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Monday, October 14, 2013

Sun Turning Debilitated In Libra

By Nitin Datta

On 17th October 2013 Sun is turning debilitated (very weak) for one complete month. This period demands some serious attention on account of weakness in the results delivered by Sun.

Sun in Libra

Sun debilitates (in Libra) every year during this period i.e. mid of October but this time it is going to encounter a painful conjunction with Rahu and Saturn in Libra. Sun and Rahu are arch enemies likewise, Sun and Saturn are also arch enemies. The negativity caused to Sun would be heightened to the fullest level due to combined effects of Rahu and Saturn. Such a conjunction happens once in eighteen years and leads to severe Dosha for those born under this period. In transit it can cause severe problems to everyone in significations related to Sun.

Primarily Sun signifies soul, father, boss and government. Any affliction to all of these or any of these can result in serious problems. This period demands certain strict precautions combined with some specific remedies to counter the ill effects of Sun. The following are the precautions and remedies for all ascendants/lagna that can help in bypassing this period.

Precautions To Be Taken

  • Fractures are common during this period. Be watchful while walking and working.
  • Do not get involved in unnecessary debating with your seniors (especially at workplace).
  • Seek blessings from one parents by touching their feet every day. Do not provoke any undemanding negative feeling from their side.
  • Avoid anger in order to overcome any unnecessary problems.
  • Do not initiate any new venture/project during this period.
  • Be extra careful while driving and limit your driving speed.

Remedies To Be Followed

For Sun

  • Offer jal to Surya every morning and recite “Surya Dwadash naam mala”.
  • Recite “Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam” everyday.
  • Flux (visarjan) 21 pieces of almond (badam) or 11 coins of copper in a flowing stream of water regularly.
  • Blow off the gas stove burner using milk ( perform this remedy when the last chapati/item has been cooked)
  • Regularly offer jal (water) to a Peepal Tree.

For Saturn/Rahu
  • Flux (visarjan) some pieces of raw coal (koyla) in a flowing stream of water regularly.
  • Feed stray dogs with chapatti (roti) layered in mustard oil.
  • Feed rag pickers regularly.
  • Offer milk to “Lord Kaal Bhairav” regularly.
  • Offer food/donation to a snake charmer.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Difference Between Sun sign & Moon Sign

The main difference between Sun sign and Moon sign is that, the Sun takes one year, i.e one month in each zodiac sign to complete its transit as such it is easy to calculate the Sun sign with the help of the birth information of that person. Whereas the Moon stays for only 54 hours in a particular zodiac sign and takes only 28 days to complete the transit as such it is difficult to find out the Moon sign and can be done only with the help of the individuals horoscope. Read on know more on this topic.. 

What Is A Sun Sign ? 

Sun sign astrology

Sun symbolizes the individuality of a person and dictates his mannerisms and outer appearance. Sun sign of a person is the sign which corresponds to the position of the Sun on the birth date of that person. There are total of 12 Sun signs namely: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Each of these sign has its particular traits or characters. Some of these traits are creativity, ego, romantic and sexual preferences. These factors make Astrology of Sun sign important for the purpose of compatibility check.

Calculating Sun sign of a person is very easy and is done on the basis of date of birth of an individual. 

For example, a person who is born on 10th August has the Sun sign Leo. 

It is our Sun sign which reflects our "uniqueness". It tell us about how people around see and observe us and also signifies our overall nature. Sun sign represents how we approach our life. In general, the Sun reflects those attributes which remain constant throughout our lifetime. Our reaction to external factors depends on our Sun sign. Sun sign focus on what we want in our life. It tells what our work is and how we do it.

What Is A Moon Sign ?

Moon sign astrology

Position of Moon in the sky during the birth of a person is the Moon sign of that person. Calculating Moon sign is not easy because it depends on the exact birth time and birth place of the person. Moon sign is all about our inner feelings and emotions. It defines our romantic side and behavior. It is the Moon who decides what we need in our life. The Moon sign reveals our connection with our mother. Moon sign is used for many calculations like for match-making, general predictions and naming a person.

Moon sign controls our important organs like liver, heart, brain, left eye, heart and also flow of hormones in our body. A person is called “double signed” if his Sun sign as well as Moon sign are same. 

