Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mercury Transiting Into Gemini - Discover Its Impact

Mercury will move in sign Gemini on July 05, 2015. Till August 1, 2015, it will reside here. Natives going through Pratyantar Dasha of Mercury will get good results. To know more about the effect of this transit, read this horoscope.

Mercury transit in Gemini will affect your life directly or indirectly.

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This is the time when your way of interacting will charm everyone. Writing style of writers will do wonders. Read more


Execute your plan of joining short term courses. Mercury will shift your attention toward financial & professional life. Read more


Your sense of humor will set its magic on all. You will feel happy, contented, and joyful. You will have life at its best. Read more


Cut down your expenses and you will solve every problem. An average time period for you, be careful. Read more


Your future cards predicts purchase of a new phone. Other than enjoying features of your new phone, you will cherish name & fame too. Read more


Your ideas and clear thoughts will be taken positively by all. Express yourself in the best way and you will enjoy life. Read more


Meeting and gossiping with old friends is foreseen for you. Enjoy this happening phase by planning family get togethers. Read more


Mercury’s transit for you is all about improving your relations with all. You might undertake any kind of investigation too. Read more


People will love talking to you. Profits will approach you, as your endeavors will get accomplished on time. Read more


Your pleasant way of talking will keep things smooth at workfront. People who envy you, might try to harm. Read more


Games such as chess and video games will attract you in this phase. Romantic thoughts will go in your mind. Read more


Plans related to financial and social life will be made by you. A great time to enjoy with family and friends. Read more

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