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Secret Behind Demonic Possession: The Mystery Revealed

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra
We are the people of 21st century, where scientifically proved facts are only believed. However, many incidents occur in our country every other day that are just out of the understanding of science. One of them is Demonic Possession. From the eye of science, Demonic possession is entirely a fictitious subject. Yet also we can find people in our country who believe that a person might have an influence of evil spirit over him. Most of the religions have given approval to the existence of Demonic possession. There is a description about black magic in ‘Arthaveda’, which states that many rituals are helpful in driving out demons and evil spirits.
This notion is widely accepted in almost all the parts of the country, especially West Bengal, Orissa and southern parts of the country like Kerala. The main source of rescue from this trouble is to chant spells and perform ‘Yagya’. These remedies are performed in both Vedic as well as Tantric methods. It is also described in the Buddhism. In Christianity too, it has been discussed with the ways of getting out of it. People who perform the ritual of rescuing one from the influence of evil spirit are known as Exorcist (Ojha) in Christianity. Exorcists use prayers, signals of Tantra – Mantra, symbols, idols, amulets and other allied religious material. Article from Jewish Encyclopedia on Jesus says, "Jesus was especially devoted to the removal of evil spirits (demons)." Similar beliefs are accepted in almost all communities.

Vampires & Scientific Outlook

As per Wikipedia, Vampire is a fictional creature who survives on eating living beings’ life extract, generally their blood. However, these are specifically described as deads, but paranormally considered as animated creatures. Since centuries, in almost all parts of the world we can find the description of eerie creatures who suck blood and eat flesh of the living creatures. Today, we relate these subsistence’s with ghosts and vampires. Iranian civilization is one of those civilizations that illustrate the tales of those evil spirits who drink blood. In ancient Babylonia too, Lilitu mythological tales tell the birth of lady Lilu from the vampires Lilith and Hebrew. Lilu used to be considered as an evil spirit. And, it was believed that her survival was dependent on the blood of infants. However, Jewish counter parted that vampires eat all men, women and infants. Don’t know how true these tales are. Demons is such a topic that is true for some and for few it is merely a rumor. If we take it from a scientific outlook, demonic possession is known as DSM – IV as well as ICD – 10 and not recognized by a valid psychiatric or medical diagnosis. People, who believe in demonic possession, sometimes relate hysteria, mania, psychosis, symptoms of taurettes, epilepsy, schizophrenia as well as dissociative identity disorder kind of psychological disturbances to demonic possession. When patients of dissociative identity disorder asked about themselves, 29% of them stated that they are demons. Apart from this, monomania has a type that is known as demon mania as well as demonopathy, in which the patient starts believing that he is possessed by either one or many demons. The fact that the remedy of the removal of demonic possession works on the people who experience the symptoms of demonic possession is considered as the effect generated from the pseudo-medicine’s effect and powerful counseling. Estimated patients of demonic possession are in reality the victim of superiority complex or inferiority complex. And, in order to make people look at them, they do such acts as if a demon has possessed them.

Astrological Outlook

In astrology, Moon is considered as mind and there is famous saying – “Mind can make you a looser as well as a winner”. In the matter of demonic possession, mind, that is, position of Moon in the chart is to be considered. In simple words, if Moon is debilitated due to the bad effect of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu; the inhabitor is most likely to be possessed by a demon. However, debilitation of ascendant as well as ascendant Lord due to the evil effect of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu is also helpful in influencing the demonic possession. However, from the experiences of experts, this trouble becomes stronger not much in the case of ascendant or ascendant lord debilitation, but due to the debilitation of Moon, Mercury or Jupiter. Reason behind this is that the persons who have a debilitated Moon but exalted Mercury can protect themselves from demonic possession to some extent by convincing their mind via logics and Mercury, that is, intelligence. Ones who have strong Jupiter don’t have fear or delusions, as they are capable of protecting themselves by performing religious rituals, worshipping, chanting and intelligence. People whose ascendant, lord of ascendant, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter all are afflicted have the maximum chances of getting possessed. However, young sector of our society has also witnessed demonic possession during the affliction of Venus as well as Mars. Let’s look up to the other planets, periods and transit situations in which demonic possession kind of issues gets stronger chances of action.

A person has strongest chances of coming in contact with evil spirits when an ascendant, ascendant lord or Moon gets afflicted by Rahu or Saturn, as well as transit of Saturn over natal Saturn or Rahu, or when natal Moon, Mercury or Jupiter becomes afflicted. In such situation, the native doesn’t speak like normal people, rather he sounds like a sapient. The sufferer becomes incredibly courageous as well as powerful. At the time of rage, it becomes really difficult to control that person for even 10 people; over that he becomes stronger than a gamut of people.

