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Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome New Year 2016 With Horoscopes, Numerology, & Tarot Reading

We all take resolutions and make plans, but without horoscope 2016 nothing is impeccable. January 2016 has begun and it is the best time to think about making this year the best one till date.

AstroSage wishes you a very Happy New Year 2016 with many free astrological articles about this year.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

As 90% of the world’s population is in Northern Hemisphere, most of you must be enjoying the chilling effect under your blankets and sweatshirts. These lazy moments don’t allow us to do anything and entice us to bury ourselves in the softness of mattresses. But, still there is something that we can do while cherishing the cozy comforts; and it is the planning of the year.

First of all, we would suggest you to read your horoscopes of 2016 to know what is coming to you. It will help you in making a realistic plan.

Read Your Horoscope 2016 Now!

Explore Your Love Life With Love Horoscope 2016

As this is the month of January, you might also like to know how this month will fare for you. So, here comes the horoscope: January 2016 Horoscope

We have also created a calendar of January 2016; thought that it might come in handy. Check it out below:

January 2016 Muhurats

Now, let’s come again to the point. After all, it is January 2016 and you need to plan your entire year ahead. So, read ahead.

If you are more comfortable reading your horoscope in your regional language, look at the below given links:

India and China had been adjacent with each other in terms of civilization. Most people believe that Chinese civilization is older than India; rather it is the oldest on planet earth. So, let’s see what the Ancient Chinese Astrology has in store for you: Chinese Horoscope 2016

Apart from this, you might like our many other readings as well. Check them below:

Know everything else about the New Year 2016 here: AstroSage’s Astrology About 2016

Calendars 2016

Stay updated with everything everyday with the world’s #1 astrology app: AstroSage Kundli

If you want to get your personal reading about New Year 2016, you may find this service useful: 2016 Personalized Reading

We hope that this will help you in making a better plan to have even more blissful life ahead.

Friday, December 4, 2015

New Year 2016 Horoscope Package By AstroSage!

December shouldn’t go in vain. Afterall, it is the month to plan the New Year! We have brought you horoscopes and many other important things of the year 2016 for you here. Let’s get updated!

Decorate your trees, pack the gift boxes, plan a family together, and do all that shopping; because it is Christmas! Everyone is busy making it even more happening, so we thought of adding a bit to your happiness.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें


Horoscope 2016 is here to help you plan your entire year ahead. Know everything in detail about your zodiac sign according to the Vedic Astrology from here: 2016 For Your Sign

Read Your Horoscope 2016 Now

We have got Vedic Astrology based horoscope in regional languages as well.

Chinese Horoscope 2016 is based on the principles of ancient Chinese Astrology. Know the predictions for you.

Read Your Chinese Horoscope 2016 Now

In addition to these, we have many other horoscopes that might interest you. You may find them here: AstroSage’s Corner For 2016

Some of the most read horoscopes are given below:

Tarot Reading 2016 Numerology 2016 Horoscope


Date Event
1 Dec World Aids Day
3 Dec Kaal Bhairav Jayanti
6 Dec Mercury transit in Sagittarius
7 Dec Uttapanna Ekadashi
8 Dec Bhauma Pradosham
9 Dec Monthly Shivratri Vrat
11 Dec Margshirsha Amavasya
14 Dec Vinayaka Chaturthi
16 Dec Panchak begins, Vivah Panchami, Sun transit in Sagittarius
18 Dec Saturn rise in Scorpio
20 Dec Panchak ends
21 Dec Mokshada Ekadashi, Geeta Jayanti
23 Dec Budh Pradosham
24 Dec Dattatreya Jayanti, Christmas Eve, Prophet Muhammad's B'day (Id-E-Milad), Mars transit in Libra
25 Dec Christmas Day, Margashirsha Purnima, Venus transit in Scorpio
26 Dec Mercury transit in Capricorn
28 Dec Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi
31 Dec New Year's Eve


Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year 2016!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Welcome June With AstroSage’s New Worksheet!

