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Weekly Horoscope (26 February - 4 March 2018)

Natives of these 6 Zodiacs will get lucky this week! Read weekly horoscope to know what prospects and opportunities are there for you.

These 6 Zodiac people will feel blissful between February 26 and March 4 as all their dreams and wishes would come true this time. Meanwhile, birthdays of two renowned persons, one from political background and other from Bollywood, will also be this week. Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, will celebrate his 67th birthday on March 1. Breaking ties with RJD, he is currently running a coalition government with BJP in his state. At the same time, Shraddha Kapoor, the most famous celebrity of Bollywood and known as Chirkoot among friends, will enjoy her 31st birthday on March 3 with family and friends. She is currently quite busy with the shooting and promotions of her upcoming movie projects as well as singing. We hope that the birthdays of the duos would bring lots of promising and great prospects in their lives. We wish them a great happy birthday in advance.

Now, let’s take a look at what will be there for 12 Zodiac natives this week.

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You will feel energetic and will complete your tasks with determination. However, you may feel mental stress during mid-week. Being patient is recommended as there may be tensions in the family as well. Take care of your mother’s health. You may also feel dissatisfied with current scenarios at workplace. The weekend seems better and promising for you. You may plan a trip during this period. There are chances of meeting with an old friend. Your income may also increase. Your children will support you. Students would also find this time fruitful for their studies.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week is giving positive results for love related matters. You would have lots of chit-chats with your partner and your bond would grow stronger. You would also spend quality time together. Married people will have a happy life. Your partner will remain devoted to you. There are chances of some monetary gains though your spouse as well.

REMEDY: Recite Hanuman Chalisa.



You may feel mentally stressed, so be calm and patient. You would try to spend more time with your family. Time will be favourable at workplace, though you may feel dissatisfied with the results for your hard work. Avoid useless gossipings at work. You may gain profits from government sector. There are chances of a short trip as well. Pay attention to your children as they may face some issues. Students will study hard this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a normal week for love matters. You may have some minor squabbles, but your relationship would remain stronger. Married couples may also have minor tiffs between them. Your spouse may feel angry with you. Handle things patiently during such times.

REMEDY: Worship Goddess Durga.



Luck will be in your favour this week. You will fulfill your responsibilities towards your family and will progress further in this direction. You may have to go away from your family. There are also chances of a trip during weekend. Family life will be happy and peaceful. Gaining monetary benefits through property seems a possibility. Children will follow your words. People who are trying for higher studies would get success this time as chances for overseas education are favourable. These are good times for students as well.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Your relationship would feel lively as your loyalty and devotion towards each other will increase. Some lucky people may also get married this week. You may also plan a trip with your beloved. These seems promising times for married couples as well. Your spouse will prosper and progress during this period.

REMEDY: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranama.


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This week may not be favourable for you financially. Increase in expenses may cause financial instability. There are chances of monetary loss as well, so act wisely. Family life will be peaceful and happy. If you are trying for a job change, you may get successful. Sudden monetary gains on charts for you during mid-week. Pay attention to your health as some physical ailment may affect you. Fear of the unknown or uncertainty may stress you, so be patient. Children may cause you distress as well as may act according to their will. Students will study enthusiastically.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: These are challenging times for love matters. Act wisely as you may engage in fights with your beloved. If possible try to limit your meetings and have conversations via phone only. There may arise some doubts in your married life as well which may affect your relationship. So, avoid meaningless doubts. Pay attention to your spouse’s health as it may decline.

REMEDY: Recite Hanuman Chalisa and offer vermillion (Sindoor) to Lord Hanuman.



These are promising times for Leo natives. Financial gains as well as a foreign trip seems a strong possibility. Keep a tab on unnecessary expenses as your cost of living may increase. You may explore spiritualism. There may arise some tensions in family life. There are chances of buying a property or vehicle. The time is favourable for loan repayment. You may have some sort of disagreement with your children. Students will study hard for achieving good results. Your authority will increase at workplace as well as in business.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: These are complex times for love relationships. You must remain loyal and devoted to your love partner. This would strengthen your bond. Some people may start a new relationship during this period. Married couple will feel love and emotions in their relationship. Though, avoiding ego is recommended for a happy married life. 

REMEDY: Offer vermilion (Kumkum) mixed water to the Sun God.



The natives of Virgo may gain monetary benefits this week. You would feel pleased with your performance at work. You may dominate your opponents. Your excellent communication skills help you get various tasks done. Court cases and legal disputes may result in your favour. There may be chaos in your family life which may cause mental discomfort, however stop overthinking. These are favourable times for people associated with sports. Pay attention to your child’s health. Students would have to work hard to achieve good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: These are challenging times for your relationship. You may face difficulty in understanding each other’s emotions, which may cause disputes between you both. So, try to work things out with proper and patient conversations. Married people would enjoy their marital life. Your spouse will serve his/her responsibilities towards family.

