform well at work. Harmonious domestic life will make you cherish familial bonds. Although, excessive expenses might sour this for you.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week you’ll be able to see good results in love life. Although you are advised to keep your modesty intact. Stay sharp and away from timid. At the beginning of the week, you are advised to maintain a balance between your love life and work. The week end would provide you mixed results. 


REMEDY: Recite Mrityunjaya Mantra Everyday.


As per your stars, luck will be in your favour this week. Sacred and virtuous deeds will yield you gains and love from others. A long journey is probable in this duration. High gains are likely. After some tiffs love life would improve and you’ll be able to enjoy good time with your partner. Marital life might be muddles in some chaos. Authority at workplace will bring you joy. Your relationship with father will improve and you’ll be able to enjoy gains through him. This week you’ll dominate over your opponents, and will move heaven and earth to outshine them. Occasional issues might gain your attention as the week transpires.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week you will get good results. If you’re in love with a colleague, the results will be even better. The beginning of the week is a much more auspicious time for this. Although, your busy schhedule might hamper with this. The end of the week will be enjoyable. 


REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva with white Sandalwood and also apply tilak of the same on your forehead.


Gain in social as well as professional status is possible this week. The good deeds that you do in this duration will earn you name and fame. Luck would be in your favour this week. Health issues to father are possible, if proper care is not taken. You might have a different or a contrary viewpoint than him. Chaos in marital life is likely. You’ll enjoy a good reputation at work. You’ll have to do hard work to maintain a cordial relationship with lover. Children will be quite lazy. Sudden gains are likely in this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would give you mixed results. If you are married, chances are that the results will be great. In case you are not, then you are advised to keep your horses reined in. If possible, go out for a walk or to any beautiful place at the start of the week. The mid would give you great results, but the end would be mellow.


REMEDY: Feed street dogs daily.


This week your mind will remain fertile and produce new and brilliant ideas. These new ideas would help and benefit you in innumerable ways. Marital life would be harmonious in this duration. Some ups & down at career front. Lack of contentment from domestic life would stress you. Issues in love life are possible, which might become the sole reason of tension in your life. Might go or plan for a long journey. You’ll dominate over your opponents and they won't stand a chance in front of you. Children might feel icky. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week doesn’t look good for your love affairs. You are advised to abstain from bickerings in personal matters. Do not include ego and aggression in your relationship with partner. At the neginning of the week keep things sweet and light. As the week ends, you’ll see things take a turn for the better. 


REMEDY: Take blessings from transgenders.


This week your health might decline. You’ll have to take care of what you eat and in what proportions. Increase in valour and determination is predicted. You would dominate your opponents in this period. You are advised to do hard work at your vocation in this period. Rise in professional status is probable. Increase in post or profile is also possible. Despite of all the good things, few wealth losses are likely. Some issues in marital life would trouble your mind. Health of spouse might trouble you. Children would remain in chaos this week. Avoid being lethargic at all costs. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would be favorable for your love life. If you’re planning to propose someone, the time is brilliant. Chances of befriending someone who’s much older than you. The start of the week would bring you good results, but as the week progresses you’re advised to be modest in your relationships. The weekend would be fine.


REMEDY: Offer wheat at temple. 


This week you might have to face an increases in aggression. Some minor tiffs in married life are possible, which could escalate into major ones if not dealt with care. Increase in romance with lover is also probable. You’ll share some cozy moments with your partner. Your enemies will have a hard time overshadowing you. Your expenses will skyrocket. But, there will be gains which will help you cope with them. You’ll have to face some discontentment. You’ll have a busy schedule. Children would enjoy comforts and luxuries. They would perform well in studies as well. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week is favourable for love affairs. In case of a marriage proposal the week is auspicious. You’ll enjoy your time with a colleague or a classmate in this duration. The start of the week is great. Despite of some minor bickerings in the mid of the week. The end of the week would be a little mellow, which might feel like a drab to you. 


REMEDY: Donate camphor and fruits at any temple. 

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The atmosphere at home will be cordial. You’ll enjoy being at home and interacting with your family. Chances are that you’ll acquire a vehicle or a new house in this period. This period will see you shining at work, thus getting you your due share of recognition and the fame. In your love life, some clashes are possible due to ego. You are advised to be cautious whilst making any promises that you can’t keep. This week you might consider making your relationship official, and getting married to your lover. You’ll be confident and valor will shine bright in your aura. Mother health would be at its peak. She’ll enjoy the comforts of life. Repayment of loans is also possible this week. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would give you mixed results in terms of love life. However, you’ll get plenty of options to go for vacationing. This would be a blissful time for you. There are chances that at the beginning of the week, you might fall in love with a colleague or a classmate. The mid would be great too, but the end of the week would be a drab for you!


REMEDY: Offer Khas Itra to Lord Shiva.


Those in private sector, will enjoy comforts and luxuries from government or their employer. Receiving an accommodation or a vehicle is also on the cards. At the domestic front, you’ll have to face some tiffs and arguments. Make sure that you don’t let it escalate into anything big. Your behaviour might not go well with the people at home, as you’ll try to dominate others. Some disputes in love life are possible, but nothing that can’t be mended with a little care and love. For the single masses, there’s a possibility of a new relationship. You’ll indulge in sacred deeds this week. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would bring your prosperous results. If you’re in a long distance relationship, the results are bound to be more auspicious. At the beginning of the week meeting at a safe spot is possible, which would help you sort the matters, if any. Some minor tensions are probable. Playful banter at the end of the week will make both of you cherish the bond that you share. 


REMEDY: Chant Mrityunjaya Mantra Daily.


This week health of your mother might get affected. You’ll have to take proper care of her in order to keep her in the pink of her health. Your devotion to your parents will be commendable in this period. At vocation, you’ll excel and gain popularity. Determined attitude will fetch you great results. Some gains are possible through government and your own efforts. You might think about going on a short journey this week. You would enjoy good food and good company in this duration. At the domestic front. Some auspicious ceremony or an event is probable, which would bring bliss to the family.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week looks good for love affairs. You are advised to be selfless this week. Go and watch a movie together or go out for dinner at the start of the week. A meet or chat session is possible at the mid of the week. If this isn’t the case, your time will be spent bickering about petty issues. As the week conspires, you’ll see the efforts of your partner to make things better. 


REMEDY: Feed street dogs.


Your romantic life would be full of passion and bliss. You’ll see the romance bloom in your relationship. Mentally, you’ll see yourself in a good mindset. Decision making would be easy. You’ll be making wise choices, that you won’t have to regret in the long run. You’ll work pretty hard in this duration. And your workaholic status would get you lucrative benefits. Determination would increase. You are advised to refrain from incorporating harsh tone in your voice. Be sweet and stay sweet to welcome good people in your life. Your rivals will try their best to dominate and overpower you, but in vain. Issues to siblings are possible.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would be great for you. You’ll receive all the fruits of your efforts and put them to good use. You are advised to stay in shape and make your partner do the same. At the beginning of the week, you are advised to abstain from all types of bickering. Going for a movie in the mid of the week would erase all tensions between the two of you. As the week comes to an end, you’ll see your love gain strength. 


REMEDY: Worship Lord shiva with curd.

AstroSage hopes that these predictions would bring auspiciousness in your life. Stay at the top of your game and enjoy the week!

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