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Mahalaxmi Vrat Today: Know Puja Rituals & Auspicious Muhurat

Appease Maa Laxmi by observing the Mahalaxmi Vrat today! Attain prosperity and happiness in life by following the Puja rituals for Mahalaxmi Vrat!

Goddess Lakshmi is signified as the goddess of prosperity and wealth by the followers of Hinduism. Maa Lakshmi is known to be the divine consort of Lord Vishnu and eliminates the sorrows and miseries from her devotees’ lives. Natives fast and venerate the Goddess to seek her blessings. Mahalakshmi Vrat, falling during Bhadrapada in Shukla Ashtami, holds great importance in Hinduism. In the year 2019, Bhadrapada of Shukla Ashtami will fall on 6th September, and from this day itself, the Mahalaxmi Vrat will begin. Read this article to get important information related to this fast.

According to the religious scriptures, observing Mahalaxmi Vrat is said to fulfil all desires and eliminate the sufferings. This fast is observed for 16 days. However, if you are unable to fast for 16 days, then you can fast on the first, eighth and sixteenth day. However, no matter the duration of this fast, you must maintain pure thoughts throughout this period. Additionally, observing Brahmacharya during Mahalaxmi fast can be beneficial.

Mahalaxmi Vrat in 2019

Mahalaxmi Vrat BeginsShukla Ashtami, Bhadrapada6 Sept. 2019
Mahalaxmi Vrat EndsKrishna Ashtami, Ashwin Month22 Sept. 2019

Mahalakshmi Vrat: Puja Rituals To Follow

  • After waking up on the day of fast, meditate peacefully while remembering the name of Maa Laxmi. After this, take a bath and clean the temple altar.
  • After this, take a vow to observe the fast and pray to the Goddess for successful completion of this fast without any disruption.
  • If you are observing the fast for 16 or even three days, then you must worship the Goddess in the morning as well as evening as well.
  • Thoroughly clean your house for these 16 days.
  • After the completion of the fast on the sixteenth day, prepare a Mandap or Pavillion with a red cloth and place the idol of Maa Laxmi in it.
  • Keep fruits, flowers, sweets, nuts, kumkum etc. at the place of worship.
  • Offer yarn during the worship sixteen times to the Goddess, and chant the mantra given below while doing it. The meaning of this mantra is, “O Mother Lakshmi, I hope that you are satisfied with this fast observed by me.”

क्षीरोदार्णवसम्भूता लक्ष्मीश्चन्द्र सहोदरा। 
व्रतोनानेत सन्तुष्टा भवताद्विष्णुबल्लभा।।

kṣīrodārṇavasambhūtā lakṣmīścandra sahodarā। 
vratonāneta santuṣṭā bhavatādviṣṇuballabhā।।
  • After this, bathe the idol of Mata Lakshmi with Panchamrit and perform the Shodashopachar puja ritual. If you are capable, then you can invite four Brahmins on this day and feed them. 
  • On the day of Mahalakshmi Vrat, do not consume any food items other than fruits, milk and sweets.

Mahalaxmi Vrat & Mythological Legend

Ione can find a mythological legend associated with the Mahalaxmi Vrat in the Puranas. According to this legend, there lived a poor Brahmin in a village who was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Once pleased with his devotion, Lord Vishnu appeared in front of him and offered him a boon. The Brahmin wished for Maa Goddess to reside at his place. After listening to to the Brahmin, Lord Vishnu told him about a woman who prepares the cow dung or Gobar at the temple near his village, who is the incarnation of Maa Laxmi. He asked him to invite her at home. 

The Brahmin followed the idea given by Lord Vishnu, and invited her to his place. Hearing his words, Goddess Lakshmi understood that this ides belong to Lord Vishnu. With this, she advised the Brahmin to observe the Mahalaxmi fast for 16 days, and offer Arghya to the Moon at midnight on the 16th day. The Brahmin followed her advice, observed Mahalakshmi fast, and on the 16th day, Maa Laxmi kept her promise. Since then, Mahalakshmi Vrat is observed by the people of India.

Blessings With Mahalaxmi Vrat

Maa Mahalakshmi is also considered to be the goddess of joy and happiness. If you observe this fast as per rituals with a clean mind, the blessings of Maa Mahalaxmi get bestowed upon you. If your fast bears fruitful results, then money-related troubles get eliminated, and you attain profitable outcomes at a social level. You just need to keep in mind that no inappropriate act must be carried out throughout this duration of Mahalakshmi fast. You should keep your body and mind pure during the fast.

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