If a person is born in the ascendant or ascendant lord afflicted is from Ketu, or natal Moon has relation with Ketu, or natal Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn or Ketu gets affected by Ketu transit, then the person is most likely to come in contact with demon called ‘Yaksha’. In such situation, the victim speaks in low voice. Body becomes thinner. Walks fast. Eyes color changes to copper. The person starts talking through eyes most of the time and starts loving Red clothes.

If Rahu affects the fixed house of Moon, the fourth house or lord of the fourth house at the time of birth, or Rahu transit affects the fourth house or lord of fourth house, then the person usually starts making a vermilion mark using ash. The native starts suffering from horrible and terrible nightmares. If we talk about body, joints start paining unreasonably. Stomach-ache, chest congestion and throat infection type of ailments become a permanent part of life. This demonic possession is known as ‘Chhetrapaal Dosha’.

A person becomes loud in rage if the lord of eighth house is in ascendant, or conjunction of eighth house’s lord and Moon is in fourth house, and in the period of eighth house’s lord, transit of Rahu is in ascendant or natal Moon. This person will have constant irritation in eyes. Body pains unreasonably and shivering becomes constant. This person inculcates bad eating habits. Unintentionally, they start working on another work while working on some work. They get a habit of blaming others after forgetting the place of thing themselves. This ‘Dosha’ is known as ‘Shaakini Dosha’. This Dosha influences women more than men.

If conjunction of Rahu and Ketu with Saturn is in ascendant or fourth house and no good planet has influence over them, then transit of Ketu over natal Rahu makes the native suffer from Naga-Dosha. In this Dosha, the person can’t sleep while lying straight; he has to lie down on his stomach. He has a habit of shrinking his body while sleeping, but a little voice can alarm him. He tries to stay and sleep in dark. If somebody starts talking about him or some big issue comes in front of him, he starts taking deep breathes and licking his lips. He becomes habitual of consuming milk, milk products and eggs. Additionally, he eats food making noises.

If birth ascendant has conjunction of Ketu and Mars, and over that Saturn has transit over them, then the demonic possession at that time is known as ‘Kaaman Dosha’. This Dosha usually affects women. The native becomes fickle minded. Get stuck into bad company. Forehead, shoulders and back of the head stays heavy all the time. Body becomes weak, cheeks hollow, chest and buttocks become weak; ailments like Leukorrhea generates.

A lady inculcates the instincts of ‘Sati’ if her chart has the conjunction of Venus and Mars over Venus, and has transit of Rahu over them. These ladies start apotheosizing the ‘Sati’. They just want to spend all of their time in worshipping and reciting. She gets keener to look beautiful by wearing nice clothes and jewelry, but her interest lowers down from sex. If she conceives, she faces a miscarriage. She denies talking with any known or relative. If opposed, she threatens to commit suicide by burning herself.

If a lady has lord of ascendant with lord of eighth house in her chart affected by Rahu, so in that condition when Rahu transit comes over lord of the eighth house, the lady becomes physically stronger. She becomes too much erotic and becomes frenzy for a male’s touch. In such condition, she hardly considers the value of relation, caste or respect. Violating the cultural beliefs, they also start consuming meat and alcohol. They smile after every man. This type of condition is known as ‘Chudail Dosha’.

If a native’s chart has Jupiter on ascendant, ascendant lord or with Moon, and Rahu has influence over them, and Rahu has transit over Jupiter, then the person gets inculcated with angelic instincts. He always wants to stay neat and clean. If she is a female then she will spent her most of the time in shower and becomes repulsive to sexual relationships. She talks about giving blessings and boon most of the time. Lighting incense sticks and lamps, speaking in Sanskrit and similar activities become part of her nature. Her sight freezes to one place, fidget lacks in the pupils of eyes.

If the conjunction of Venus and Rahu comes in ascendant, fourth, seventh or ninth house, and in the period of ninth house’s lord, transit of Rahu is over natal Venus, then the native becomes uninterested in religious things. The person becomes angry while listening to the words of guru, scriptures or religion. He starts pointing out many flaws in them. Sweating increases in body. Even after stuffing stomach with food completely, feeling of hunger doesn’t go. This condition is known as ‘Devashatru’. However, if at that time, Mercury joins with Venus and Rahu, it is believed that ‘Gandharva-shakti’ enters the native’s body. At that time, he always tries to be happy. He has a great interest in making jokes and talks. He loves to be in woods and greens. He is found to be humming music at such places. If he is taken out of his dreams, he smiles.