AstroSage, India’s #1 astrology website, has brought a precious gift for the astrologers. It takes really good efforts to analyze a birth chart. So many planetary situations are required to be considered to make a prediction. An astrologer has to create various charts and tables to make an analysis. The trouble increases when, for each chart or table, the analyzer has to look at a different place. Obviously, you cannot remember each and every chart or table of a Kundali. Hence, you need to have them at one place! 

The ‘New Worksheet’ brings everything down at one page. 

Want To Know How?

Check out the image below. It has Ashtakvarga table, Vimshottari Dasha table, Lagna Kundali, Navamsa, and a lot more at very one page! 

You may add as many boxes as you want to, and as many charts or tables as are required.

Isn’t It Amazing?

Of course, it is! But, it will become even more amazing when you will know it’s features in detail and use it!

The Fabulous Features!

  1. Multiple Chart View: Yes, at one page, you may see all types of charts. 
  2. Modifiable Workspace: Easily adjust your worksheet by just dragging and dropping the charts or tables or anything that you want to see on your worksheet.
  3. Save Kundalis: Save all the Kundalis, charts, and other work done.
  4. English & Hindi Language: See your worksheet in both of these languages.
  5. North & South India Charts: Both of these charts are available.
  6. Automatically Saves Worksheet: Your customized worksheet will be saved as per your last edit and you can see it whenever you Log In the next time.
  7. Mixed View: You may put all you want in your worksheet. From charts to tables to everything that you want to see on your one space!

So, what are you waiting for?

In order to use AstroSage’s New Worksheet, you need to create a Kundali and then you will get this button at the top to get an access of AstroSage’s New Worksheet. Click on “Try new Worksheet” on yellow bar. See in the image below:

Use this fabulous creation from the house of AstroSage and share your feedback!

Sign Up With AstroSage Now!

What’s Up With June?

As usual, it must be warming the Northern hemisphere and chilling the Southern one. But, no matter what the season is. Festivals don’t stop. Check out the list of events in June:

Date Event
June 1 Vaikasi Visakam
June 2 Kabir Das Jayanti, Jyeshtha Purnima, Vat Purnima Vrat
June 5 Masik Sankashti Chaturthi
June 7 Panchak Begins
June 9 Kalashtami
June 12 Mercury direct in Taurus, Yogini Ekadashi, Panchak Ends
June 14 Ravi Pradosham, Masik Shivratri
June 15 Sun Transits to Gemini
June 16 Mars transits in Gemini, Vat Savitri Amavasya, Ashadha Amavasya
June 18 Ramadan Fasting Starts, International Picnic Day
June 19 Masik Vinayaka Chaturthi
June 21 Father's Day
June 28 Padmini Ekadashi
June 29 Soma Pradosham

June 2015 Muhurats

So, this was all we had for you in the month of June. Check out and Free services available there. We are waiting for your suggestions to give you the best experience of a hi-tech astrology portal.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Know How 2015 Will Be For You

Happy New Year 2015!

A very Happy New Year 2015 to you! Thanks for all those feedbacks that helped us to improve; thanks for all those praises; your love and support has been incredible all this time. You made us No. 1 in astrology world!
We know that you must be looking for the horoscopes of 2015. Being the masters of Vedic astrology, we have created your horoscope for 2015 covering all the aspects of your life. In addition to this, our expert Chinese astrologers have brought you the Chinese horoscope for 2015. Don’t miss these free predictions; they will help you to plan your year 2015 quite in advance. So, without wasting a minute more, reach your future with just one click at the below given links:

Filled with gratitude, we thought of offering something to you. Hence, we brought this Happy New Year 2015 Offer!

Flat 25% OFF On Life Reading!

The entire life reading is indeed one thing that everyone would like to have. Hence, we brought this big report under small price.

Flat 20% OFF On 2015 Personalized Life Report!

You read it very correct! With the beginning of the New Year, we all are busy in planning the entire year. New Year resolutions, schedules, and plans; everything is on our to-do list now. In such a situation, astrology can provide a really good helping hand by giving you the blueprint of the future.

