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2019’s Biggest Coverage by AstroSage!

Make your 2019 special with tips from AstroSage having festivals, fasts, horoscope predictions, auspicious muhurats, calendar 2019, chinese horoscope!
With 2019 making its debut, AstroSage has brought a complete account of New Year 2019 for you. Here is the most accurate and precise coverage about 2019, which intakes different aspects of astrology such as horoscope and numerology predictions, yearly fasts, festivals, holidays, eclipses, transits, retrogrades, calendar 2019, auspicious muhurats, lal kitab predictions, as well as Chinese Horoscope 2019. So let’s put on your seat belts and enjoy the ride to 2019 with AstroSage.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

Horoscope 2019

Horoscope 2019 gives an in-depth analysis about how 2019 is going to great you from astrological point of view. Know what challenges, opportunities or occasions are waiting for you on your path, and which time favors you the most. AstroSage, world’s number one astrology website, offers precise astro-analysis and delivers yearly, monthly, weekly and daily horoscope predictions based on Moon sign in general and regional languages. Just your birth details act as the key to open the lock and reveal the secrets!

Read your 2019 Horoscope Predictions.

Lal Kitab 2019 Predictions

Lal KItab Predictions are based on the position of planets in 12 houses of a Teva or Horoscope. That's why the predictions out of it are more accurate and authentic. Through this report, you will be able to know about the important aspects of your life. Know how to prepare yourself from several challenges, obstacles and opportunities coming in your way in the year 2019!

Read Lal Kitab Horoscope 2019 Predictions

Auspicious Muhurats in 2019

What time seems favorable to start a new business? Or want to get married during the most auspicious muhurat? AstroSage has the answer! With 2019, get muhurat predictions for marriage, mundan or tonsuring, housewarming or griha pravesh, karnavedha or ear-piercing, namkaran or child naming, annaprashan or muhurat for eating solid foods and vidyarambh or auspicious muhurat to begin studying. Find out which date, time and nakshatra is best for you to carry out auspicious tasks. Along with it, find out the timings for Rahu Kaal, Do Ghati Muhurat, Uday Lagna and Today’s Auspicious Muhurat.

Read more about Different Auspicious Muhurats in 2019.

Transits 2019

How planetary transits mark a major impact on your life and how it affects 12 zodiac signs, know right here! We will give you a detailed brief about planetary transits and retrogrades happening in 2019 along with timings and its effects. Here, find out which planet is transiting in which sign or house and how impactful will it be for you.

Read more about Rahu Transit, Saturn Transit, Ketu Transit and Jupiter Transit in 2019.

Numerology 2019

Do you know that a single number has all the answers regarding your life? Numerology 2019 unveils the biggest secret of your life with predictions based on Birth Number. Numerology is an astrological science through which the person can know a lot about his past, present and future. Your Birth Date is added to bring out the Moolank or Numerology Number.

Read Numerology 2019 Predictions based on Birth Number

Calendar 2019

Hindu Calendar or Hindu Panchang offers a one-stop platform for yearly festivals and bank and public holidays and their time of occurence. Indian culture is a vivid amalgamation of beliefs, religion and sovereignty where several festivals are observed. Apart from Hindu festivals, Islamic, Christian, Jain and Sikh festivals are also included. Know which festival or holiday is occurring on which date with precise information.

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Quick List of Festivals in 2019

Know which festival holds significance and how to perform the rituals well. In the year 2019, explore auspicious muhurats of these festivals and when to perform the pooja. With its help, you’ll get to know how to reap the fruits of your worship by carrying out the rituals within the right time period. As you know, Hinduism holds a major importance about carrying out any task within an auspicious time. Hereby, know when is your favorite festival occurring in 2019 and how to perform it.

Here is the list of Festivals in 2019.

Planetary Eclipses in 2019

In the year 2019, there will be 3 solar eclipses and 2 lunar eclipses, which will directly affect the human life. Although eclipse is merely a celestial phenomenon, but it is an important event in Vedic astrology. During this time, there will be bad effects of Rahu-Ketu on Sun and Moon. During the eclipse, certain things are taken care of, especially for pregnant women and kids. Find out how these eclipses turn out to be for you.

Know more about Eclipses in 2019.

Fasts to be Observed in 2019

Fasts hold a special significance in the Hindu religion. Basically people keep fast for special purposes or to worship their lord. People can only get benefits from it when right rituals are performed. In Hinduism, Navratri, Sawan Somwar and karwa chauth are some of the important fasts. Apart from this, every month, people keep fasts according to the dates and muhurats. It includes Ekadashi 2019 fasts, Sankashti Chaturthi in 2019, Amavasya 2019 fasts, Poornima 2019 fasts and Pradosh fasts as well. Find out what is the right ritual to perform a fast with the help of AstroSage.

Chinese Horoscope 2019

Which chinese zodiac sign represents your personality? What are its traits and how Chinese New Year 2019 is going to treat you, know here with Chinese Horoscope 2019 predictions. Find out if 2019 strikes a perfect balance of YIn and Yang in your life, and find out how chinese astrology predicts your life and its various aspects.

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