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Sarva Pitru paksha Amavasya Tomorrow! Know the Rituals of Pind Daan

Donate these items for the pacification of your ancestors on the last day of Pitru Paksha and earn their blessings. Also learn ways to provide salvation to their souls. 

The Amavasya which falls in the month of Ashwin is known as Sarv Pitri Amavasya. It has a special significance in the realm of Hinduism as the immersion(Visarjan) of Pitru is done on this day. The Shradh (Pitri Paksha) which goes on for about one Paksha, comes to an end on this day only. During this occasion of Shradh Samapan, food is offered to Brahmins along with various donations. By doing so, the souls of one’s Pitru or ancestors attain salvation.

Ashwin Amavasya Tithi beginsFrom 28 September 2019 at 03:47:57
Ashwin Amavasya Tithi beginsTill 28 September 2019 at 23:58:14

Sarv Pitri Amavasya Importance 

As per Hindu religious beliefs, it is stated that the Shradh done on the day of Ashwin Amavasya provides salvation to the departed souls of one’s ancestors. They move out from the web of birth and death. On this day, the Shradh of those family members are commenced, who died untimely and not of natural causes. This Amavsya also has Tantric eminence as its very next day marks the arrival of Sharad Navratri. Therefore, those who wish to attain Tantric accomplishments perform Tantric practices on Amavasya night.

In the present time, people lack time and many things are forgotten due to remaining busy. Therefore, if you do not remember the Shradh date of your ancestors for any reason, then it can be performed on this day. You can perform the Tarpan of your forefathers or ancestors in case you failed to do so throughout the Shradh. 

Tasks To Be Performed During Pitra Visarjan Amavasya 

  • Take a bath on a river, waterfall or a furrow on this day. 
  • Offer Arghya to the Sun in the morning. 
  • Afterwards, perform the Tarpan for your forefathers. 
  • Light a lamp at dusk and place puri and other sweets at the door. This should be done so that the fathers do not leave hungry and the path for their return becomes visible in the light of the lamp.
  • Pind Daan Rituals to Follow During Pitru Paksha Amavasya

Keep your mind stable during the time of Pind Daan. 

  • Chant the Gayatri Mantra.
  • Also recite the Somay Pitrimate Swaha Mantra.
  • The Shastras give prominence to three Pind offerings. 
  • Firstly, offer the Pind Daan to water. 
  • Give the second Pind Daan to a Gurus' wife.
  • Lastly, offer the last Pind Daan to the fire. 
  • Why are Donations made during Pitri Visarjani Amavasya? 

According to the mythology, it is believed that the most important ray of the Sun is a ray named Ama and with the help of its radiance, the Sun God brightens up all the three worlds. On the special Tithi of the same Amami, the Moon takes a tour and with the help of its rays, one’s forefathers come down to the Earth from their own world. 

This is why Amavasya of Shraddha Paksha or Amavasya of Pitru Paksha is considered very important. On this day, donating and performing virtuous tasks etc. for all the fathers bring all kinds of happiness and in turn the ancestors also bless us to attain happiness and prosperity.

Items which should be donated during Pitru Paksha Amavasya

  • Cattle
  • Land
  • Clothing
  • Black Sesame seeds
  • Gold
  • Ghee
  • Jaggery
  • Grain
  • Silver
  • Salt

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