New Year 2015 Horoscopes!

How can we miss the main thing? We all need horoscopes! So, get all the horoscopes below:

Horoscope 2015 is available in various other languages too:

If you like reading E-books, we have Horoscope 2015 in Ebook format too; that too in various other languages.

Apple users may find our Horoscope 2015 app at iTunes here: Horoscope 2015 For iTunes

The New Year 2015 Astrology!

AstroSage has tried to predict this coming year from all the aspects available in Vedic astrology. Apart from these horoscopes that are written via various systems of Vedic astrology, you might like to know how planetary transits will affect you.

As you know planets keep on moving and entering from one zodiac sign to another, it affects you accordingly. In order to keep a track of planetary transits according to Vedic astrology, you may find this link really handy: Transits & Planetary Movements In 2015

You may find the predictions of the effects of the yearly transits on our exclusive page for 2015, which can be found here: AstroSage’s Astrology For 2015

Our page for New Year 2015 holds everything related to the entire year. Just watch it carefully.

For other minor transits and planetary movements’ predictions of the year, you may find this page really useful: Planetary Movements’ Predictions

If you want to stay tuned with the festivals and important events occurring in 2015, this link will be the best for you: Hindu Calendar 2015

Enough about the year, let’s now talk about the first month of New Year 2015!

January 2015 Astrology

Let’s have a look over the dates of the important days of the year:

January 1, 2015: New Year 2015; Putrada Ekadashi/Vaikuntha Ekadashi; Mercury transit in Capricorn; Mercury rise in Capricorn
January 2, 2015: Pradosh Vrat
January 4, 2015: Milad-Un-Nabi/Id-E-Milad (Sunni); Mars transit in Aquarius
January 5, 2015: Paush Purnima; Guru Govind Singh Jayanti
January 8, 2015: Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi (Masik); Saubhagya Sundari Vrat
January 9, 2015: Milad-Un-Nabi/Id-E-Milad (Shia)
January 12, 2015: Swami Vivekanand Jayanti
January 13, 2015: Kalashtami; Lohri
January 15, 2015: Makar Sankranti; Pongal; Magh Bihu; Sun transit in Capricorn
January 16, 2015: Shattila Ekadashi Vrat
January 18, 2015: Ravi Pradosh Vrat
January 19, 2015: Masik Shivratri
January 20, 2015: Bhaumvati Amavasya/Mauni Amavasya/Triveni Amavasya; Chinese New Year
January 21, 2015: Mercury retrograde in Capricorn
January 22, 2015: Panchak Begins
January 23, 2015: Vainayaki Sri Ganesh Chaturthi (Masik); Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanti; Venus transits in Aquarius
January 24, 2015: Basant Panchami; Saraswati Puja; Mercury combust in Capricorn
January 26, 2015: Panchak End; Republic Day; Ratha Saptami
January 27, 2015: Bheeshma Ashtami
January 28, 2015: Lala Lajpat Rai Jayanti
January 30, 2015: Jaya Ekadashi/Bhaimi Ekadashi/Bhishma Ekadashi; Gandhi Samadhi

Know the predictions of this month by our exclusive videos as well as written content below:

You may also like to know the important Muhurats in January 2015. Check them below:

We hope that this information will help you make the best out of this year. Utilize the best of this time and make your 2015 best year ever!


Monday, December 1, 2014

Plan 2015 With Astrology In December

Finally, time has come to get ready to give a warm welcome to the New Year, 2015. Soon, it will become the part of our lives, so make an auspicious place for this year, utilize the best of its time with AstroSage 2015 horoscopes and also don't forget to take a look on important days and dates of December 2014.
Know the important dates and events of December 2014 and Horoscope 2015 with December Newsletter.
हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Horoscope 2015 To Reveal The Mystic Plan Of Stars

We bring you the sayings of stars about your fate in 2015. Know what they are saying about your work, finance, love, relationships, health and much more. Not only this, they have also sent some useful remedies and solutions specially for you. So, set yourself to welcome 2015 with us in this last month of 2014.

