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Monday, August 12, 2013

Kundli’s 5th & 9th House Makes You Rich!

The true wealth

Importance of 5th & 9th house: The Houses Of Wealth

Usually, astrologers say that the 5th and 9th house signifies income, gain, money, etc. However, these have no connection with 5th and 9th house. Gain (money) is related to the 11th and 2nd house. Now, the question arises, why Sage Parashar said Lakshmi (money) resides in 5th and 9th house.

Actually, 5th and 9th house belongs to name, fame, intelligence, good health, spirituality, Dharm, respect and emotions, to name a few. According to Sage Parashar, all these things are Lakshmi and one who owns them does not need the money (11th house). Hence, he prioritized these houses. For example, Vishwamitra was a sage (5th and 9th house) and Dasaratha as well as Janak were Kings (11th house). Vishwamitra was respected and these two Kings used to touch his feet. So, who is the actual King? Obviously, Vishvamitra (5th and 9th house). He says, “I am already bigger than a King, so why I need to be a King (11th house). That is why Sage Parashar gave more importance to 5th and 9th house than the 11th house (money). Now, let’s see what 5th and 9th house have for us.

5th House In Horoscope

5th house is known for children, recreation, romance, play and many more. The fifth house indicates a person's discernment, intelligence, wisdom, penetrating insight, good judgment and ability to give good advice. 5th house also deals in writing, teaching, publishing and with practitioners of mystical practices (I have Jupiter in 5th house).

Your emotions can be read through 5th house, its Lord and positive & negative influence on 5th house/ Lord and Moon. 5th house indicates about political success if connected with 10th and 11th house/Lord. We can see the involvement of 5th house for speculation (Rahu+Saturn+6th) and sportspersons (3rd+6th+Mars). 5th house show creativity and artistic talents (Venus+Moon+Saturn+Jupiter); such a person goes in media and arts.

The main diseases ruled by 5th house are stomach problems, weak digestions, progeny matters (children) and many more, depending on the sign and planets influencing the 5th house. There are much more things that are read from 5th house.

That is the reason why 5th house is called Lakshmi House. Though there is no direct connection of 5th house with the money, but if a person has a strong 5th house - he can make the money easily and in a proper way.

9th House in Horoscope

9th house is known for luck (Bhagya), religion (Dharma), spirituality, father, mass communication, politicians, long journeys, foreign connections, college education, literature, books, publishing, media, law, lawyers, truth, justice and many more. Connection of Jupiter with 9th house take one to spirituality and teaching.

Sun in 9th house can take you to politics. Venus is good for communication and media, as 9th house is the 7th from 3rd house. Mercury here in the 9th house is good for publishing, printing and information technology and related profession. Saturn here will make you a deep thinker and good for research related jobs. Jupiter and Saturn here will lead one to spirituality, teaching or Yoga, to name a few. I have seen Venus and Saturn combo here is also good for singer and actor. Venus and Mercury can give finance related post and advisory related jobs in 9th house.

So, this was all about 5th and 9th house. With this article, we hope you will grow better in your domain.

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