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Horoscope Of The Week (13th March- 19th March) - Enjoy Holi with us!

Curious as to how the week of Holi will be for you? Know the love predictions and the Weekly predictions of the third week of March for your loved ones and you. Plant the seeds of love this festive season with Weekly Horoscope!


As the week begins, you’ll be a go getter! Getting hot under the collar might become a problem for you. Income increase could bring the lost colors on your face back. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: A week full of bliss and hues! You’ll feel rejuvenated with all the love that your partner will shower you with.the weekend might be a little dull for you, but with added care and efforts, you’ll be able to enjoy the week to its entirety. 


REMEDY: Serve the holy cow.


This week as the colors spread around, you’ll feel a little under the weather. Health would be the last of your worries, and this would be the major cause of you falling sick in this period. Gains on the marital front would benefit you in the long run. Detachment at work would be a major let down to your cheery mood. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Invigorate your senses with the colors of love this week! Up your efforts and enjoy memories with your lover. A proposal in the beginning of the week would bring joy to the single masses. The mid of the week might bring some tiffs along, but your doubled up efforts will combat it, beautifully. 


REMEDY: Take care of a black stray dog regularly.


Mother’s health will be great. A balance in professional life and personal life would bring fantastic results in your life. You would enjoy gains and a productive career. Understand the importance of being alone and enjoying being on your own! Self love is the greatest love, as they say. Someone might backstab you, so prevention is better than cure. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Keep a tab on your words, while teasing your partner. You must remain modest, despite of your sexual inclination. If you plan your days accordingly, the festival of colors could be the harbinger of new colors in your life. Almost the whole week would be fabulous for you in love matters. 


REMEDY: Behave well with your house worker and give them an occasional tip.


The week would be colored in the bright hue of pink for you. You’ll have a positive outlook towards the world. Opposite sex would support you in your direst needs. Colleagues and seniors will be extra sweet to you. Do not get alarmed by this. Although, your increasing expenses must be an element of worry for you. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: An average week for love, but in case you’re in love with a colleague the chances of a happy ending are much high. The mid of the week will give you a chance to go for a dinner or a movie date. But as the week comes to an end, you’ll feel exhausted and it’ll take more than just efforts to spice up your love life. 


REMEDY: Serve your mother and take good care of her.


A ceremony at home will bring extraordinary joy to your life. Relationships at home will be cordial. Although, your marital life might be a little bumpy. Health would require attention. Keep your wellbeing your prime concern in life, if you want to live out your days peacefully. Try to dodge any scandal coming your way, to avoid any chance of getting defamed. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Lots of talks and lots of wandering would bring out the best in your love life you’ll get plenty of options to go with your partner to nice romantic places, that’ll bring out your love for each other. Whilst you're at it, abstain from any kind of debate or bickering with your lover. 


REMEDY: Take care of your spouse and maintain a cordial relationship with them.


Health would be brilliant this week. Your income would increase and so would your expenditure. But, it must be kept in mind that savings play an integral part in your life. Chances are that you might develop an internal issue in this week. Health of your parents will require attention. This week seems to the best time for you to repay your loans. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week looks dull for your love relations. For better results, keep your relationship low-key and abstain from any personal tiff. Instead of looking for mistakes and drawbacks in your bond, look for the love that has been lost, and how you can bring it back. The weekend would be mellow, just like the week. 


REMEDY: surprise your sister and indulge her in splurge.


Chances of splurging and spending on luxury items will present themselves to you, and you’ll grab them by the neck. You might get to dip your feet in foreign waters in this period. Abstain from getting lazy and lethargic, to avoid any work getting delayed. 

Try to keep you egoistic self at bay and not let that affect your relationship.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week promises to give you average results; with quick wit and reason, you could definitely get better results. The beginning of the week would give you great results and the end the most dull. Albeit, you stay out of any troubles with your partner. An issue of monetary nature might harm your relationship.


REMEDY: Try to help out an underprivileged woman this week.


This week might nudge your aggression. Try to keep a tab on your anger, as chances of your tongue ruining relationships is high. You might encounter stomach-related issues this week. The week would be a beautiful period for lovebirds. Your source of income might multiply, as you double your efforts. You would annihilate your foes and competitors in this duration.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: To prove yourself right and superior in front of your partner is not the most romantic thing that you could do for them. Throw aside your ego and treat them for the love and strength they provide you with. Ensure that you treat them nicely and lovely. 


REMEDY: Maintain a cordial relationship with your colleagues. 


A very blissful period is indicated this week. You will be highly appreciated in this duration, as your foes would also be on your side. Personal life would also be extremely pleasant. You would be able to establish an equilibrium between personal and professional life. It’ll be for the better if you do not keep your expectations high from a new relationship.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would be great for love affairs. You’ll be happily in love with your partner. Meeting your lover would be like a piece of cake for you. Lunch dates or dinner dates would interest you. The end of the week might keep you love birds away, so make sure you use telecom to get a hold of them!


REMEDY: Serve your father and take good care of him.


The week would be a great period for professional growth. You might plan a trip or an excursion with family. Philanthropic deeds will keep you occupied, as you’ll receive the love and respect of many. A flourishing period for love life and new relationships. A change in job is also predicted. Abstain from gossiping. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: An average time for love affairs. With some precautions you’ll be able to spice up your life. If you get a chance to meet up with your partner, then don’t think twice and grab it with both hands. Be modest in your approach. The week would be not too good and not too bad for you,as it promises to be just the correct blend.


REMEDY: Plan a reunion with your in-laws and mend your relations with them.


This week you would be impressive, rather enchanting in your speech and conduct. You would gain determination and income would increase. This week you would take any challenge by its neck. Marital life might seem a little drab. Some minor misunderstandings with spouse are likely. You might indulge in an auspicious event at home. Try to be supportive of your siblings.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would give you average results. Abstain from acting too stubborn in front of your partner. Maintain the love and modesty in your love life. At the beginning of the week, you’ll need to maintain transparency. The weekend would give you great results, as you’ll be blessed with results in your love life. 


REMEDY: Help out your younger brothers, whenever he needs it.


This week you’ll have unlimited expenses. Although, your income would experience an hike, you’ll spend lavishly on your comfort. You would enjoy the bliss in your health, as you’ll be in perfect well being. Marital life will be splendid. You might go abroad during this period. This week would bring out the best in you, as you would exhibit an attractive personality. Although it’s advised that you keep your aggression under control.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would be average for you. The start of the week looks brilliant. If you’re married or on the verge of getting hitched, the probability of acquiring bliss are pretty high. The mid of the week would require you to be straight forward in your approach. Due to extra strenuous activities, you won’t get much time to enjoy the week with your partner, so enjoy every moment and second that you get with them. 


REMEDY: Try to maintain a cordial relationship with those under you in the professional hierarchy. 

We at AstroSage, hope that the festival of Holi bring forths vivid hued skies and colored palettes for you! Enjoy and paint the town with color.

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