FREE matrimony & marriage website

Read Horoscope 2015 in many regional languages of India below:

Read detailed horoscope 2015 for each zodiac sign below:

E-books For Horoscopes 2015 To Predict While You Are On The Go! 

AstroSage Horoscope 2015 FREE Google Play E-book

Have you ever thought of an advisor that always stays with you and gives you an advice whenever and wherever needed? If no, then think about it now. We bring you your personal advisor that always stays with you in your pocket in the form of an e-book of horoscope predictions of 2015. No matter where you go, the advisor stays with you always.

Download AstroSage’s “FREE” E-books for detailed horoscopes 2015 of each zodiac sign below:

Our horoscopes are also available for FREE in Hindi. Find the links below:

We have all these Google Play FREE e-books for horoscope 2015 in regional some big languages of India too. Find them below:

Another exciting and equally joyful news is that you can choose your personal ebook advisor from the e-books of different platforms like Google Play, iTunes, and Kindle and in different languages as well.

Lal Kitab Horoscope 2015: Remedies Welfaring Everyone!

We bring you the Lal Kitab horoscope and remedies for 2015, simple Lal Kitab remedies can pave the way for success. Prediction and analysis of our expert astrologer 'Shri M. S. Kondal' are worth not missing. So, make the most of this branch of Hindu astrology with us.

Unique style of making predictions, highly accurate results, amazing ability to look into the future. Read the future predictions with the promise of angelic powers to get the all round success in 2015. Our Tarot expert, Ms. Maaya Maadhyam is bringing it all for you.

Chinese Horoscope 2015: Future Predicted With Animals!

Inspired by the beliefs and knowledge of China, Vietnam, Japan, and Burma (Myanmar), Chinese astrology uses animals as different zodiac sign and has its own way of predicting things, which are quite interesting, reliable, and useful. So, don’t leave this science of astrology untouched.

2015 Personalized Horoscope

Different people have different fate, different problems, different viewpoints and different tendencies. So, why the advisor is the same for all, it should also be different for everyone. By keeping your personal needs and problems in mind, we bring you the Personalized horoscope service for 2015.

Specialized Horoscopes 2015

Want to take a look on any specific field of your life like love, career, finance, or health? We have the solution for this also because we have the specialized horoscopes of 2015 that are related to your love life, health predictions or career possibilities of 2015. Take a look in the future in whichever domain you like with us:

Numerology Horoscope 2015: The Magic Of Numbers

Numerology is the science of numbers, which use their magic in predicting things. Everything related to us is having a numerological value, either it comes after summing the numbers or only by individual numbers. Find out what these magical figures are saying about your fate in 2015 with our numerology expert ‘Pt. Hanumman Mishra’.

Horoscope Predictions For December 2014

December Horoscope 2014               दिसंबर राशिफल 2014

List Of Important Dates Of December 2014

  • December 2: Mokshada Ekadashi, Mouni Ekadashi (Jain), Geeta Jayanti
  • December 4: Pradosh Vrat, Anang Trayodashi
  • December 5: Pishach Mochan Chaturdashi, Pishach Mochan Yatra, Pishach Mochan Shradha in Kashi, Saturn Rise in Libra
  • December 6: Snan Daan Vrat Purnima, Margashirsha Purnima, Tripur Bhairavi Jayanti, Shree Dattatreya Jayanti, Venus transit in Sagittarius
  • December 7: Paush Krishna Paksha begins
  • December 9: Jupiter turning retrograde in Cancer, Sankashti Shree Ganesh Chaturthi (Angarki Chaturthi)
  • December 13: Mercury transit in Sagittarius
  • December 14: Kala Ashtami
  • December 16: Sun transit in Sagittarius, Kharmas begins
  • December 17: Shree Parsvanath Jayanti
  • December 18: Saphala Ekadasi
  • December 19: Pradosh Vrat
  • December 20: Masik Shivaratri
  • December 22: Snan-Daan Somvati Amavasya (Shradha Amavasya/Paush Amavasya), Paush Month begins
  • December 23: Paush Shukla Paksha begins
  • December 25: Panchak begins, Vinayaka Shree Ganesh Chaturthi, Christmas Day
  • December 28: Second Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Jayanti
  • December 29: Panchak ends, Shree Durga Ashtami, Shakambhari Devi Navaratri begins
  • December 30: Venus transit in Capricorn
  • December 31: Surya Puja (Orissa)

