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IPL 2017: Match Predictions a click away

Indian Premier League (IPL), a world's sisyphean franchise T20 tournament is all set to turn over a new leaf on April 5, 2017. This year, in 2017 IPL is delineating its 10 years of success and with this there are commemorations and observance throughout the country. Right from its instantaneous arrival in 2008, IPL has become a peerless T20 league. The IPL is one of the idiosyncratic leagues, just because it brings together many diverse cultures under its roof. The organisers of Indian Premier League have concocted eight different opening ceremonies across the host cities encompassing Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Rajkot, Pune, Bengaluru and Indore.

As per the praxis of IPL, its opening ceremony is always convened in the host city of the last season’s IPL winner. However, this year there is a variation in the practice of BCCI, exemplifying a decade of this gargantuan T20 league. This year, in 2017 Hyderabad will host all the matches for Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) consisting of the IPL opening ceremony as SRH was the winner of VIVO IPL 2016 season 9. Moreover, the committee headed by Rajiv Shukla decided to give the electrifying and exhilarating experience of this stupendous opening ceremony to audiences all across these 8 Indian cities on the completion of a decade. The avidity and the enthusiasm that spans for almost two months starts with the awe-inspiring opening ceremony involving Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities performing.

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For an instance, the cynosure is the 10th season of IPL and some solemn names. This year in 2017, Virender Sehwag commences a new expedition as the head coach of Kings XI Punjab, though his official honorific is that of a "chief strategist". It will be exciting to witness how Sehwag associates with Glenn Maxwell the captain of Glenn Maxwell. The season 10 is a beginning also for Mahela Jayawardene who returns as a coach for Mumbai Indians. However, it will be interesting to watch one of Kings XI Punjab, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Daredevils, whether they break the jinx of having never won the IPL. Eyes will also be there on Pune Supergiants and Gujarat Lions whether they emerge as the IPL champions before their contract of 2 years ends up this season.

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Name of Team
Moon Sign
Name of Captain
Moon Sign
Delhi Daredevils
Zaheer Khan
Capricorn (Uttarashadha)
Delhi Daredevils falls under Cancer sign during IPL. They have come with bright luck and would give a very tough competition to other opponent teams. They would be able to put their best and this could make them game changer. On the other hand, team’s Captain Zaheer Khan falls under Capricorn Sign. He needs to be careful during this session as chances of some wrong decisions from his part may result some blunder. In general, we predict that they might play like underdogs however, chances of winning are less for them.
Rising Pune Supergiants
Steve Smith
Aquarius (Shatabhisha)
Rising Pune Supergiants falls under the Libra sign. They would have a mixed period. During April they may play very well however, in May their performance may degrade. On the other hand, team’s Captain Steve Smith falls under Aquarius Sign and he may become a mysterious puzzle during this session that needs to be solved by the opponents in order to win the game. In general, they have to sweat under hard times and work much harder than expected to perform well.
Kolkata Knight Riders
Gautam Gambhir
Aquarius (Shatabhisha)
Kolkata Knight Riders falls under Gemini sign. They would emerge as a powerful team during this season. They would show real mettle in ground and would be able to turn head for their performance. On the other hand, team’s Captain Gautam Gambhir falls under Aquarius Sign. He would be pretty exuberant and love to take risky decisions that might help him conquering others. In general, this season might be a good one for them and they may come out as one of the winner in this league.
Mumbai Indians
Rohit Sharma
Libra (Swati)
Mumbai Indians falls under Leo sign during this season their performance may fluctuate. In the beginning, they might be on the lower side but, after mid of April, they may show up as a better team. They would show full determination. On the other hand, team’s Captain Rohit Sharma falls under Libra Sign. He would show his aggression and give tough fight to the opponents with some big decisions. He would be able to conquer the strategies of his opponent captain. In general, the overall performance would go well on the ground and their presence would mark the glorious play in this session.
Gujarat Lions


Suresh Raina
Aquarius (Shatabhisha)
Gujarat Lions falls under Aquarius sign and they would show the real labour on the ground. They would work hard and play well to prove their best. On the other hand, the team’s Captain Suresh Raina also falls under Aquarius Sign hence, the team and captain both are aligned with same sign. Together they prove a real contender for the trophy however, their game would be very impressive during April but in May they need to work out on their strategies again to survive. In general, they would be mysterious and may amaze their opponents with their unexpected moves in this league.
Kings XI Punjab
Glen Maxwell
Capricorn (Dhanishta)
Kings Xi Punjab falls under Gemini sign and they would play very well at ground and would be able to raise caps in their favour. Their game would improve match by match and they would become a tough team to play with. On the other hand, Team’s Captain Glen Maxwell falls under Capricorn sign. He would put his best efforts but, sometimes things may not always fall in his favour, which may upset his will power. He needs to remain in full enthusiasm to win the games. In general, the combination of these two may make a tough team with great chances chance to win the race.
Sunrisers Hyderabad
David Warner
Sunrisers Hyderabad falls under Aquarius sign and they may prove themselves as the true hard workers. They would show their real skills on the ground and may make opponents suffer from hiccups. On the other hand, team’s Captain David Warner falls under Cancer Sign and he may prove himself as the best captain. He would be able to perform exactly what he wished for and give his team a boom to show their skills and stamina on ground. In general, they will come up as a tough team and we may witness their glory in the times to come.
Royal Challengers Bangalore
Virat Kohli
Royal Challengers Bangalore falls under Libra sign. This team is predicted to give their best and won’t leave any stone unturned to win matches. They would definitely play with royalness and conquer their opponents. However, in May their performance may surprise you. On the other hand, Team’s Captain Virat Kohli falls under Taurus Sign. He may carry along his aggression and passion, he is known for. However, he may face few defeats as well. He would give his team a rise with his good leadership and sporting skills. In general, this team will also shine in the IPL 2017 and may top the charts in the season.

Note: These predictions are based on the Name signs of the team and their respective captains, since the birth detail of the two are not known to us.

Here, at AstroSage you will be enlightened about the predictions of every single match so as to trigger curiosity amongst the viewers that how their favourite teams would perform in the season 10 of IPL. This is just a strategy to make our viewers aware of the fact as at what position their favoured teams would end up this season.

Disclaimer: We, at AstroSage have come up to apprise you about the crux of the league, so as to enlighten all our viewers regarding the comprehensive statistics of every match. Moreover, we do not underpin betting, as in accordance to the Indian Laws betting is a criminal offence and the convict is inculpated for a reasonable fine and imprisonment.

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