For example, if a person has both Sun sign and Moon sign as “Taurus” then it is called “Double Taurus”. Therefore, it is possible to have the same Sun sign and Moon sign. However, it’s not the case with everyone. 

Overall, our Moon sign signifies what we are in our real life. It is the mirror of our hidden secret self. To know correctly the your Moon sign is, it is always advised to consult any experienced astrologer. 

However to make things easier, we have created a software which will tell you what your Moon sign is, just click here to find out your - Moon Sign

Sun Sign And Moon Sign Traits Of The 12 Zodiac Signs


Sun sign traits: Daring, aggressive, loud and energetic people.
Moon sign traits: Independent, courageous and assertive.


Sun sign traits: Stubborn, loyal and deliberate cautious people.
Moon sign traits: Logical, conservative, sensual and loving in nature. 


Sun sign traits: Friendly, talkative, alert, curious, adaptable and superficial.
Moon sign traits: Flirtatious, expressive, persuasive and witty.


Sun sign traits: Sensitive, possessive, shy and moody by nature.
Moon sign traits: Emotional, responsive and caring.


Sun sign traits: Selfish, flamboyant, attention seeker and egotistical but loving and creative. Moon sign traits: Charming, warm, generous and loyal.


Sun sign traits: Timid, finicky but practical.
Moon sign traits: Perfectionists but critical, cultured, helpful and capable.


Sun sign traits: Tactful, lazy and indecisive who avoids conflicts.
Moon sign traits: Peaceful, decisive, affectionate, diplomatic, charming and harmonious by nature.


Sun sign traits: Strong willed, possessive, generous, loyal and passionate.
Moon sign traits: Analytical, powerful, intense and controlling.


Sun sign traits: Independent, travelers, theatrical and athletic.
Moon sign traits: Optimistic, curious, adventurous, enthusiastic and philosophical.


Sun sign traits: Mature, judgmental, traditional and responsible.
Moon sign traits: Hardworking, ambitious, serious, disciplined and capable.


Sun sign traits: Music lovers, stubborn and social animals.
Moon sign traits: Charismatic, rebellious, impulsive, forward thinking, detached and contemporary.


Sun sign traits: Shy, unstable and vulnerable. 
Moon sign traits: Creative, compassionate, spiritual, sensitive and imaginative. 


Sun sign tells about our outer self whereas, Moon sign focus on our inner side or the real side of us. One can estimate his Sun sign easily but same can’t be said for the Moon sign. Only a qualified astrologer can exactly tell the Moon sign of a person. In vedic Astrology, Moon sign is given more importance than the Sun sign.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Effects Of Sun In The 1st House Of Various Zodiac Signs

Effects of the Sun in the first house of various zodiac signs.

As we know, ascendant is our body. So today, we will discuss about placement of Sun in 1st house of all zodiac signs. Read your description below. The description is based on your Moon sign.

Aries: Lord of 5th house, Sun; in first house, ensures that native will be famous, wise, intelligent as well as educated. Sun gets exalted in Aries and Sun is the King. King is in full power and well placed. Native will have interest in sacred books and have good friends. He will be popular and well respected. The person having Sun in Aries in 1st house will acquire knowledge and will be influential. He will maintain healthy lifestyle. There will be some deficiency, problems from spouse. Native does not care about his work and takes his daily routines casually. He is easygoing and uncompassionate. There may be some defect in eyes. Sun’s aspect on 7th house may cause illness to spouse. Native will dominate his enemies. He will win favours from the government and will stay contented. Native may be short tempered and very powerful. Native will not be very friendly and never take orders from other people.

Taurus: Lord of 4th house, Sun; in the 1st house makes the native obedient. Native may face some problems in house of his mother and may not have good relations with his uncles. Native may face some problems in acquiring fame. He will acquire land, property and happiness in daily occupation through the power of his domestic means. Native will get happiness from his wife and physical pleasure too. He will be idle, rich and born in wealthy family. He will have many vehicles. Native will be very obstinate and will stick to an idea once decided. He does not like it, if other people contradict him. Native will never accept his/her faults; and if he/she is found guilty, will try to cover it with many tactful things and justifications. The native will be materialistic. Native should be careful for heart and liver disease.

