Monday, November 19, 2012

Venus Transit in Libra: Effect on All Zodiac Signs?

Venu transiting in Libra will affect all zodiac signs significantly.
The planet of beauty and luxury, Venus has left its debilitated sign on November 17th. It will stay in the sign Libra till 11th of December 2012. The change of Venus from his debilitated sign will benefit those people who were facing troubles in their married life. There will be a decrement in brutality against women. Film industry and the producers of cosmetics will also gain profit. It will also have different effects on all the zodiac signs. Let’s have a look at the effects on different zodiac signs.


You are going to remain very calm and composed during this time. Conflicts with the people you love will be resolved. There are chances of some fun trip. You will acquire profit from the company of females. Music or other creative arts and beautiful things will catch your attention. You will do great in your service and business. There will be an increment in income. New relations will be formed due to your friendly nature. Some ailments might also affect you.


You should keep yourself self safe from the thoughts of sensuality and also take care of your health. Although the pressure of work will make you tired, but the situations at workplace will be good. Your enemies will be active during this period therefore, stay protected. You need to keep an eye on your expenditure and don’t let the relationship with any female fall.


This transit will have positive effects on you. You will be attracted to females. Your dignity and happiness will increase. You will also experience happiness in your domestic life. Your most awaited wishes will be fulfilled. If you are creative, then the growth in your musical talent will be profitable. Your social circle will increase and you will meet some of your old supporters. You might receive a good news from the medium of communication (telephone, letter or newspaper). In all, you are going to achieve success during this period.


There would be an increment in your honor and income as well. Your domestic life will be full of happiness. You might come across some profitable proposal. You might organize some event at your home. You will also gain profit from trips. Your enemies won’t be able to trouble you. There are chances that a new member will be added to your family. Your struggles will result into success. This phase is going to be great from all aspects.


You will be filled with immense energy and enthusiasm during this time. Small trips and domestic life both will fetch you happiness. There will be an increment in your contacts with people. Situations at work place will be better than before. As the phase is lucky, all your desired work will be done.


You will be able to spend some quality time with your family members. You will handle any situation cleverly. Income will be increased. You might also get money from some shortcut. Some auspicious occasion might be organized at home. You will find the company of females interesting. You will develop a taste for delicious and expensive dishes. You might also buy some items for home.


You are going to remain very happy during this phase. The environment around you will be full of happiness. You might be inclined towards women. The time is also good for the matters related to love or marriage. You can manage to increase your income to a good extent if you try hard for it. You will be interested in creative arts, music and literature. Some small health issue might disturb you.


You will spend your money on the things of requirement and also enjoyment (pleasure and luxury). You might enjoy love or marital relationship at a much higher level. But, limiting yourself from the increasing desires will benefit you, otherwise you might have to face some troubles. Beware of the competitors and the enemies. Financial stability is predicted for you.


You are going to get success from any of your struggle in this phase. You will get complete support from your friends and well wishers. Your most awaited desires and wishes will be fulfilled. Your siblings will also do great in their areas of interest. Profit from trips is predicted. You will also get extreme happiness from the family front. You might welcome a new member to your family. Your relations with your friends and supporters from different fields of life will remain great. Although, there will be a hike in expenditure but your income will increase as well.


You will achieve a significant success at your work place. There will be a huge increment in your respect and dignity. You will tackle the adverse situation very wisely. Your relations with the business partners, businessmen or customers will improve. You will develop an interest in collecting things with time and will spend money on items of luxury. The behavior of family will be exceptionally good towards you. You might go on some trips related to business.


You will be praised by higher officials during the transit of Venus in Libra. The relationship with parents and mentors will get sweeter. You might travel to some far away states. The time will be very happy and suitable for the matters related to family. Your income might increase even if you try a little for the same. Your ability of coping up with adverse situations will develop. You might get desired promotion at work place. Your mind will be inclined to spiritual activities and the philosophy of life will also attract you.


You are required to stay careful. Do not take up any task that can cause harm to your dignity. Don’t let the thoughts of sensuality overpower you and take care of your health. Avoid any kind of useless trip. However, the time is suitable in terms of financial matters. There are chances that you will get money suddenly but still you should not spend money uselessly. Your relatives will keep on supporting you.

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