Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mars Transit in Cancer– Focus on enhancing your courage

Determination may dwindle with this transit. Mars transit in Cancer will make you to assert through warm, devoted, loving, kind, emotionally sensitive and caring nature, as emotions become tensed in this transit. All your energy would get channelised in between your domestic and private life. 

According to the Vedic Astrology, Mars is the planet of energy and it administers a person’s will power. The planet Mars imparts us the courage and determination to move forward. Moreover, Mars gives us courage and valour to tackle things in life. The Planet Mars typifies masculinity, freedom, struggle, valour and desirable actions. So, it can be concluded that Mars is the planet of verve and zeal in a person’s horoscope. Looking at the movements of the planet Mars, one can unveil the action of the Sun and the Moon in the horoscope of a person. 

The Planet Mars will enter the Cancer zodiac at 15:20 PM on 11th of July, and the transit will prolong till 08:51 AM on 27th of August, 2017. This Mars transit in Cancer will leave considerable impact on all the 12 zodiac signs. Let us take a peek into the consequences of the transit on all the 12 zodiac signs.

Know about Mars, Planet of War: Planet Mars.

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During this transit period, you need to take proper care of your parents and especially your mother. You might fetch benefits at your workplace. Moreover, dissensions in marital life is presaged. READ MORE


This transit period would bring about an upswing in your determination. Refrain yourself from getting involved into someone else’s matter. Your siblings might suffer and a change in your job is prevised. READ MORE

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Harshness in your speech might create some troubles for you in this transit period. Lack of mental peace would prevail and health of your spouse might decline . READ MORE


In the course of this transit period, you need to control your aggression. Tiffs in your marital life is predicted. However, you would achieve success at your workplace. Students would excel in their fields and beget favourable results. READ MORE 

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In this transit period, you might go abroad either for studies or for professional purpose. You would supercede your opponents and health of your spouse might get influenced. However, you would put up your sincere efforts at work.READ MORE


This transit period would bring about an upswing in your income. Some issues in your love life might persist, so you need to refrain yourself from getting into any kind of arguments. Moreover, you might enjoy with your loved ones in social gatherings and get togethers. READ MORE


Progress at your workplace is presaged and chances of promotion are probable. However, tiffs in your domestic life is presaged. Troubles in your love life are also predicted and the students might lack in concentration, s far as the students are concerned. READ MORE 


This transit period would yield you fruitful results of your hard work and sincere efforts. Health of your father might decline and long journeys are probable. Moreover, issues with your siblings are also prevised. You might even think of changing your current job. READ MORE


Health of your spouse might get affected. Apart from it, tiffs in marital life due to heated arguments are probable. This period is highly significant for a sadhak, if one wants to attain siddhi of tamasic in nature. Moreover, you need to drive carefully, as chances of injuries are probable. READ MORE

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This transit period would bring about a challenging period for you. Hardships in your marital life are presaged and health of your spouse might decline . You are suggested to display a tranquilized disposition, as it might create problems for you on professional and personal front. READ MORE


Health issues might bother you in this transit period. There would be a surge in your expenditures and you would put up your best efforts at work. You need to control your anger and drive carefully. Abstain yourself from getting involved in someone else’s issues. READ MORE


During this transit period, your income might experience a hike and children would suffer from health issues. However, you might also go abroad for studies. Disputes in your love matters are also presaged and you need to give space to your partner. READ MORE

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We, at AstroSage believe and hope that you progress well in this period. May this transit typify the exceptional times still to come in your life!

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