Gemini: Lord of 3rd house, Sun; in 1st house, will make the native courageous and energetic. He may face opposition from brothers and relatives, which may lead to disputes with them. Native may have a very good, attractive and sexy body. He/She may suffer from many diseases. Native will work with great strength and influence, in the house of spouse. He will make great progress in daily occupation. Due to the influence of Gemini sign, native will be able to express himself and will speak to the point. He/She would be a quick learner, witty and good debater. Such persons can be misguided by flattery.

Cancer: Lord of 2nd house, Sun; in 1st house, will make the native a good businessman. Native will be rich and enjoy good wealth. He/She may get some dullness but he will earn through his own deeds and efforts. He may be dignified and glorious. Native will be arrogant in nature and will possess the art of avoiding awkward situations. He/She will be a good planner. Native will have oppositions, but he/she will be a continuous worker. He/She may change his occupation very often. Native may be coward and stubborn.

Leo: Lord of 1st house (own house), Sun; is like lion in the forest in this sign. Native will conduct his occupation and domestic affairs without taking much interest in them. She/He will be healthy, strong, active, will have a long life, and great dignity. He/She will be famous, but may feel deficiency of physical pleasures. Native will be egoistic and may not have satisfactory relation with spouse. She/He will be very brave. Native will have leadership qualities, will be ambitious and a man of self respect. A person you can believe, a true friend, who keeps his words. He will pose good memory.

Virgo: Lord of the 12th house in first house, good support from outside people and government. Native will be lazy, having bad relation with spouse. He/She will make enemies. Native will like his work to be done by others. He will be frank and blunt, so he may have few friends. He/She will be a practical person, will only believe in those things that have been proved. The native will not be superstitious. He/She will be intelligent and will know how to manage things and situations. He/She will be short-tempered, lucky and powerful.

Libra: Sun in Libra is like an uncontrolled fire, a King who doesn’t care for anyone; be them teachers, elders or anyone. He will be passionate and materialistic. Sun being the Lord of 11th house will give wealth to the native and native will earn good money. He will be a good planner and quite ambitious. He will take up a task, but leave it incomplete and will take up some other work so there will be no stability. There will be no good relation with spouse, as he/she will be short-tempered. She/He can be influenced by anyone; and thus, can be cheated. Native could be happy, but also sad at times. The person may be egoistic and may not hold a good image in the society.

Scorpio: Lord of the 10th house, Sun; in ascendant, will make the native highly placed official person. Native will do charitable deeds and noble acts. Native will be quick tempered, hard-hearted, valiant, unforgiving and may have defective eyesight. Native will be famous and respected. He will be glorious and may like ordering other people. He/She will get his/her work done easily due to contacts with high profile people. Native will get physical pleasures, but feel deficiency in married life and do big business. The native will be praised on behalf of others. Native will be honest, intelligent and active and ready to sacrifice for others.

Sagittarius: A King with the blessings of his Guru. Lord of the 9th house, Sun; in the 1st house signifies that native will be religious, active, wise, very fortunate and good looking. Native will be respected by everyone and will do good deeds. The native will be merciful and have faith in God. Also, will respect the religion. The native will be moral, idealistic and avoid quarrels. Native may get involved in gambling and criminal tendencies as luck will support him. He/She will be self-dependant, an interesting narrator as well as a good conversationalist. Sun in this sign will cause an increment of earned wealth, position, fame, power and political success.

Capricorn: Lord of the 8th house, Sun; in the 1st house, is not a good placement for Sun. Native will be unhealthy and unhappy, but will acquire sudden gains. He/She will prone to certain diseases like heart troubles and severe headaches, but will have a long life. The native may be naughty and introvert. Native should be talkative. His/Her mind will be wavering and may get a bit greedy. He/She will be competent in business. Native may not be very educated and will face problems in getting his work done. He/She will not have good relations with spouse.

Aquarius: Lord of 7th house, Sun; in 1st house, indicates that native‘s wife may be an influential and dignified lady. The native will be very affectionate to his wife, but may have problems in relationship. Native will have stable mind and will be energetic. Native will like simplicity and will be shy. He/She will be interested in science and literature. He may have many friends but may differ in ideas. Native may suffer through inferiority complex.

