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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Mercury Transit in Virgo Tomorrow, Know Its Influence

Natives of 6 Zodiac signs will get big surprises! Read predictions for Mercury transit in Virgo sign and know how it will influence your life.

The time duration of Mercury transit is 14 days. Its transit gives auspicious results in the second, fourth, sixth, eighth, tenth and eleventh house from ascendant house in a birth chart. Being the significator of wisdom, speech and intellectual, Planet Mercury will transit in Virgo sign on Wednesday, September 19, 2018. It will transit in this sign at 04:23 AM and will remain here till 12:51 PM on Saturday, October 6, 2018.

It will conjunct here with Planet Sun, and both these planets will be aspected by Saturn. Due to this astrological comparison, the prices of Wheat, Sugar and Banking shares would see a steep rise. Now, take a look at below astrological predictions to know what this transit has in store for the natives of all 12 signs.

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sun Transits to Virgo Tomorrow, Read Astrological Predictions

5 Zodiac signs will be blessed by Sun God! Planet Sun will transit in Virgo tomorrow. Read here to know how this celestial phenomenon will prove to be for various aspects of your life.

King of Navagraha (nine planets), Sun is transiting towards next Zodiac sign. On Monday, September 17, 2018, the planet will transit in Virgo at 07:02 AM. It will remain in this sign till 7:00 PM on Wednesday, October 17, 2018. This transit of Planet Sun will astrologically influence the natives of all Zodiac signs. As per Vedic Astrology, this planet is the significator of soul, father, ancestors, prestige and high government services. Therefore, the transit of Sun will affect the family life, job, career and professional life of each native.

Now, read here to know in detail about the effects of this Sun transit on your life:

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This planetary movement would prove to be beneficial for you. Your opponents would...Read More


In this period, some confusions might hamper your decision-making skills. Furthermore...Read More


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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Transit Of Retrograde Mars In Virgo (March 25, 2014)

Retrograde Mars will transit in Virgo on 25th of March. Predictions have been made for each zodiac sign. So, what are these predictions? How will this transit effect you? Read this article by astrologer ‘Pt. Hanumman Mishra’ and get the answers. 

Transit Of Retrograde Mars In Virgo and its effect on all zodiac signs.

Planet ‘Mars’ was posited in Virgo till February 4, 2014. After that, it moved into Libra. However, after undergoing retrogression on March 1, 2014, it is again transiting back to Virgo on March 25, 2014. As per the astrologers, this transit will lead to an increase in the prices of red colored things. Silk and woolen apparels will cost high. Scarcity in rain is possible. Prices of food grains may rise up. Political ups and downs in any southern state are also foreseen. Some political leader might become the victim of any mishappening. Problems to children may increase. Ongoing conflicts among politicians will reduce. 

Let’s know the effects of this transit on all the zodiac signs:

Aries: During the time of transit, you will feel very happy. Situations at work front will improve. Immense profits are possible. Harmony and happiness will prevail in family. You will put efforts to overcome hurdles and to defeat your enemies. Be cautious while driving.

Taurus: You should be careful, as level of your wisdom may decline. You may face troubles from your health and family members. Refrain from betting. Unwanted expenses are also possible. Friends and relatives may not prove supportive. Journeys will make you restless.

Gemini: During this time, you will deal with mental stress and desires. You might miss happiness, money, property, vehicle, friends and company of females. This time is not good financially and expenses may also rise. You may spend on some secret activities. Some losses are also possible. 

Cancer: At this time, you will feel courageous. Journeys will prove fruitful. You will get good news via sources of communication. Relatives, especially brothers, will live happily. Gain of worldly things is also there. Opponents will feel weak in facing you. Success is assured in efforts.

Leo: This time is not good from financial point of view. Tension may rise due to family members. Small issues may result in big conflicts. It is suggested to keep a check on your speech. You may have to depend on some people, unwillingly. Business might get harmed due to loss or theft in business. Take care of your health.

Virgo: This is the time for getting mixed results. You may get results opposite to your expectations; therefore, try to control habit of expecting much. Minor health issues are possible. This time is not good for taking risks and spending in betting. Mental peace may get hampered due to family disputes.

