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Weekly Horoscope (05-11 February 2018)

These 7 Zodiacs will feel happy and elated this week! Read weekly horoscope and know what your stars has in store for you. Also read how job, business, education, family and love life will be during this period.

We always bring something special for you in our weekly horoscope. This week, again, is equally special as two of the Indian celebrities will be celebrating their birthdays. The Junior-B of Bollywood, Abhishek Bachchan will be turning 42 on 5th February. Along with him, the renowned poet and politician Kumar Vishwas will be celebrating his 48th birthday on 10th February. Though both Celebs are facing a declining career in their respective fields, but let’s not lose any hope. We, at AstroSage, wish them a great future and a very happy birthday in advance.

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You will be quite busy this week and will have to spend more time at work. Due to your busy schedule, you will not be able to give time to your family. It is recommended to take out some free time for them, otherwise there can be conflicts at home. You will spend some money secretly. Take care of your father’s health as well as your health. There are chances of profit from foreign sources. Unexpected monetary gains on charts for you. Your child will support you at work. Experience and wisdom will lead you to success in your field of expertise. Lack of concentration may cause problem for students. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Your love stars are gloomy this week. Although, if you are in love with a colleague, then this may be a good time for you. Conversation is necessary for a good relationship, so maintain it. If you are married, your spouse will support you as well as remain devoted to you.

REMEDY: Recite Hanuman Chalisa.



You will feel inclined towards experimenting something new. Your surviving skills will grow strong. This time you will be freed from all your debts. There are high possibilities of benefits from foreign trade or relations. Your child will progress in his/her working domain. This will be a good time for students. You will feel interested in religious and spiritual tasks. You will also spend money in charity related work. You may have to go on unwanted trips as well. Pay attention to your health during weekend. Control your temper. The situations will be normal at work.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a good week for love relationships. You will feel elated and happy with your partner. You may also plan a trip together. You may invite your beloved at home to meet your family. Married people will get support from their spouse. Your spouse may also try to dominate you this week.

REMEDY: Use some nice smelling perfume.



Your health may bother you this week. However, you will overshadow your opponents. You will get success in disputes and your conversational skill makes you a winner. You will pay more attention to your mother and family. Your income will increase and so will your cost of living. So, keeping a tab on your expenses is recommended, otherwise it may create problems for you. Your children will feel happy this week. You will also meet renowned people of the society, and this will benefit you in future. Siblings may face some kind of physical pain. Your father will get promotion at workplace. Include a healthy and nutritious diet in your routine to be fit and healthy. Students must study hard for good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week seems promising for love related matters. You will feel romantic during this period. Love life will go smoothly, despite of small squabbles. Married couples need to be patient as some differences may arise in relationship. Your spouse may get some kind of benefit. If family planning is your next step, then now seems a good time.

REMEDY: Reciting Vishnu Sahasranama is beneficial.


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Control your emotions or you may face difficulty in making decisions. Family life will remain happy and peaceful. Mother’s health will be good. Your children will act as per their wishes. This seems a promising time for students and they will take interest in their studies. You will dominate your opponents and will get success in every dispute. Your income will remain as usual and there may be some minor expenses. Some good news in family will make you happy and contented.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a casual week for love matters. You may try to dominate your love partner which may weaken your relationship. So, try to avoid such behaviour. If you are married, there are chances of clashes with your spouse. So, take a good care of them and be affectionate toward them to make them happy.

REMEDY: Offer milk in a pure vessel and worship Lord Shiva.



You will take interest in religious tasks. There are chances of a short trip or a pilgrimage tour. You may buy a property this week. Better conversational skill will help you get success in various fields. Your income will thrive this week, but expenses will also increase. So, try to avoid unnecessary expenses. Pay attention to your health as well. Working & business people may face ups-and-downs. Be patient as you may face your mother’s temper. Your child will feel happy and elated. Students will have to work hard to get good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a normal week for love related matters. Starting of a new relationship seems a possibility during this period. Trust and love is the foundation of your relationship and will strengthen it. This also seems a favourable time for married couples.

REMEDY: Apply saffron tilak.



