Monday, December 17, 2018

Weekly Horoscope - 17 to 23 December 2018

Is anything special happening with you this week? Read to find out. Year 2018 is about to bid goodbye. As rightly stated, for a new beginning, there has to be an end. That’s how the year 2018 will part, giving a ray of hope for 2019. The second last week of the year starts on 17th. There’s a wave of celebration not because of Christmas alone, but the election season. The fate of the country is going to take a drastic turn, partly due to the influence of planetary positions. Read what are the indications of the planets for your sign.

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The middle and last phase of week will be good for you. You may gain from foreign sources as well........Read More


You have to work hard more in order to accumulate your wealth as you are running under the phase of Ashtama Shani.....Read More


This week is good for Gemini sign people except their marital life. There could be lots of arguments with your spouse......Read More


According to weekly horoscope, your family environment will be good this week. Your money may be spent on the health of your father........ Read More


According to Leo Weekly Horoscope, you will be inclined towards your children or study this time.......Read More


According to Virgo Weekly Horoscope, time is good for accumulating wealth. You may purchase some items for your family......Read More


According to weekly horoscope, you will become much attractive for others due to your Lagna Lord Venus transiting in your Lagna itself......Read More


According to weekly horoscope, time is very much favorable for you due to transit of Jupiter in your 1st house......Read More


According to weekly horoscope, your earnings will be good. This time, you may have to go on long distance travels......Read More


According to Capricorn Weekly Horoscope, you will be inclined towards spiritual deeds due to placement of Ketu in your Lagna......Read More


According to weekly horoscope, your career will go on heights. You may gain through foreign sources.....Read More


According to Weekly Horoscope, this week will be peaceful for you and you will involve yourself towards the religious deeds.....Read More 
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