Sunday, November 11, 2012

Know How to Get Blessings of Lakshmi According to Your Zodiac Sign


In order to please Goddess Laxmi, you should install the ‘Laxmi Yantra’ at your home. With this, you will keep on receiving the blessings of Goddess Laxmi and you will also get success in the matters related to money. For more prosperity, you are required to keep kumkum, rice and perfume in a red flower in a locker.


To invite luck and the blessings of Goddess Laxmi on the occasion of Diwali, you should install the ‘Laxmi yantra’ at your home or workplace. This will reduce the ill effects of problems caused by planets in your birth chart. And, for the prosperity you must keep the flower of palaash with perfume and rice in locker. Sprinkle the holy water of Ganga as well in the locker.


Placing the ‘Ganesha Yantra’ at home will delight Goddess Laxmi. With this, Goddess Laxmi will start residing in your home and all your wishes will come true. You should keep Paan and Betel in locker and offer sandal, rice and flowers to the same. Sprinkle the perfume made with Kewada flower on the Pan and Betel; this will maintain the level of prosperity in your life.


Cancerians must place the ‘Sampoorna Mahalaxmi Yantra’ to delight the Goddess Laxmi and should wear the two mukhi rudraksha as well. Wearing a 2 faced Rudraksha will not only grant increment in wealth but will also remove obstacles. You can also mix ‘Kesar’ (Saffron) to the water of Ganga and then sprinkle it into a locker. Perfume of sandal should also be applied on the locker with that. worship a silver coin and keep it safe into that particular locker for more gains.


To attract wealth, you should please the king of wealth ‘Kuber’ by installing the ‘Kuber yantra’. With the presence of Kuber Yantra, a person doesn’t face loss in wealth and gains profits in the business as well. For better results, you are required to keep the worshipped flowers of Kaner in a yellow cloth in the locker. With this, don’t forget to tie a kalawa on the handle of that locker.


Virgo people must install ‘Parad Ganesh’ in order to seek the blessings from Goddess Laxmi. This increases luck and domestic happiness. You should also keep the Betel meant for worshipping in the locker and sandal, rice as well as perfume must be offered to it to attract wealth. Flowers of roses should also be offered with all the above.


Wearing a 10 faced rudraksha will please Goddess Laxmi for you. This Rudraksha is considered as a symbol of Lord Vishnu. All the sorrows of your life will be removed with the influence of Lord Vishnu and you will also gain profit in wealth. To invite more gains, you should worship locker with ‘Abeer’ and ‘Gulaal’ and then put ‘Kastoori’ in a white cloth in it.


You should place ‘Parad shree yantra’ to bring luck to your home. This yantra keeps away the negative vibes and drives the divine power all over. Domestic happiness increases with the placement of this yantra and also the wealth increases. To get more prosperity you must put a silver coin in a red cloth and then apply Kumkum, Rice and Haldi on it in locker. With this, you should also keep an ‘Ekakshi Nariyal’ (one eye coconut) in the locker.


Install the crystal idol of Goddess Laxmi to make her happy. The four hands of the idol are symbol of four directions. Goddess Laxmi drives out the negative vibes from all the four direction and increases the level of wealth and prosperity. To attract more wealth, you are advised to put Kesar, Haldi and some gold in yellow cloth in locker.


Capricorn, you should place the crystal Shivling to gain wealth. Shivling keeps all evil powers away. Also, worship Lord Shiva on regular basis. You should put the flower of rose in locker. Apply the Sandal perfume on coconut and keep that too in the locker for more prosperity.


Wearing a seven faced rudraksha will prove to be very effective for you in pleasing Goddess Laxmi. It is believed that wearing this rudraksha results in abundant wealth, happiness and prosperity and increment in respect. You should also recite any Mantra of Goddess Laxmi with ‘Kamalgatta Maala’. For more opulence, try putting solid turmeric in locker and also give incense sticks of ‘Guggal’.


You must worship Lord Ganesha in order to make Goddess Laxmi happy and should install ‘Ganesha Yantra’ as well. This will result in fulfillment of your wishes and Goddess Laxmi will reside in your home. You are advised to keep some gold and Kesar in a piece of yellow cloth in locker. And, apply rose perfume on the same for more progress.

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