Saturday, October 29, 2016

Narak Chaturdashi Today - Know Important Muhurat

Narak Chaturdashi or Narak Chaudas will be celebrated on the 29th of October, 2016. This day lauds the human spirit of being good and doing good, and let honor and virtue win over the vices prevalent in the society. This day is celebrated in remembrance of Lord Krishna and his second wife, Satyabhama, for killing the demon Narakasura. This also happens to be the day when people indulge in Abhyang Snan. 


Celebrated a day after Dhanteras and a day before diwali, Narak Chaturdashi is a festival to cherish the good inside all. According to the hindu legends, Lord krishna along with his wife Satyabhama (the avatar of Bhudevi, the earth goddess and consort of Lord Vishnu) killed Narkasur, the demon and relieved humans from his anguish. The festival is celebrated a day before Amavasya i.e. before Diwali, hence it’s also known as Choti Diwali or Diwali Minor. 

Narak Chaudas is celebrated to absolve our vices and flaws, and move towards a happier wellbeing. 

Abhyang Snan Muhurat for Narak Chaturthi for New Delhi - 05:06:00 to 06:31:20

Note: The above mentioned timings are for New Delhi, To know about the Abhyang Snan Muhurat in your city, Narak Chaturdashi Puja Muhurat

Abhyang Snan

A Snan (bath) is considered quite auspicious on this day. Before paying homage to the deities, apply an ubtan (made up of til oil, herbs, flowers and other natural ingredients) and then take a bath. Its advised to add holy water to your bathing water. The ‘snan’ is believed to abstain humans from damnation. Abhyang Snan is performed during moonrise, but before sunrise in the Chaturdashi Tithi itself. Abhyang Snan is suggested on Chaturdashi, Amavasya and Pratipada days during Diwali. Offer food and sweets to the needy people on Narak Chaturdashi 

Know everything about this festival in detail here: Narak Chaturdashi

May Goddess Laxmi bless your life with valor and affluency this Chhoti Diwali.

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AstroSage wishes you a sparkling and jubilant Narak Chaturthi and Chhoti Diwali 2016.

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