Saturday, July 4, 2015

Venus Transiting Into Leo Today - Your Future Predictions

Venus will move into Leo on July 05, 2015. Sun, the lord of Leo do not share friendly bond with Venus. It belongs to fire element. Venus resides in a sign for approximately 20 days and is never more than 2 signs behind Sun. Generally, Venus is only one house away from Sun. Venus controls beauty, sensuality, luxury, expensive things, and addiction. It influences the houses where it resides.

Venus transit in Leo will affect your zodiac sign.

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Just like every other thing, love is also an essential element of life. Plan ways to bring this beautiful feeling in your life. Read more


This transit will divert your focus on home. Right from the classy curtains to attractive carpet, you will keep everything perfect. Read more


Don’t keep your feelings and love within yourself only. Go and express it to the person you have it all for. Read more


Whether you are employed or not, gain of money is definite. Don’t worry about finances, especially at this time. Read more


Your looks and personality will be appreciated by all. If looking for love, your search might come to end. Read more


Keeping limit on your expenses are a must at this time. Try going on outings, as you might come across your lover. Read more


Improving your social circle should be your priority at this time. Try to get as much profits from others as much possible. Read more


Your seniors as well as your colleagues will remain satisfied from you. Your smart work will bless you with any reward. Read more


Financial life will remain great in this phase. Love birds should think about taking the next step, i.e. marriage. Read more


Any old policy might help you with great funds. Sexual desires and thought will rise, you need to control them. Read more


Your connection with your beloved will get stronger. Friends will prove extremely beneficial at this time. Read more


Family, friends, boss, and colleagues, all will remain pleased by you. Fun, humor, and joy will keep you delightful. Read more

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