Pisces: Lord of 6th house, Sun; in first house, will make the native daring and bold. He/She will defeat enemies by mysterious and intellectual daring acts. Thus, his enemies will be afraid. He/She will acquire gains in his profession by daring acts. The native will be proud and lazy in later part his life. He/She will keep secrets. Native will be honest, methodological, cordial, sympathetic and sensitive. He/She is supposed to be a day-dreamer also. The native will win favors from the government as well as court too.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sun’s Transit to Cancer (16th July, 2013) : Effects on You!

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra
Sun is transiting to Cancer this 16th July 2013.
हिंदी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

On the 16th of July at 03:45 pm, the Sun will transit to Cancer. It will remain there till 12:07 am, between the nights of 16th and 17th of August. The mighty Sun is considered to be the King of all the planets. So, its transit will have a major impact on nature. At this point of time, it is going into ‘Dakshinayan’. Right now, the Sun is moving toward the water sign, which is Cancer. Thus, we can hope for plenty of rain. This will ultimately have good impact on the crops as they will yield higher output. But, it will not be advantageous for the South Western zones, as either the rain will cease or the level of rain will decrease. The agricultural sector of the South-West region is likely to suffer. The governments of the northern belt are likely to face problems. Peace and prosperity will prevail in the East. There will be fluctuations in the price of commodities and on the whole the situation will be quite balanced.

Now, let us see what impact the Sun’s transit to Cancer will have on all the Zodiac signs.


The Sun will be in your 4th house at this time, so will be concerned about your parents’ health. Some unpleasant ideas may also crop up in your mind. Try to stay far from an unethical work. If you have been planning to purchase some property or vehicle, it would be better for you to delay the investment. You may be overloaded with work; thus feel stressed out.


Sun’s transit will bring it to your 3rd house, Taurians. This means that you will be very happy with your family life. You have been longing for a number of things that you are most likely to get during this period. You will be all set to buy an expensive phone. It would be advisable to be close fisted. You may plan on a short travel, which will be beneficial and enjoyable for you. Taurians, during this time bonds with your family, friends and relatives will strengthen. You will be blessed with good health too in this period.


Sun will be in your 2nd house. This does not have a very good indication for you in terms of finance. So, you need to be very careful while making any transaction. You may have some technical problem in your laptop, computer or mobile. This will further add to your list of expenditures. Your family life will be affected. Some ailments in your eyes and mouth may cause you bother.


The Sun has transited to your 1st house; hence you may feel anger bubbling within you constantly. If you wear spectacles and are planning to purchase a new pair then this is an appropriate time to do so. Inclement weather may be harmful for your health and you may run fever. But, you may gain in other fields of life or get aid from the government. If you have worked hard, you will indeed achieve success. You may have to travel to some nearby place.


Sun is in your 12th house. This indicates that you must not take any decisions in haste. Any wrong decision may cause you harm. Expenditures will be ever high. Be very wise while carrying out business or you may be at a loss. Maintain cordial relations with your friends or relatives or an awkward situation may erupt. Speculation may give you to monetary loss. During this period, you will face a lot of problems while travelling because of traffic.


Sun is in your 11th house, so all your desires will be fulfilled during this period. You may hang out with your friends on a shopping spree to some mall or market place. Your boss has been planning on giving you a boost in your pay scale. You will spend some good time with your love. Long journey will be very pleasurable and lucky. You will be successful in making deals. You will gain from making compromises too.


Sun has transited in your 10th house, so this period will be satisfying for you from all spheres. You will be relieved  from all financial stress. You will also find success in business or job. Your seniors will praise you. You may even get promoted. During this period you will be very active in work. Your diligence will be acknowledged. You will go on a successful business tour.


Sun is in your 9th house. During this time you will get mixed results. You will meet prominent and senior people. You may go on a pilgrimage. Since people have faith in you, you will be given more responsibilities. This time will be good for you in terms of money too. You may have to travel somewhere, but a long journey will do you no good. Take good care of your parent's health.


Sun is in your eighth house. This transit is not very lucky for you. You may face some problems all of a sudden. You will have to face the traffic no doubt, but take care of your vehicle. Stay away from any unethical work. Before signing any important document please go through it very carefully. Maintain good relations with your in laws and take care of your health.