You will feel happy in beginning of the week. Any auspicious work in family may get accomplished or you may hear some good news. Your income will also increase. You will perform each and every task with energy and will get success. You may get bored of your current responsibilities and may search a new job. You will also meet with friends and relatives and may plan a trip with them. Pay attention to your child’s health. Students have to work hard to achieve good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week seems favourable for love related matters. During this period, you will feel in love, romantic and affectionate. You may go on a date with your beloved. Married people will also have a good time as their bond will grow stronger.

REMEDY: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranama.


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Monetary gains on charts for you. People will appreciate your knowledge and intelligence and will seek your opinion in work related matters. Your self observatory approach will lead you towards success. Your love for your child will also increase. Those who were not able to complete their education, may grab the opportunity now. Siblings may face some challenges. Work smartly and avoid controversies at workplace. This is a favourable time for your children. Students will achieve good results for their hard work.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Your love stars seems gracious this week. You are a good person and your beloved will understand this. If married, pay attention to your spouse’s health. Try to avoid clashes with your him/her.

REMEDY: Offer rice pudding to Goddess Durga.



Your income will increase this week and so will your expenses. You will take interest in charity related tasks. You may gain financial benefits during weekend. Benefits from government also seems a possibility. Control your temper. You may consider changes at workplace. Your communications skills will improve and you will definitely get benefited from this. Spiritual activities may interest your children. Students will have to study really hard to get good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This may be a casual week for love matters. You will spend a good time with your love partner, which will strengthen your relationship. If you are married, you will get new promising prospects through your spouse.

REMEDY: Offer Bel Patti and water and worship Lord Shiva.



Your hardwork will reap you promising rewards. There may be an increase in income during mid-week, however, some expenses may occur on weekend. Your perception will grow strong and you will perform each and every task wisely. Avoid stale food. You may face insomnia or eye related issues. Drive carefully. Your child may feel short-tempered. You will gain benefit through property. Students will get assistance from their teacher, and this will benefit them in their studies.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a casual week for love matters. Where on one hand, you will focus on transforming your love relationship into sacred bond of marriage, there may also be chances of clashes with your partner on the other hand. If married, your spouse’s health may decline. You may also face some other challenges in your marital life. Sensible and wise thinking will help you overcome these challenge and till weekend your relationship will become normal.

REMEDY: Offer water and saffron tilak to Banana Tree.


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You may go on a long trip. Your status and prestige will improve and you will meet renowned people of the society. You may get promotion at workplace. Benefits from governmental tasks and increase in income may also be a possibility. You may gain monetary benefits through property as well. Family life will be blissful. You may feel mental stress. If you can control your mind, then you will be able to control everything. Your children will love and respect you. You will also take good care of them. This seems a good time for students, however avoid being hasty.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week seems gloomy for love relationships. You need to be careful while dealing with your partner as there are chances of clashes between you both, although your partner loves you dearly. You will also spend time with your friends. If you are married, spend some quality time with your spouse. This will strengthen your relationship.

REMEDY: Recite Shani Stotra created by King Dasaratha.



You may feel some mental stress in beginning of the week. However, as the week progresses, you will feel energetic and perform every task with enthusiasm. Your expenses may increase, though income remains the same. Pay attention to your mother’s health. You may go on a pilgrim tour. Family life will remain casual. Your responsibilities and authority will increase at workplace, however avoiding controversies is recommended. Your child may go abroad for higher studies. Students will also be benefited this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This may not be a good week for love matters. Your beloved may have to go away from you due to some unknown reasons, but your bond will remain stronger. If you are married, then it is necessary to take good care of your spouse.

REMEDY: Offer water and light a mustard oil lamp under Peepal tree.



This week seems quite favourable for you. Your status will improve in society. Your hard work will reap you promising results at workplace. You will also feel spiritual. Increase in income may be a possibility. Pay attention to your family life and children. Pay attention to your mother’s health as well. You may plan a trip. Lack of concentration may cause problems for students this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a good week for love matters. You will introduce your love partner to your friends or may plan a party together. You may also go on a trip. Married couple will spend a good time during this period.

REMEDY: Offer vermillion (Sindoor) and worship Lord Hanuman.


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