Saturday, March 11, 2017

Transit Of Mercury - Pisces welcomes the planet of wit

In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is appraised to be as the planet of communication. The variations in the locus of this planet brings about primary changes in the nature, character and conduct of an individual. Communication, intellectuality and awareness comes within the realm of Mercury and thus it aids us in enhancing our thought process. But it also has malefic effects when not in a good place in one’s chart. Mercury is responsible for your behaviour towards others and the way you handle the unwanted situations in your life. Being the Lord of Gemini and Virgo, Mercury is exalted in sign Virgo and debilitated in the sign Pisces. Mercury represents intelligence, education, business, publishers and writers as well. So, here is a glimpse on the grandeur of the desired transit to enlighten you the upshots with respect to the manoeuvre of the planet Mercury.

Get illuminated with the signifier of communication : Planet Mercury 

The transit of Mercury into the sign Pisces would be on 11th of March and this transit and will perpetuate till 27th of March. So, we have come up with the myriad of predictions and the effect of transit on all the 12 zodiac signs. 

The predictions mentioned below are based on your Moon Sign, know your Moon Sign : Moon Sign Calculator

ARIES: This transit would bring about frequent journeys and you should abstain yourself from making big financial decisions. If you look forward to get settled abroad, then it is a propitious time for you.

TAURUS: You would witness sudden professional gains with a considerable increase in your earnings. Your love life would be cherishable so just make the best of what you have.

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GEMINI: Relocation to a new address is probable and refrain yourself from being talkative. You just need to be calm and composed in your temperament.

CANCER: You might get disposed towards spiritual and religious activities. You might get financial assistance from your siblings and you may be interested in higher studies.

LEO: A sudden loss in wealth is presaged with certain serendipitous gains. You might have some health issues and thus, refrain yourself from excessive workload.

VIRGO: Romance would be in full swing and this time period would prove to be euphoric for the married couples. You might experience an elevation in your professional status.

LIBRA: You might witness an upswing in your expenditures and struggle in the workplace is presaged. You might get worried with the health issues of your spouse.

SCORPIO: You might make a commitment pertaining to your love life. Refrain yourself from getting into arguments as it might prove waspish for your relationships.

SAGITTARIUS: You might ponder over the idea of buying a new house or a vehicle.Your ideas would aid you in gaining recognition at your workplace.

CAPRICORN: You should cultivate a hobby and develop expertise in it. Your focus and determination would enhance and your siblings would flourish during this period of time.

AQUARIUS: You might impress people with your speech in this duration. Some unanticipated gains could also be expected. There also might be a probable increase in the inflow of income.

PISCES: Your spouse would be highly supportive and it is a favourable time period for reaping benefits from partnerships. You might also plan to construct a house and an auspicious event might take place in your house.

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We, at AstroSage believe and hope that you fare well in this period. May this transit be the flagbearer of good times still to come in your life!

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