Sun will be in your 7th house during this time. This house belongs to your daily affairs and conjugal relationship. Transit of Sun in this house is not considered lucky. So, even if you work very hard, you may not get much success. It may be problematic for your career or business. Avoid getting involved in any argument with your family and specially your life partner. You will feel quite stressed out so do take care of your health. But don't worry, these problems will prevail only for a short span of time.


Sun is now in your 6th house. So, whatever you do, you will find success. You will gain respect and may be promoted too. All your problems will be sorted out. You will be successful in debates.  Your work will be good and there will be improvement in your career. This period will be lucky for you from every dimension.


Sun will be transited to your 5th house. Sun's transit to this house is not considered very lucky. So, generally, you will be very enthusiastic about your life and welcome every situation. But, this time will not be good in terms of love. You may have to travel. Try not to spend too much time in contemplation. This could be harmful for you.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sun’s Transit into Gemini & You

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra
Effects of Sun Transit on different signs
हिंदी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

On 15 June 2013 at 04:55 A.M the Sun is transiting into Gemini. It will remain there till 15:45 on 16 July 2013. Let us study what impact it will have on different signs.

Aries: Sun will be in its 3rd house. Therefore, there will be prosperity in the house and awaited desires will be fulfilled. It is likely that you will have financial gains. Relationship with your family and friends will improve. Your health will also be good during this period. It looks like that you might get a chance to go for a vacation. Short travels will be fruitful and good for you.

Taurus: Sun will be posited in your 2nd house. Therefore, the period is not good in terms of money matters. It is advised that you should be very careful while making financial transactions. It is likely that this will affect your family life too. An eye or mouth related disease might give you a hard time.

Gemini: Sun is posited in your 1st house. Therefore, it is likely that you will be hot tempered during this period. Also, you might fall sick. However, you may get benefitted from public and government related areas. Short travels are probable. You will be well rewarded for your hard work and will donate for public organizations.

Cancer: Sun is posited in your 12th house so do not get involved into momentary clash. There might be heavy losses if you make wrong choices. Expenses will increase. Take mature decisions in business related issues because you might incur losses otherwise. Maintain warmth and love in your relations or else there could be stress. Try to keep your distance with betting as there are chances you might incur losses due to such activities.  

Leo: Sun is in your 11th house, which will fulfill your desires and dreams. You will get a lot of support from your family and friends. Long journeys will be fruitful and comfortable. Transactions done during this period will be fruitful. Contracts and deals done in this period will give abundant profit. The time is also good for matters related to love.

Virgo: Sun’s transit is in your 10th house, which is indicating your overall well being and prosperity. This period will get you out of all financial troubles. You will also succeed professionally and will be appreciated by your seniors. This period will be very hectic for you. This time will prove your diligence and work related travels will render positive results.  

Libra: Sun is in your 9th house, which indicates mixed results for you. You will meet influential people and will get benefitted by them. You will visit religious places. Due to your position, you will get a lot of work. The time is good for financial gains and other money related matters. However, long travels will not be fruitful. It looks like your parents might experience bad health during this period.

Scorpio: Sun is in your 8th house, which is not considered a very good position for a transit. Therefore, unpredictable troubles might develop. Try to avoid any immoral and suspicious deals. Before signing any document you should read it very carefully. It is advised that you should maintain harmonious relationship with your relatives. Also, take good care of your health.

Sagittarius: Sun is in your 7th house, which is the house of your employment and married life. The transit of Sun is not positive here. Therefore, your hard work will not bear fruits in this period. You might incur losses due to your business partners or else will face other troubles due to them. Personally, do not get involved in any sort of argument with your life partner. You will feel stressed and might fall sick. So, take care of your health.

Capricorn: Sun’s transit is in your 6th house, which indicates success in whatever you will do in this period. This period will reward you with a promotion and also you see that your reputation will increase manifold. Troubles will end and you will win over in all disputes. All will be good at work front too. The time is good for overall well being and prosperity.

Aquarius: Sun’s transit is in your 5th house, which will not be considered very positive. Though you will be very positive and enthusiastic in this period yet the time is not good for matters related to love and marriage. There might be an unexpected travel. Do not think too much as it could be harmful for you.