Important Muhurat of November, 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014

Horoscopes 2015 With November Updates

Make a perfect planning for 2015 that is just round the corner with horoscopes for 2015. Also, get all the important facts and dates of the events in November here.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

FREE matrimony & marriage website

Check Out Your “Horoscope 2015” NOW!

Year 2015 is just round the corner, this is high time to know and plan for the upcoming year. Horoscope 2015 predictions for every zodiac sign, analysis of each and every aspect related to an individual's life, useful remedies, and much more; these horoscope predictions are not worth missing.

Read "Horoscope 2015" Now

Read Your Detailed Horoscope 2015 Predictions

Watch 2015 Horoscope on Youtube

Lal Kitab Horoscopes 2015

Lal Kitab is one of the oldest and most environment-friendly astrology science. The specialized, simple, and eco-friendly remedies of Lal Kitab given by our expert astrologer, M. S. Kondal Ji can do wonders for you. Read your Lal Kitab predictions for 2015 by clicking below and make your life much simpler with some easy remedies.

Tarot Reading 2015 for All Zodiac Signs

Tarot, a branch of occult sciences, is widely accepted by people throughout the world because of its unique style of making predictions with the promise of angelic powers. Follow the path shown by Tarot horoscope 2015 and get the desired success in all the fields of life with the suggestions of Tarot expert, Ms. Maaya Maadhyam.

Chinese Horoscopes 2015

Do you know why our Chinese horoscope 2015 is special? It is because our Year of Goat 2015 predictions are not only based on the principles of Chinese Astrology, but also cover the beliefs of Vietnamese, Japanese, as well as Burmese astrology, which are not much different from Chinese way of predictions.

2015 Personalized Horoscope

New energy, enthusiasm, challenges, plans, all these things keep on revolving in our minds before the starting of New Year. But, the way to achieve the desired goals is not that easy, a true companion is needed who can help by giving the valuable advice. That’s why, we bring to you a special personalized service for 2015. What to do, what not to do, what can benefit you the most; our astrologers will tell you everything in very much detail with the answers to your requested queries.

AstroSage Magazine Now On Flipboard!

You can catch all the latest astrology updates on your smartphone and tab with two smart applications ‘Flipboard’ and ‘Google Newsstand’. They are having all you want from astrology. Subscribe our magazine 'Astrology and Horoscope' on Flipboard and ‘Astrosage Magazine’ on Newsstand, and stay tuned with AstroSage!

AstroSage in Tamil

We are thrilled to announce that AstroSage is now available in Tamil too. AstroSage’s Tamil version is having all the major services related to Tamil Jathagam and Porutham (Kundli Milan/Horoscope Matching). We also present you all the tools and functions of KP system, Vedic astrology, and Lal Kitab in Tamil for the very first time and that too absolutely FREE!

We hope that this information will help you make the best out of this month as well as create a beautiful future ahead. Please feel free to speak to us in case of any query or concern and stay tuned to AstroSage for more information!

Horoscope Predictions For November 2014

November 2014 Special!

November 2014 is filled with many important days and events that include important transits and festivals like Dev-Uthani Ekadashi, Muharram, Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Jayanti, and many more.

