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Mercury transit in Virgo! Read more to know its impacts

Mercury’s conjunction with Venus will form Neech Bhang Raj Yoga! Discover the subsequent effects which will be visible in your life. Also, get full insights about the transit of Mercury taking place in Virgo on 11 September 2019 from our complete horoscope. 

The ruling lord of the North direction, the planet Mercury, of all the Navagrahas, is given a special status in the Solar system. According to its state and nature, it possesses the capability to influence a native all throughout his/her life. Both Virgo and Gemini are dualistic and powerful zodiac signs and because of being their ruling lord, Mercury’s influence is very crucial for the natives belonging to the abovementioned zodiac signs. Along with being the sign Mercury rules over, Virgo also happens to be its Moon Trikon and exalted sign. Amongst the Nakshatras, it rules over Ashlesha, Jyeshta and Revati which are also known as Gand Mool Nakshatras. Parents of a child born under any of these Nakshatras should conduct the pacification of Gand Mool immediately after his/her birth.

Impact of the Planet Mercury 

Natives under the influence of Mercury are known for their tactful, quick witted and humorous nature. Such an individual has the ability to chortle even after coming into contact with adverse circumstances. Because of this, a Mercury influenced native can easily become the eye candy of any social gathering. Folks affected by Mercury are mentally very sharp and their memory power is also quite strong. Even if they don't possess much physical prowess, but their astute intelligence helps them to solve biggest difficulties with ease. 

A favourable and strengthened Mercury assists a person in putting his/her viewpoint forward in front of anyone conveniently and helps the concerned individual to garner substantial economic gains because of his/her excellent communication skills. Such a native is also widely recognized for being proficient in the field of Arithmetics and proves to be an expert in business and trade. With the pleasant manner of speaking, a Mercury affected native leaves a good impression on everyone. On the contrary, the unfavourable placement of Mercury in one’s birth chart makes the individual overly talkative, because of which people start despising him/her. 

In order to strengthen the presence of Mercury in one’s Kundli, astrologers recommended to wear Vidhara Roots or Emerald Gemstone. Additionally, the Four Faced Rudraksha can also be worn so as to receive the blessings of Budh Dev. The Vishnu Sahasranam Strotam can be recited to appease the planet and make its position more favourable. Natives who maintain amicable relations with their sisters, daughters, paternal as well as maternal aunts are more likely to be at the receiving end of auspicious results generated by Mercury. 

Mercury is the fastest moving planet in the solar system and hence it makes transit in any zodiac sign for a very short duration. Communication system has made a significant amount of progress in the present era and Mercury being the governor of communication systems, is able to exert a great influence on human existence within the few days of its transit. Generally, the transit of Mercury through the second, fourth, sixth, eighth, tenth and eleventh house from a native’s Moon sign, situated in his/her Kundli, gives birth to positive outcomes. Whereas, in the last few houses, the planet endorses unfavourable results. 

Mercury To Conjunct with Venus 

As soon as Mercury transits in its exalted zodiac sign, Virgo, it will get conjuncted with its dear friend Venus, whose debilitated sign happens to be Virgo. In such a situation, it will eradicate the imparity of Venus and the auspicious results of both Venus and Mercury will come into the forefront. The conjunction of these two planets is considered extremely auspicious because they produce auspicious results in their general states also. 

Transit Timing of Mercury 

The planet Mercury, which occupies an important place in our life, will transit in its zodiac sign Virgo on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 04:47 am. It will remain posited in the same place until 12:41 pm on Sunday, September 29, 2019 and continue to make an impact on the psyche of each and every human being.

Mercury Transit’s Impact on Students 

This transit of Mercury will have a special effect on the students. Those natives who are preparing for Competitive examinations will get good results according to their hard work during this period. It should be kept in mind that if you have worked hard, the result will definitely get announced in your favor, but if you have not yet paid attention to your studies, then immediately start to push your edges and work on your academics. Those who are pursuing studies in the fields of entertainment, media, arts, architecture, medical and environment are more likely to get favourable results.