Pisces: Sun’s transit is in your 4th house, which indicates that your parents’ health can be a reason of worry. You might feel inclined toward immoral activities. This week will require you to work really hard but you will not be able to pull it off. This is to say that hard work will tire you easily. Further, it is advised that you should not drive too fast during this time.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Cloud on the Horizon for Sahara Shri Subrata Roy

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra
It’s raining troubles for the Sahara Shri Subrata Roy. Hostile planets, upset stars; looks like he is headed to a Gorge. Let us see, if he is able to take on the challenges which the stars are throwing at him. Failing which he might lead to a downfall...

We always emphasize on the fact that the planets which give us pain, also provide us the medicine for that pain. In case of Sahara Shri this seems to be true word by word. It is said that the Saturn sitting in the 10th house provides fame and reputation on a grand scale. Even a person coming from a modest background will go on to achieve great heights in life. According to Lal Kitab Saturn in this house always gives the best result. However, if the native is doing something related to Sun and Mars then the results might be bad. As a matter of fact, Lal Kitab says in harsh words that such a situation can bring negative results for the native.

As per the principles of Lal Kitab, the investment of Sahara Group in real estate and sports will not be considered good. However, there are a few astrologers who are there to guide the Sahara Group, but the question arises as to why they have let the Group go for such attempts. In the Kundali of Sahara Shri Subrata Roy, Markesh is in the planet Mars. This is a positive indication which will produce some good results. Since the Markesh is in Mars, it is not a fact which can be ignored.

This can be explained more clearly with the help of an example. Let us say that we have a family rivalry with another family. That family never skips an opportunity to pull you down. A new member is born in that family who grows up to be is a fearless and strong person. That person develops a strong friendship with you and your family by helping you at the time of need. Although he is your friend but that still does not mean that you will make him the owner of your family. But, Sahara Shri Subrata Roy has committed this mistake by doing things related to Mars and Sun. Maybe he thought that Mars had a Rajyog in his Kundali which would help him to earn a lot of profits.

Keeping this in mind he gave away the ownership to that fearless friend. Though I don’t know him personally yet based on his Kundali I can say that whenever he has attempted any task on the basis of the significance of Mars the results are always unfavorable. Whenever he has tried to be daring to accomplish a task on a grand scale, he has never succeeded. Daring and fearlessness are traits of Mars and actions taken on the basis of Mars are not favorable for Sahara Shri Subrata Roy. Mars and Sun are considered to be the significators of strength and fearlessness. The person with Saturn and Marakesh Mars in the 10th House should not lock horns with Sun and Mars. Also, he should not do any task related to this. Sahara Shri Subrata Roy has committed this mistake.

Sun indicates that he should not lock horns with the people at the influential positions. Mars indicates tasks related to sports like cricket. Owning a cricket team is related to Mars. Now the question arises that the Sahara has previously dressed the Indian cricket team with its name on the uniform. But that was the good effect of Mars as it was that was a task supported by Mars but was not related to Mars. However, the decision to own a cricket team will not be that favorable. The real estate tasks are related to Mars and Sun and they are supported by the Sun. This prediction is based on Saturn and Mars. Normally, all the astrologers have a Kundali of Subrata Roy which might not be accurate. However, the place of Saturn will still be the same and the Marakesh in Ascendant will also be auspicious. Therefore, I have based my predictions on Saturn and Mars. On the basis of the transit of Sun, Saturn and Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node), it can be said that the time period from May to July will not be very good. If the remedial measures of the related planets are not performed on time then they might get the results of the 12th house. The 12th house is related to abroad, hospital and jail. This means Subrata Roy can get any of these results.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sun in Scorpio Sign : Effect on All Zodiac Signs

Sun’s transit in Scorpio will affect all Zodiac signs
King of the planets Sun has left its debilitated sign Libra on 16th November and has transited to Scorpion sign. Sun will stay in this sign till 15th of December 2012. Due to the transit of Sun from a debilitated sign the intensity of attacks over the ruling government might decrease. Additionally, barriers in governmental deeds might also decrease. People who have positive Sun in their chart will get good results during this time, but those having debilitated Sun might suffer. Let’s now know the impact of this transit over different signs:

Impact of Sun’s Transit to Scorpio Sign over Each Zodiac Sign


People under Aries sign might have to face some trouble. Behave well with your near dear ones to avoid conflicts. Take care of your health. Stay back from illicit deeds or doubtful deals. Before signing any important paper, read the terms & conditions carefully.