REMEDY: Offer green grass (Durva) and worship Lord Ganesha.


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You would feel happy and elated this week. With your knowledge and wisdom, you would gain success in every task. You will complete each task devotedly. Some lucky Libra natives may get blessed with a child. You would feel religious. Be calm and patient as your family life may get tensed and stressful. You would earn name and fame in business/workplace with hard work. You may plan a trip this week. Siblings may face some problems. Stop being lazy and avoid usage of harsh words. Children would get success in their domains. These are high times for students as well to become successful.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Your love would bloom this week. You would get the chance to spend more time with your beloved. Every wish and desire related to love would be fulfilled. Married people may face some stressful situations in their life. Your spouse may have some health related problems, so take proper care of them. If your spouse is working, she/he may gain some monetary benefits.

REMEDY: Worship smaller girls and take their blessings. Also feed them Mishri.



You may feel stressed about pointless things. As a result, you may feel hot-tempered or irritated. It is recommended to avoid unnecessary tensions as it may affect your health. You may spend some money on religious activities. There are chances of a long trip as well. This would be a good time for family, business and job. You may also spend some money on beautifying your home. Your children may go away from you for sometime. There are high chances that students may get desired results for their hard work.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be causal week for your relationship. If you are thinking about proposing someone, then this might not be a good time. It is recommended that you express yourself and instead of meeting, try to be conversational. Married people would get some good news through their spouse.

REMEDY: Offer wheat to Shivling.



You may get various promising prospects this week. There are chances of a foreign trip as well as monetary benefits from foreign sources. You may also earn some profits in business. You may plan short trips as well during this time. You would be more dependent on your colleagues at workplace. Fear of the unknown may cause stress to you. Drive carefully. Avoid any kind of surgery for now. Family life may remain happy and blissful. There are also possibilities of property related gains. You will spend quality time with your siblings and they will support you as well. Your children may feel dissatisfied with you. Students will work hard to achieve good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: These are promising times for your relationship. Due to some unknown reasons, your partner may have to go away from you. In such scenarios, your understanding towards each other will grow, which will strengthen your relationship more. Some lucky individuals may tie a knot with their better half. Married people will have a good time and may go on a trip with their spouse.

REMEDY: Feed flour (Atta) to the ants.


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Natives of Capricorn will experience mixed feelings this week. Your proficiency at work will make you successful. At the same time you may have to face unnecessary disputes, so in such situations being patient is recommended. You would wins hearts with your conversational skills. There are chances of increase in income as well as monetary benefits. Your expenses may also increase at the same rate, so keeping a tab on them is advisable. Family life will remain blissful. You children may be mischievous. Students may find this time favourable for studies. Though, it is recommended that they take proper care of their health as well as take out some free time for playing.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a casual week for love matters. There are chances of some disputes with your partner, so be careful. It is advisable to limit your meetings and have more conversations on phone. Understand your partner and respect their feelings. If married, your marital life will remain normal. However, pay attention to your spouse’s health.

REMEDY: Offer blue flowers and worship Lord Shani.



Your responsibilities as well as authority would increase at workplace and business. You would feel inclined towards religious and spiritual activities. You may donate or perform charity in this period. You may also plan a pilgrimage tour. Monetary gains will make you happy. Your colleagues will support you and senior officials will expect more outcome from you. You may face some tensions in family life. Your health will remain better this week. You may dominate your opponents. There are chances of unnecessary expenses. Your children will remain devoted to you. Students may face some hardships, but with strong determination they will achieve their objectives.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Your love stars seems gloomy this time. You both will remain devoted towards each other, but their may arise some minor tiffs. So, act wisely in matters related to love. If married, you will get support from your spouse which will strengthen your bond. However, avoid ego in your relationship.

REMEDY: Offer rice pudding to little girls. 



You may feel uncertain and anxious this week. You will work hard and will reap rewards for it. You may be benefited from foreign relations. People working in MNCs will also be benefited during this period. Along with monetary gains, your expenses may also increase. Keeping control on your wallet might be challenging this time. There may arise some differences between your and your father. Your children may act stubborn, so it is recommended to pay attention to them. Your siblings or friends may go on a foreign trip. Students may feel lack of concentration while studying.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You will experience mixed emotions this week. You will spend some intimate time with your partner. Meanwhile, there will be meetings as well as great conversations. However, avoid unnecessary doubts as it may affect your relationship. Married people will spend great time with their spouse as well. Though, paying attention to your spouse’s health is advisable.

REMEDY: Worship Lord Hanuman.


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