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Mercury Transit’s Impact on the Nation

Talking about the matters of national importance, then the zodiac sign of independent India happens to be Cancer and Mercury is moving through its third house during its transitory motion. According to the Kaal Purush Kundli, the third bhava is the significator of transportation, communication and neighbours. In such a situation, this transit of Mercury will be able to deliver quite desirable results as the government is likely to announce some new schemes pertaining to the transportation and communication mediums. They will prove to be beneficial for the general public. Additionally, relations with neighbouring countries will also improve further as there are chances of signing a treaty together. Let us now have a look at the impact of this transit on all the twelve zodiac signs. 

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The planet of intelligence, Mercury is transiting in the sixth house of your kundli. This house signifies diseases, illnesses, obstacles and struggles in life, opponents etc. This transit will prove to be financially beneficial for Aries natives. Hereby, there are high possibilities of you gaining monetary profits during this transit. Due to the influence of this transit, you will…..Read More 


The fifth house of your zodiac sign will be occupied by the planet Mercury during this transit. This house is called the house of progeny, and tells you about your children and your relationship with them. This transit of Mercury may not prove to be favourable for the natives of Taurus zodiac sign. During the course of this transit, you may have to face….Read More 


Mercury’s transit on 11 September will prove to be financially profitable for Gemini natives. It will enter into the fourth house of your kundli, which, according to the Kaal Purush Kundali, is ruled by Cancer zodiac sign. This house is known as the Sukh Bhava or the house of pleasures and comforts. During this transitory phase, you will be able to…. Read More 


The transit of Mercury is taking place in your third house. During this transit, you may feel a lack of courage in yourself. As a result, you will feel anxious and may frequently panic even while doing the easiest tasks. During this time, any unknown fear can haunt you. Additionally, your family life will...Read More 


Mercury will make its transit in the second house of your kundli. This planetary movement will prove to be auspicious and fruitful for Leo natives, and during this time, happiness will knock on your door. You will spend glorious time with the members of your family and your face will glow with contentment by looking at the happy faces of your family members. You need to remain alert ….Read More 


In comparison to other signs, your sign can get majorly affected, as Mercury transits in your sign, i.e., your first house. With the placement of Mercury in your Lagna house, you may have to struggle a lot although, your income will improve, and business is likely to flourish and expand as well. Your way of speaking can become …Read More 


For Libra natives, this transit is taking place in their twelfth house. In this duration of transit, your opponents can become active and plan and plot against you. Therefore, you need to remain alert from your opponents and evaluate every move well before going forward, otherwise there are chances of you getting into a major trouble. On the other hand….Read More 


The eleventh house of your kundli will be occupied by the planet Mercury. According to the Kalpurush Kundli, this house is governed by Aquarius and also called as the Labh Bahava or the house of profit. Mercury’s transit in this house is auspicious for you. Hence, your financial side will become stronger and you are likely to….Read More 


The transit of Mercury is taking place in the Karma Bhava or the tenth house of your zodiac sign. The presence of Mercury in this house will bring positivity in the lives of natives. Those who are employed can get to hear good news within the workplace in this duration and if you have been associated with an organization for a long time, then there are….Read More 


The Ninth house of Capricorn natives will be occupied by Mercury during its transit. This is also known as the house of Dharma, and signifies religion, luck, and relations with the Guru or teacher. This transit of Mercury can give rise to some troubles and tensions, some of which can affect you mentally. You will be seen strengthening….Read More 


Mercury will make its transit in the eighth house of your kundli. This planetary movement can prove to be beneficial for Aquarius natives. There are chances of your economic side becoming strong and powerful, and you may gain from the plans and schemes made in the past. Students who have already appeared in…..Read More 


Mercury will make its transit in the seventh house of your zodiac sign, which represents one’s marital life and partnerships in life, and can be evaluated to learn more about this aspect. The placement of Mercury in this house isn’t considered auspicious. During this transit, your health can deteriorate, and you can find yourself…..Read More 

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