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Monday, July 29, 2013

Arvind Kejriwal Vs Sheila Dixit - Who Will Win?

By Mrityunjai Ojha
Arvind Kejriwal Vs Sheila Dixit

Arvind Kejriwal Vs Sheila Dixit - Astrology Analysis 

Arvind Kejriwal, the founder of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party), has announced that he will stand as a candidate in elections against Sheila Dixit in November, 2013 Delhi Elections. Since then, he is putting his best efforts to put all the flaws of Sheila Dixit afore Delhiites. Be it 5% hike in electricity bill or rape cases, he is putting his best efforts to make people aware what all AAP can do for their welfare. On the other hand, Sheila Dixit is continuously contradicting all his allegations. Ball is currently instable, not in anyone’s court. The time is tough and elections are almost here. Even people are confused, whom to vote; unable to decide the best one. Either Arvind Kejriwal or Sheila Dixit, no one is standing with clean chit. Nobody knows the future of Delhi after November, 2013 Delhi Elections. But, this is apparent that it isn’t very bright either. Let’s see what astrology says about them. In this article, on the basis of astrology, we have tried to predict the next Chief Minister of Delhi.

Here, we will analyze each contender one by one. The ascendant, 3rd house (courage and willpower), 6th house (competitive attitude and victory over enemy), 10 house (Karma, approach to win) and 11th house (Gain and fulfillment of desires) are the most important to be analyzed in the Kundli of both of them.

Arving Kejriwal against Sheila Dixit
Name: Arvind Kejriwal
Date of Birth: Friday, August 16, 1968
Time of Birth: 23:46:00
Place of Birth: Hissar
Longitude: 75 E 45
Latitude: 29 N 10
Time Zone: 5.5

As we know, Arvind Kejriwal is the founder of AAP political party, social activist, ex - Indian Revenue Service officer, and member of India Against Corruption.

First house or Ascendant: In Lagna (ascendant) chart, Lord of the ascendant and 6th house (competitive), Venus placed in 4th house and in very closed conjunction with Jupiter, Lord of 8th house (sharp and active mind) and 12th house (fulfillments of desires), in Navamsa chart Venus is placed in same sign (Leo). So, Lagna Lord Venus is well placed in Kendra in 4th house and aspecting 10th house of Karma. On personal front, Arvind has done very good job and approach to achieve his goals. Moon (Lord of 3rd house), placed in Lagna and exalted, that is also good.

3rd and 6th House: Mars placement in 3rd house. Though debilitated, but placed in own Navamsa and 3rd Lord Moon is exalted in 1st house. This combination is very good for courage, will power and mind stability. Debilitated Mars in 3rd house (communication and media) aspecting 6th house (breakage in partnership and win/loss over enemies) good for courageous efforts as we have seen he was in media after heroic operations against some big leaders and personalities, but Mars is the Lord of 7th house (partnerships) and 12th house (social networks), we have seen breakage in partnerships (Kiran Bedi, Anna hazare, etc.) and somehow he may not be able to influence public on big level though he will get social support through communication (media, facebook, etc.)

10th and 11th House: In Lagna chart, Lord of 10th house, Saturn is debilitated in 12th house and in same sign in Navamsa, so Saturn is vargottama, but placement in 12th house is not good. 10th house has aspects of 4 planets Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus, that is very good for him. As we see that Lord of 11th house, Jupiter is placed in 4th house in friendly sign, that is an excellent position. Rahu placement is in 11th house, which may cause some problems. As Rahu has no any benefic aspects, Rahu is placed in Mercury Nakshtra, that is good for money and fame.

Dasha and Transit Support: He is going under the Dasha of Jupiter-Venus up to March 2015. Dasha Lord Jupiter is not that good for him, but Venus will give him some gain. In transit, Saturn is in his 6th house with Rahu, that is good and Jupiter is in 2nd house aspecting 6th, 8th and 10th house. So, we can say that he will do good in this period.

Sheila Dixit on Arvind Kejriwal’s allegations
Name: Sheila Dikshit
Date of Birth: Thursday, March 31, 1938
Time of Birth: 12:00:00
Place of Birth: Kapurthala
Longitude: 75 E 26
Latitude: 31 N 20
Time Zone: 5.5

Sheila Dikshit is the Chief Minister of Delhi since 1998. She is a member of the Indian National Congress and has led the party to a record three consecutive electoral victories in Delhi.

1st house (Ascendant): Gemini sign rises in the Lagna (ascendant), and Lagna Mercury is placed in 11th house (fulfillment of desires and gain) and surrounded by 2 beneficial planets - Mars, Lord of 6th & 11th house and Venus, Lord of 5th and 12th house. No malefic aspects on Lagna. So, Lagna and Lagna lord both are in very good placement. In Navamsa, Mercury is placed in taurus, which is a friendly sign, as we can see that she is the Chief Minister of Delhi from last 3 times.

3rd and 6th house: Lord of 3rd house (courage, will power, communication), the Sun is placed in 10th house in friendly sign of Jupiter, with Moon (Lord of 2nd house) and Saturn (Lord of 8th and 9th house). As a result, we can see that she is a courageous person with good communication skills, powerful speech and able to use such qualities in her activities (Karma). Lord of 6th house, Mars placed in 11th in his own sign, it shows - how she had been a competitive winner since last 3 elections. Rahu placement in 6th house is not good for health.

10th and 11th house: As we have already discussed how Lagna Lord placed in 11th house with Mars and Venus, so no doubt her 11th house is very strong and she had been achieving her goals. 10th Lord Jupiter is placed in 8th house of Saturn in debilitated position, which is not good for her as Jupiter is the Lord of 7th house too. It was the reason of her early widowhood too. Her 10th house has Sun (3rd Lord), Moon (Lord of 2nd house) and Saturn (Lord of 8th and 9th house). So, this is a very good position and placement. Only Saturn here is not good.

Dasha and Transit Support: She is going through Mars-Sun Dasha up to august 2013 and Sun-Moon up to March 2014. So, Dasha is totally supporting her. In transit, now Jupiter is placed in her Lagna and will do good for her, Saturn is placed in her 5th house with Rahu is also very good for her.

Conclusion: As we compared and saw, both charts are good, but Sheila Dikshit chart is more promising as her Dasha is fully supporting her. So, if they will face each other, there are possibilities of victory for Sheila Dixit. Arvind Kejriwal should choose any other candidate.