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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chaughadiya Muhurat Demystified

Subh MuhuratChaughadiya is one of the systems for finding Muhurat (auspicious moment) to initiate any important work. Choghadiya is popularity used to find the most auspicious time to initiate a journey. But its application is not limited to journey and it can be used to find muhurat for any important event or work. Chaughadiya is effective but easy to calculate and it is the beauty of Chaughadiya Muhurat.

Why To Find Muhurat?

The concept of Muhurat originated just to ensure that everything that is taken up becomes successful. Who would let their efforts go in vain? Hence, the concept of Muhurat came into existence and Chaughadia Muhurat technique created its existence in this crowded world of methods and techniques. You may find Muhurat for applying Visa, job or any important application. Additionally, you may initiate any new venture or business as per perfect Muhurat. Performing any major activity or event at home according to the Muhurat gives more beneficial results; and all of us are aware of basic use of finding Muhurata that is initiating a journey, performing a Puja or any other spiritual activity. 

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What Is Chaughadia?

‘Choghadia’ is a Sanskrit term comprising 2 Sanskrit words in it - ‘Cho’ + ‘Ghadia’. ‘Cho’ means 4 and ‘Ghadia’ means a moment. Ghadia is mainly known as Ghati. Therefore, Chaughadia means 4 Ghati. The ancient Indian system of time is different from the present international system. It is consisted of Ghati instead of hours. If we compare both the systems, 60 Ghatis are equivalent to 24 hours. Second difference is that the modern system starts a day at 12am and closes at the next 12am; whereas, the ancient Indian system starts a day from the sunrise and closes it with the next day’s sunrise. Now, let’s go in detail.

Basically, each Chaughadiya is consisted of 3.75 Ghati, which is approximately 4 Ghati. Hence, if we calculate the total Chaughadiya in a day, they are 16 in number.

Classification Of Chaughadiya

There are total seven chaughadiya as follows -:

Chaughadiya Muhurat classificationEach of these 7 Choghadias has special significance. Some are auspicious, some are just neutral and some are inauspicious. Hence, it is very simple to understand the person has to find the auspicious one for his/her benefit. Let’s now see the classification of auspicious, neutral and inauspicious below:

1. Auspicious - Amrut, Shoobh & Labh
2. Neutral - Chal
3. Inauspicious - Udveg, Kaal & Rog

Hence, important initiatives should be taken during Amrut, Shoobh or Labh Chaughadia; and avoid important initiatives during Udveg, Kaal or Rog Chaughadia. 

Hindu day starts with sunrise and ends with the sunrise next day. There are total eight chaughadiyas during day (sunrise to sunset) and again eight chaughadiyas during night (from sunset to sunrise). Chaughadia falling in day part are generally referred as day Choghadia and Chaudhadiya falling between sunet to sunrise is referred as night chaughadiya. 

AstroSage On Chaughadia & Muhurat 

Being a leading Astrology organization, it is AstroSage’s duty to offer you the best services. As this piece is about Chaughadia and Muhurat, let’s focus on the Muhurat services.

AstroSage has got a unique software to find the Chaughadiya of a day. This software will tell you the Chuaghadia of the present day and you may also look for another day’s using this software. 

Next in the series, we have a very amazing thing for all the smartphone users. If you own an Android smartphone, download our Muhurat App and get the notifications on your phone time to time. You will get to know the auspicious time automatically in advance.

Apart from this, if you are going to initiate a really big thing and need an expert’s advice; then you may take our Muhurat Service. This service allows you to get your Muhurata related answers in a customized form by the proficient astrologers of AstroSage.

So, this is all we have for Chaughadiya Muhurat. Utilize the best of this information and prepare yourself for being successful in all your endeavors.