Thursday, October 13, 2016

Venus Transit In Scorpio Today - Know It’s Effect On You

On October 13, 2016, Venus will transit into Scorpio and will travel in constellations of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. The effect of this transit will be different for different people, depending upon their sign or ascendant. People going through Antar or Pratyantar Dasha of Venus will witness major change. 


Your hard endeavours might not yield good results while on the edge of accomplishment. Read more


Married Taurus can expect affection in their lives and they will feel quite happy as well. You will enjoy a great state of mind and luck will favour you. Read more


Avoid taking major decisions as your luck might not favour you. If you’re thinking of changing jobs, the time is quite right. Read more


You need to have a control on your expenditures. Take good care of your health as minor issues are on the horizon. Read more


Time is very fortunate for service people. This transit will bestow you with wealth and sensual pleasures. Read more


Lady luck will favour you this transit. People belonging to the media and entertainment fields will enjoy great benefits and opportunities to grow. Read more


Take good care of your health. Although financial gains might be around the corner, control your expenses and try to save income. Read more


Inner bliss and peace will be at peak. You can expect certain profits from friends and close ones. Read more


Avoid online shopping in this period. Harmony might lack from your personal life for some days. Read more


You might get great job opportunities, especially if you are unsatisfied with your current job. Luck will be with you this transit. Read more


Time is great to test your luck. Wish anything and it will come true. However, avoid over confidence. Read more


Lady luck shall reward you for your efforts. You might find sources of extra income and will make new friends as well. Read more

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