If Rahu has relation with ninth house or lord of the ninth house, then in such condition when transit of Rahu influences ascendant, ascendant lord or Sun, the person becomes suddenly calm. He wants to stay alone. He encounters failure in all aspects of life. A sensation of burning is felt in feet while sleeping or he becomes insomniac. He starts wearing all clothes from left side and consumes sweet food. Cherishes the Prasad made up of sesame and talks a lot about the elders of the family. This condition is known as ‘Pitru Dosha’.

If Rahu and Mars has conjunction over scorpion ascendant, and ascendant has transit of Rahu, the native inculcates demonic instincts in him. He starts consuming, meat, alcohol and other bad things. He gets a habit of eating the roasted living organisms. Massacre, vociferous and accidents kind of topics becomes his interest. Becomes friend with anti-social people and grows up the beard.

In Scorpion ascendant, if ascendant has conjunction of Ketu – Mars, but in the condition of the transit of Rahu, the person inculcates vampire possession. In this condition, the person becomes weaker. He finds it difficult to wear clothes. He wants to wander around desolated place. No matter how much he gets stuffed, but he is never satisfied. He wants to sleep nude and alone at night. Odor starts coming from his body. His interest increases in having unnatural sex or with animals. Due to excessive sexuality, he can kill his spouse or anyone. He cuts his lips and keeps on licking his own blood.

Scorpion is ascendant and conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu has influence over it, and Moon is also exalted, in such condition, while the transit of Rahu over ascendant, the person becomes the victim of ‘Brahma-Raakshasa Dosha’. The native suffers from severe pain in body in such condition. He starts feeling that he is about to die, however he doesn’t die. If somebody talks about religious matters or spiritual journey in front of him, he strongly opposes and starts believing that he is the best.

If the ascendant is Aries and Rahu is in eighth house that means in Scorpion sign then when Rahu transits in twelfth house and at that time if it is conjunct with Jupiter, then it is considered as ‘Pret Dosha’. In that condition, he starts saying that he is influenced by a man who died in an accident. He starts making creepy noises and doesn’t obey anyone; tries to run out again and again; wants to jump from somewhere. If somebody tries to hold him or her, he becomes excited and starts beating. He wants people to obey him by using abusive slangs or force. He remains strong even after not eating anything.

All these conditions results in just one thing that the person inculcate the demonic traits as per the influence of debilitated planets over his ascendant, ascendant lord and Moon. And, this behavior is then termed as demonic possession.

Personal Experience

This chart is of the person who is just 14 years old. The impact of demonic possession was seen when he just 12 years old. In June 2011, the impact of demonic possession started over him. At that time, the period Moon in Saturn started and this will remain till 2012. As you can see that his Moon, which is also his ascendant is placed in a debilitated sign. It is in the constellation of Jupiter and Jupiter is debilitated in this chart. Mercury is with Sun, which is placed in a debilitated sign and it is also in debilitated Jupiter’s constellation. As it was mentioned in the beginning, persons who have debilitated ascendant, ascendant lord Moon, Mercury and Jupiter has highest chances of getting demonic possession. However, in young category, demonic possession is also seen when Venus and Mars are debilitated. Above mentioned situations can be easily seen in this chart. And, in the period seventh lord – eighth lord Saturn when it became ascendant lord with Moon posited in fifth house, the impact of demonic possession was seen. You may see that with demonic possession he has suffered from stubbornness and curiosity to meet a woman. Lord of the major period Saturn, which is also the lord of seventh and eighth house has influence over Venus and Mars, and lord of sub- period Moon is in love house. Moon is debilitated that is why he stayed away from the feelings of motherly love and always opposed mother. Sun is debilitated, which made his father tensed all the time. Due to the debilitation of Mercury and Jupiter, his brain never worked and he kept on increasing his trouble instead of stopping them. Hopefully, he will start understanding the value of good things after December.
Overall, the result is just that these possession troubles do exist but most of the people exaggerate them to fetch sympathy of people and becoming the centre of attraction.


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Great! I was looking for the information regarding this for many days. There are many more symptoms of possessions but the way you explained them and mentioned them at one place, is appreciable.If you have any other symptoms then please add them and if you have solutions too then that would be great!

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sir one of my relatives is a doctor ,but currently he has gone totally insane. lost control of his actions, wanders around d streets lost in his own thoughts, asking for food& money to unknown people & attacks male guests who enter his living place & asks them to leave his house and go away. i consulted a doctor they say its schizophrenia.when we talk to him he only keeps on glaring & rarely speaks that i am hungry.also his exact time of birth is not known only the date ie 5/10/1955 Is this a Demon possesion case or a Medical condition. plz suggest any remedy for him plz.