Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 2017 Horoscope - How to play your cards right & be the boss

Often we are kept hanging, often we ponder a lot as to what would have happened if only someone foresaw what happened and warned us before things happen the way they happened. Well all that is surely about to change as we bring to you, Monthly Horoscope for the month of March, so that you don’t get that thought in your head. and all that does get in is the excitement and the frenziness to grab hold of the situations by the scruff of the neck & tackle them head on.


People who are expecting a promotion, may finally be headed in the right direction & deservedly so. After all you have worked for it extensively and diligently so, this is the least that you deserve. This could all be credited to the fact that the aspect of Jupiter is in your tenth house. Also, try not to chance your arm with lotteries. 

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Mother’s health needs to be monitored carefully & in an uncompromising manner. Circumstances could really push you to blow a fuse, but you ought to handle such situations with utmost calmness and precision. Your siblings shall back you to the hills, as you would enjoy a silky smooth relationship with them. 

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Health should be the last thing on your mind as you shall be in a splendid shape both physically as well as mentally. With an approach that could disseminate away even the monster of a problem, you shall conquer everything & anything that comes your way. 

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A family feud is possible this month; abstain from adding fuel to the flames or do anything that could escalate things in the wrong direction. It’s time to lock up that treasure chest or you wouldn’t have anything in it. A long drive with someone special could turn your mood for good. 

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You could incur a sudden loss or gain. Transit of Jupiter in your second house could give you prosperity and happiness in your family affairs. You could expect a promotion and recognition at your workplace. Your siblings could find an opportunity to go abroad and if they are involved in professions such as life insurance, geological work or cult science etc. than it would turn out to be a very successful time for them. 

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Keep a keen watch on the type of food that you eat. Your eyes could use some extra care, while it is more preferable that you get yourself an appointment with your eye doctor as soon as possible. You could pass a competitive exam, provided you work your fingers to the bone for it.

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Donations and religious acts could give you eternal satisfaction. There would be harmonious vibes at home. Transit of Dragon’s Head (Ketu) in the fifth house might make you interested in fields such as occult science and other activities. Your partner’s health would demand your proper care as well as attention.

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Maintain your coolness and gentle nature towards your mother. You may receive financial help from your siblings and friends. Children will perform exceedingly well in studies. You possibly could even acquire a shiny new house. Life partner would prove to be a pillar of strength and would shower you in love & affection.

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Although your life partner is not supportive enough during this period, do not let this bother or irritate you as it would only make matters worse & complicated. You might find it hard to deal with your spouse’s mood as well as illness, which could give you a whiplash but then again, there are certain things that you just gotta do in love.

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It is advisable to keep your mood under check, especially in regards to a transfer in your job. Analyse everything with proper outcomes & possibilities only then are you advised to take your final stand on any topic. Father’s health could keep you on your toes as he would require some care as well. You could also expect some expensive gifts from your lover in this period. 

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Before you put skin in the game, it is strongly advised that you consult your financial adviser first, because with deep pockets comes deep responsibilities. So, plan well, before investing all that money. Your earning would grow significantly. Family life, will keep you satisfied, happy & engaged. Elder brother, could disapprove your ideas, but it isn’t something that you should dwell about, as he could just be pushing you towards brilliance. 

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You would be full of life & zippy as you would successfully leave a long bugging illness behind. Your zeal & enthusiasm would fill your mind as well as your heart & push you to defy your limits & perform more than what you are capable of. Piece of mind at work i something not everyone achieves, but you will & this would just be a beginning of all the good things that are yet to come. 

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