Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekly Horoscope – spin the wheel for a brighter future!

Planets’ movement bringing success for all! Read the weekly forecast for 31st July to the 6th of August for a brilliant start to the month of August. How would the planetary positions and constellations change the course of your future. Read on.

The below-mentioned predictions are based on your moon sign. Calculate your moon sign through Moon sign Calculator

ARIES: This week will be a bit disappointing for natives of the Aries zodiac sign. There could be small disputes amongst the family members. During this, the health of your mother might get affected. At the same time you can also be disturbed by disorders related to chest or stomach. On the other hand, this week will also bring you some happiness. In this period, you might consider buying a new land. Your rights on the workplace will increase; authority would boost up. There is also a possibility of loss of money during this period. Children will do well in studies. You will spend time with your siblings and help them when they need. Drive wheels with caution this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week is all about keeping transparency in love. Do not doubt each other at all. Also, it is to be noted that during any conversation crass words should not be used at all. The beginning of the week seems to yield good results but the middle is weak. The weekend seems to be average.


REMEDY: Apply Saffron Tilak on your forehead.

TAURUS: This week you will see tremendous enthusiasm and energy in your character. During this time you will dominate your opponents, although for some time you can become a victim of extreme self-confidence. Do not interfere in matters of others. This week you will save money and family life will also be good. Your children would enjoy the materialistic comforts that life has to offer. They'll be quick learners. This week you may have to stay away from home. You may be disappointed with what you are currently doing. If you work hard, you can succeed in achieving your goals. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week advises you to take every action with preconceived caution. If you plan on marrying the love of your life, the chances of you proposing and getting an affirmative response is highly probable. The beginning of the week could see playful bickerings happening between you and your spouse. By the mid of the week, stay modest and abstain from having wayward thoughts. The weekend could ring in some better times for your love life.


REMEDY: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranam Stotra.

GEMINI: This week, you will attract everyone with your fascinating personality. However, occasionally rise of bitterness in speech can hurt others, so deliver a restrained language only. There might be disputes in the family, so try to avoid unnecessary fights. This week, your spouse's health might be poor. In this period, you will enjoy physical amenities. Also a possibility of obtaining benefits from overseas are probable. You will get love and warmth from your kids. Students will perform better in studies. Goodwill would flourish in family life. Everything will be in your favor even at the workplace and you will grow tremendously.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: No matter how good the days seem to you, you must keep tabs on your tongue. It's advised that you lay equal stress on the selection of your words, and utter only when you know it won't hurt the person in front of you. If you go out to have a meal with your partner, then do take care of what you eat. It's advised that you consume only those food items which are suitable to your taste buds and body capacity. The start of the week would be sweet for you. By the mid, some playful bickerings would keep the mood light and flirty. However, the end of the week would be a tad bit weak, so stay modest. 


REMEDY: Offer Durva to Lord Ganesha and worship him with utmost devotion.

CANCER: Family life can be topsy-turvy this week. Expenses will increase due to the craving for amenities. Try to avoid disputes in this period. You will receive great support from your siblings. This week you will have an increased sense of religious, social and charitable character. You may also go on a pilgrimage. Children may have to face difficulties. At the same time students will face troubles in concentrating on their academics. The week is favorable for your father. Meanwhile, keep your language restrained and drive any vehicle carefully.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Try to refrain from having a stubborn attitude towards things in your life. You must not indulge in doing anything that doesn't interest you. No matter how good the week gets for you, you must not mix your family issues with that of your love life. Try and keep them separate. The middle of the week looks auspicious for you. You'll get your desires fulfilled. As the week comes to a full circle, you will not find it as per you liking, but try to be nonchalant about it, cause no matter what the sun rises the next day and so will you! 

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REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva and offer him milk and Akshat.

LEO: Financially this week is going to be very good for you. You can get unexpected benefits during this period, though the expenses might also increase. This week some people can plan to go abroad. Your sweet talks would turn out to be beneficial for you. Your mother's health could be weak in this period. Being confused will create difficulty in making decisions, so it is better to avoid making any major decision this week. You will get good results this week at workplace. Children will be joyous; Students may get good results in studies. There are strong chances of you garnering financial gains. These lucrative benefits will aid a you in the long run.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week you'll have to double up your efforts to meet up with your partner. However, if your partner does stay away from you, there are strong chances that you'll get to see them in person. The beginning of the week looks brilliant. You'll get plenty of chances to meet your lover. The mid of the week is weak, so your mind might stray away from romantic feelings. The weekend would bring back the lost charm of your relationship. 


REMEDY: Donate seven cereals on Wednesday evening.

VIRGO: A lucrative week, with profitable gains in business is predicted. Those in business partnerships will garner huge success. Due to your decision making prowess, you'll achieve name and glory in the society. This week, your health might face a severe backlash. Children might also have to suffer from illness. Therefore, you are advised to keep tabs on their well being. Due to a lack of concentration and interest, children would have a hard time studying. At the workplace, the time doesn't look much good for you. Despite all this, you'll strive hard to maintain a balance between your filmy members and their demands. Women will play a major role in getting you financial support. This week you might plan out a long trip or an overseas journey. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The predictions for this week forecasts a bright time for you. In case you've the pure intentions of marrying the one you love, the week would be awesome for you! At the start of the week indulge in sumptuous dishes. By the middle of the week, you might get to go and watch an emotion centric film. The weekend would be brilliant for you to strengthen the love bond.


REMEDY: Worship Maa Durga and offer her white flowers.

