Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jupiter Transiting Into Leo - How Much Blissful For You?

On July 14, 2015, Jupiter will move into Leo after leaving Cancer. Change of signs by Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are definitely a big thing to check out in astrology. Not only astrologers, but people who take interest in astrology are always excited about these changes. They keep a track of future possibilities and plan actions accordingly. Leo is a royal sign and its lord, Sun is a very good friend of Jupiter. If you are going through Antar Dasha or Pratyantar Dasha of Jupiter, you will experience major changes.

Jupiter transit in Leo will affect your zodiac sign.

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A wonderful phase of time for those who belong arts or music. For those who are into other jobs, being hopeful will help. Read more


Either you will invest money in buying new home or in renovating your present home. If not home, a new vehicle is definitely on card. Read more


Your politeness and sweet tone will improve your connections. Your level of knowledge and intellect will rise. Read more


Spend money carefully and not blindly. One thing you should do this time is as much charity as possible. Read more


Jupiter will make your taste buds might yearn for delicious cuisines, which you should not pay attention to. Read more


Go close to spirituality, connect with the almighty and try to get answers of questions going within you. Read more


Use this time in making new friends, hanging out with old friends and dating someone special. An outstanding phase for sure. Read more


The much awaited honor and appreciation will now come to you at workfront. Promotion is possible as well. Read more


Long journeys are foreseen for you. Luck will favor you in the best way and might help you with promotion in job. Read more


Opting for shortcuts to make money should be completely avoided. Any policy or such property issue will bless you with funds. Read more


Businessmen will get profits through new partners. While some married couples will enjoy, others might face a difficult time. Read more


Update your resume and get interviewed, as luck is all set to bless you with your dream job. Fortunate time for sure. Read more

By Acharya Raman

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