Dev Uthani Ekadashi

Today, i.e. on November 3, 2014 is the auspicious day of Dev-Uthani Ekadashi. Dev Uthani Ekadashi is one of the most important Ekadashis for Hindus. It is the day when Lord Vishnu awakes from a four months long sleep, i.e from Dev Shayani to Dev-Uthani Ekadashi. Occurrence of Dev Uthani Ekadashi spreads auspiciousness everywhere. Also, the time of auspicious events like marriages starts from Dev Uthani Ekadashi. Read everything related to Dev Uthani Ekadashi at the below given link.

List Of Important Dates Of November 2014

November 1: Akshaya Navami (major), Panchak begins, Kushmand Navami, Anala Navami (Orissa), Rajyotsava Day (Karnataka Formation Day), World Vegan Day, All Saints' Day
November 2: Transit of Saturn to Scorpio, Kansa Vadh, Asha Dashami, All Souls' Day
November 3: Dev Uthani Ekadashi Vrat, Tulsi Vivah start, End Of Chaturmas, Bhishma Panchak start, Ganga Mahotsav begins (Varanasi)
November 4: Mercury in Libra transit, Tulsi Vivah, Bhom Pradosh Vrat, Kalidas Jayanti
November 5: Panchak ends, Vaikunth Chaturdashi (Vishnu Puja in Nitish Vyapini Chaturdashi), Chaumasi Chaudas (Jain), Ganga Mahotsav ends (Varanasi)
November 6: Kartik Purnima (Snan Dan Vrat Purnima), Dadri Mela (Ballia), Guru Nanak Jayanti, Dev Dipawali, End of Bhishma Panchak, End of Tulsi Vivah festival, Pushkar Mela (Ajmer), Tripurotsav, End of Kartik month,
November 7: Margshirsha Krishna Paksha begins
November 8: Tripushkar Yoga, International Day of Radiology
November 9: Saubhagya Sundari Vrat, World Run Day (International Day of Running), Legal Services Day (India)
November 10: Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi
November 11: National Education Day
November 12: Venus in Scorpio transit, World Pneumonia Day
November 14: Jawahar Lal Nehru Jayanti (Children’s day), Kal Bhairav Jayanti, Kalashtami, World Diabetes Day, India International Trade Fair Begins
November 15: Prathamastami (Orissa), Qutub Festival (Delhi) Begins
November 16: Sun in Scorpio transit
November 17: International Students Day
November 18: Utpanna Ekadashi Vrat
November 19: International Men's Day, Qutub Festival (Delhi) Ends
November 20: Masik Shivaratri, Pradosh Vrat, Universal Children's Day
November 22: Snan Daan Amavasya, Lucknow Festival (Lucknow Mahotsav) Begins
November 23: Margshirsh Shukla Paksha begins
November 24: Mercury in Scorpio
November 26: Vinayaka Shree Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat, National Law Day (India)
November 27: Shree Ram Vivah Utsav, Skand Shashti, Mars in Capricorn, Vivah Panchami
November 28: Panchak begins, Mitra Saptami
November 29: Masik Shree Durashtami Vrat
November 30: Mahananda Navami (Margshirsh)

Important Muhurat of November, 2014

Event Of The Day!

Tulsi Vivah’ begins from today. Tulsi, the holy plant is considered as goddess in Hindu religion and Tulsi Vivah is the marriage ceremony of Tulsi to Lord Vishnu or his Avatar Lord Krishna.

Today is the sacred day of ‘Dev Uthani Ekadashi’. This is the day when Lord Vishnu wakes up from his four months long sleep, his awakening spreads auspiciousness all around. People wait for this day for performing the auspicious tasks like marriages. 

The period of ‘Chaturmas’ will end today. Chaturmas refers to a period of four months which starts from Devshayani Ekadashi and ends at Dev-Uthani Ekadashi or Prabodhini Ekadashi. 

The five day long period of Bhishma Panchak is starting from today. It is believed that grandfather of Pandavas, Bhisma kept a fast of these five days, preparing to give up his life after the war of Mahabharata. 

Ganga Mahotsav in Varanasi is also starting from today. Ganga Mahotsav is a five day long celebration on the Ghats of Ganga in Varanasi. 

Have a great day!