LIBRA: This week you'll be overjoyed by a good news! It'll be a favourable time for you to expand your business; refrain from having any confrontation with any of your colleagues. You'll be devoted towards your father, with this you might go for a long trip. Your mother's health would require your attention. You'll spend your most of the time doing philanthropic and spiritual deeds. As the time progresses, you'll be able to start a new venture which would turn out to be lucrative for you in the long run. The time is great for those in the field of IT and Communications. Gains from foreign sources are probable. Kids might get annoyed at the slightest of issue. However, students will get intellectually strong.

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LOVE PREDICTIONS: Your relations would get strong with your spouse. Partner living away from you would travel the distance just to see your face. You might plan a trip with lover to spice things up. By the mid of the week, you might have to struggle with little bickerings here and there, but with time they'll dissolve on their own. By the weekend, you might go for a meet up at a safe spot.


REMEDY: Donate white sandalwood on Wednesday.

SCORPIO: A long trip overseas is on the cards for some this week. You might have to face trials and tribulations at work. With constant efforts you'll be able to float above the tide. At home, your relations with everyone would be cordial. Siblings would be extra sweet and extend their helping hand towards you. You might stay tensed due to mental tensions. As the weekends, you'll get great results and news from everywhere. Try to keep arguments at bay. Keep tabs on your father's health and maintain a zero argument relationship with him. This week your mind might get flooded with wayward thoughts. There are strong chances of job change in this period. This week would go bonkers for the kids and students.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Despite the week seeming good to you, you'll have to exert yourself at work. You job would constantly require you to run and get things done on time. This could make your partner complain about not getting enough time with you. If this persists, the mid of the week would have to face the repercussions of this action. However, the weekend would turn out to be just fine for the both of you, as you'll make do with whatever time you get!


REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva and offer him Durva on Wednesday.

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SAGITTARIUS: This week you've the perfect chance of unprecedented success and gains at work. Stay focused on your work and strive harder to make things work your way. At home, there will be cordiality and warmth. There might be minor health troubles to you, with this, your father might also have to suffer through poor health. With calor and determination, you'll be able to battle with the toughest and cruelest of enemies. You might consider this week an opportune time for a trip or an excursion. The decisions made with proper thought and research would get you great results. Chances of you getting a transfer are present this week. Your presence in the society would get re-established. Your child might act irksome; students will have to work day in and out to get the results of their dreams. This week your expenses would skyrocket.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week could be a miser in giving you the best favourable combinations. You are advised to not get hit under the collar and abstain from any kind of confrontation or argument. It'll be better if you keep the past in the past and do not inculcate in your present. At the beginning of the week you won't get enough time to meet your partner. The mid of the week would strengthen the opportunity to meet your partner, however, you are advised to keep a tab on your emotions. As the week ends, make up with your partner with sweet talks and genuine care.


REMEDY: Offer water to Sun from a copper vessel with red flowers in it.

CAPRICORN: The week would be gloomy for financial matters. Your income would rise slowly and partnerships will have to go through a tough patch. The week would be great for familial relations. You'll be determined and focused at work, which would garner you glory at office. Health ailments would keep you tensed for most of the week. Kids will have a gala time this week as well! Students will be concentrated on their studies, however by the mid of the week they might stray away from their goal. Siblings would be supportive and will yield you lucrative deals. The relationship that you share with your father will be sweet. You might consider going for a pilgrimage. The social stature that you hold would increase as the week ends.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would be average for you. You are advised to keep sensual thoughts and anger at bay this week, as to keep your mood in good spirits. The start of the week would be great; in case of being in love with a colleague, the chances of you getting gleeful results is quite possible. The middle of the week would give you excellent results. As the week comes to an end, you'll be able to maintain contact with your spouse through the medium of social media.


REMEDY: Donate Jaggery on Sunday as well as Tuesday.

AQUARIUS: It's required that you finally understand the importance of hard work to get success in life. It's high time that you start paying attention to the little details. Your mother will enjoy a comfortable life. You might have to stay away from work due to work. Things might turn out to make you a workaholic due to overburdened pile of tasks. Your interest in spiritual activities would increase in the week. Some wealth gains are highly probable due to this. Some stress at work is likely; however, your long awaited wishes might just see the dawn of completion by the weekend. Children would flourish; students will work day and night to achieve their goals. It'll be apparent in their faces, as to how badly they want to win. It's advised that you do not get lured in the trap of short cuts. Take the right path and be sure about it. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Despite this week bringing out the best for you, you are advised to refrain from hurting your partner's feelings, just so you can put your word forth. The week would begin on an average note. In case you are in love with a colleague, it's advised that you take proper precautions while meeting up and stay cautious from your seniors. The mid of the week would give you good results. The end of the week also proposes a great time. 

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REMEDY: Worship Maa Durga and offer her Kheer and flowers.

PISCES: The week guarantees comfort at home, that’ll make you rejoice with inner happiness. You are advised to abstain from boasting about things that you own to others. This might bring out a negativity in you, that you never knew existed. You might consider buying a new house or a vehicle in this period. Mother’s health would be peachy. She’ll enjoy the materialistic comforts of life. However, your children might have a hard time focussing on their studies, as they’ll have to suffer from ill health. This would affect their studies and extra efforts would be required to attain the bare minimum. Wealth gains would keep you happy and satisfied. Those involved in a technical field will have a great week, as the stars favour their luck. Father’s status in the society would face a rise. Your expenditure this week is predicted to rise; you’ll outshine your rivals in this period.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: An average week for you, as you’ll battle through the blues of the starting days. Staying modest would be your only way out of this. The mid of the week would comparatively be better for you. You might consider going out for a pilgrimage. The weekend would make things turn bright for you! You’ll be able to spend quality time with partner and make up for all the time lost during the week.


REMEDY: Worship Lord Hanuman and offer him Sindoor.

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