Libra: During this time, you may have to deal with some serious situations and problems. Your obstinate attitude and ego might be the reason behind. Health may also give some troubles. Expenses may increase. Health of spouse will improve; however, they may take time in recovering completely. Mental satisfaction may get disturbed.

Scorpio: Friends and relatives will prove helpful. Awaited wishes and desires will be fulfilled and long journeys will prove successful. Increase in income is assured. You will spend on comforts and luxuries. Prosperity will prevail in family.

Sagittarius: You will get benefits from trading business. Also, you will get profits from public sector or government. Getting in contacts with senior and higher officials will prove fruitful. Your business might expand very soon. You will deal with unfavorable situations with great confidence. Enemies won’t get success in harming you.

Capricorn: Elders will support you. Journeys to distant places will prove successful. Income will increase and new you will get new sources of income. Though expenses may rise, but not more than income. You may get money via betting. Utilize the best of this time.

Aquarius: This time is not that favorable for you. Financial troubles are possible. During this time, avoid betting and taking any risks. Health may give some troubles. Differences with family members are also possible. You may get news of any relative’s demise.

Pisces: You may face problems in daily activities. Enemies may try to harm. Conflicts with colleagues and associates are foreseen. Harmony in family might get disturbed. Take care of your health. Journeys may not prove successful. You will feel concerned for your partner’s health. Problems and troubles in life are possible, during this time.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Transit of Venus to Virgo on 11th August, 2013 - Let’s See Its Influence On Us!!

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra
Transit of Venus to Virgo
हिन्दी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Venus will transit from Leo to Virgo on 11th August, 2013, at 8:48 AM. It will stay in its debilitating sign, i.e., Virgo, till 6th September, 2013. Venus's transit will have an impact on all the signs. According to Astrology, Venus has influence over a person's  wealth, physical pleasure, expenses and luxury.  As Venus enters a debilitated sign, it will have an adverse impact on farmers. There may be a decline in rain. This would also have a negative impact on rice harvesting. Though the price of silver will fall, gold price will rise at a rapid speed. Let us see how Venus's transit to a debilitating sign, Virgo, affect you.


It seems that your money had been stuck somewhere and now you will get it. A lot of people will pose as obstacles but you will be able to fight them off. Name and fame are bound to come your way.


You will gain wisdom and intelligence. Owing to this intelligence, you will get some unexpected wealth. Your child will make you happy. This period is auspicious for students. But Taurians need to take care of their health.


You will gain in terms of land, property and vehicle. All the work that had been paused due to some reasons, and your plans will succeed. You will be relieved from the mental stress that you were going through. You may want to opt for a new business or job.


Friends and brothers will benefit you. Cancerians, this period is very profitable for you to invest or build your assets. Your juniors may support you and work in favor of you. I suggest you not to take any decision out of anger.


The time is ripe for investment and wealth. You may witness general changes in your life. You will be happier. But you still need to put in an effort to maintain good relations with your superiors and master control over your tongue.


The period will be very lucky for you. You will become even more charismatic. Your enemies will not dare to stand before you. You will be happy with your vehicle and everything else will be positive for you. Income will increase, but at the cost of increase in expenditure.


Transit of Venus to Virgo will be fruitful for you. You may have to travel somewhere, but it will benefit you or you may gain from an outsider.  Expenditure will be on the rise. You may also get trapped in an argument with your friends or brothers.


There is a chance that your income will increase. You may reap business or job benefits. You may sign a new deal. Your money that had been held back will be given to you.


You will benefit from government sector or your bank. You will become very busy because of work overload in business. Eventually, you will be able to spare less time for your family members.


This period will be auspicious for you. Family business will give you wealth. Long journeys will benefit you. Don't take any decision out of emotions.


You will not gain much from Venus's transit. You may get to hear some unpleasant news. You may also face financial loss. Try to maintain good relations with your partner.


Partnership will help you accomplish tasks. There's a possibility that unmarried people may get
tied into the sacred bond of marriage. You will become more attractive. Your life partner will support you. But some old issues may crop up once again.