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Govardhan Puja Muhurat & Weekly Horoscope

Govardhan Puja marks the first day of the Kartik month of Hindu calender. This day is also celebrated as Bali Pratipada and the beginning of the Gujarati New Year. This day is indeed the one to be cherished and celebrated to the fullest. 

Govardhan Puja is celebrated on the Pratipada Tithi of the Kartik month which usually falls on the next day after Diwali. This day celebrates the triumph of Lord Krishna over Lord Indra. As per the legends, Lord Krishna had lifted the Govardhan Parvat on his little finger on this day in order to save his village from the wrath of Lord Indra which came in the form of an unstoppable and heavy downpour.

Govardhan Puja Muhurat

Pratahkal Muhurat
06:32 to 08:45  
Duration = 2 Hours 12 Mins
Sayankal Muhurat15:23 to 17:36Duration = 2 Hours 12 Mins
Note: The above mentioned timings are for New Delhi, To know about the Pujan Muhurat timings in your city, Govardhan Puja Muhurat

Govardhan Puja Vidhi

  • Mold an idol made of Cow Dung or Soil of Lord Krishna.
  • Bedeck this idol with flowers, flute and a beautiful dress.
  • Offer Annakoot (a curry made of mixed vegetables), two sticks of sugarcane, sweets, curd and raw milk to the idol of Lord Krishna.
  • Light a lamp which is smeared with vermillion and rice and is filled with Ghee (clarified butter).
  • Take a few rounds around the idol and finish off the Puja with the Aarti in praise of Lord Krishna.

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Bali Pratipada

Bali Pratipada or Bali Padva is also celebrated on this day which is the first day of Kartik month. This day is celebrated every year to acknowledge the victory of Vamana (an incarnation of God Vishnu) over King Bali and to welcome King Bali to Prithvi Lok. King Bali was exiled to Patal Lok, the underworld, by Vamana but with a boon which would allow him to return to Prithvi Lok and meet his kin every year. The Puja Muhurat for Govardhan Puja can be used to pray and worship this festival. 

Gujarati New Year 

Gujarati New Year usually occurs at the same time as Govardhan Puja which is the Pratipada Tithi of Kartik month of Hindu calendar. Sometimes, Govardhan Puja is celebrated a day or two before Gujarati New Year depending on the calculations based on the Hindu calendar. 

The Pratipada of Kartik month will mark the onset of Vikram Samvat 2073. As an auspicious practice, new business ledgers and account books, also known as ‘Chopda’ in Gujarat, are started on this day, winding up the ones of the previous year. New Chopda is begun on the day of the Gujarati New Year followed by worship of Goddess Lakshmi. 

We at AstroSage, hope that you will be able to make the most of this opportune day and wish you happiness, success and prosperity !


Wanna sneak peek into the future? Scroll down to your moon sign and know what this week has in store for you. The below predictions has been done by our panel’s expert. 

Note: Weekly horoscope is based on your Moon sign. Know your moon sign by clicking here: Moon sign calculator


Arians, a fortunate week lies ahead. Friends are family, hence, a beautiful week with friends with full support will be there. You will be able to achieve heights with them. You will feel great and successful in the fields like professional or love life. You might improve your way of thinking, as well as your personality. This will result in overall growth. This week is suggesting you to be humble and avoid anger. 

Love Prediction: You should be transparent in your love matters. Do not suspect each other. If you follow these guidelines, you are likely to experience an enthralling week. Keep your wild imaginations in check & try not to run them too wild. As you get to the end of the week, you will get reward. You could also fall for a colleague at work.

Love Prediction: 3/5

Remedy: Don’t lose your calm.

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Taureans, mixed results in this week is ahead. Your professional life will lead in an excellent phase. Your desired needs will get fulfilled. Whereas, some unfavorable changes might be foreseen in social life. Your luck ratings are good this week. But, it is suggested not to completely rely on that blindly. Thus, trust your intellect and abilities. You will get a full family support in your good and bad times. Lastly, stay away from the consumption of alcohol. 

Love Prediction: You should be cautious in your work. Try not to start a feud or a quarrel for no reason. Do not doubt your partner, if you could somehow do all these aforementioned task, there will be no shortage of love for you. The start of the week will be very favourable for you, but come the mid-week, you’ll have to be watchful. The weekend will be better than what you expect but you will have to maintain a proper way of life. 

Love Prediction: 2.5/5

Remedy: Trust your abilities more than depending on luck. 

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Gemini, a good week is ahead. If we talk about professional front., you might be rewarded with an increment or a promotion. Love will bloom this week, married couples will enjoy a cherishable time. Although, some tiffs are possible. There are chances that some expenses are quite possible on households items. Your interest will move towards spirituality and social work.

Love Prediction: Your love life will be more or less static but you shouldn’t think about a drastic or a big change. You should not let your wild thoughts dictate terms. Your week will start in the prettiest of manners, mid-week is sort of a mixed baggage for you but the end of the week looks pretty bleak. 

Love Prediction: 3.5/5 Remedy: Don’t interfere in others matters.

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Cancerians, week will remain average. There are chances that your relationship might go through some tough situations. In business, you might have to face some unwanted consequences. So, be prepared and plan accordingly. Office goers’ week will be beneficial. Lastly, be careful about your health as chances of being sick are there. Also, avoid consuming alcohol and drive safe. 

Love Prediction: If you do not go about things in an astute manner, you could be in for bad blood. Watch your tone, try not to be too loud & impertinent. Your week will start on the bright side, so don’t dwell about the past mishappenings as it will only sadden your mood. The mid week will comparatively be better but the week will end on a high note for you. Married couples will have a good time. 

Love Prediction: 3/5

Remedy: Be careful in your love life.

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Lions, this week you may feel stressed out mentally. However, it will be in your hand to avoid getting into such situations. It is recommended to avoid being a snitcher. Talking about your family life, a harmonic relation with everyone and a peaceful atmosphere will be maintained. Those who are studying, are expected to receive tremendous success in educational life. Lastly, it is advisable not to put your ire on top. 

Love Prediction: You could stay a bit worried this week due to some personal or family affairs, due to which you won’t be able to make time for love. This shouldn’t happen because you will have to perform a balancing act between problems & love because you have certain responsibilities on you. The start of the week will be great, mid week will be pretty dull but the end will leave you on cloud 9.

Love Prediction: 3/5

Remedy: Keep stress away from yourself.

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Virgonians, mix and match results are foreseen. Your professional life will remain peaceful whereas some unwanted situations might be faced in personal life. This week, your expenses are likely to increase. Thus, as per predictions it would be great for you if you to try to control them. Good thing that is coming up your way is that family & friends will be very supportive in any decision of yours. Also, a new phone is in your cards. 

Love Prediction: This week will provide you with mixed results. Do not let go of any opportunity you get to enjoy & have fun with your partner. At the beginning of the week, try to have food together, this will strengthen your bond. At the mid week, you could go for a romantic movie. While the end of the week is going to be pretty boisterous.

Love Prediction: 3.5/5

Remedy: Spend money wisely.

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Librans, this week will be full of joyful and entertaining moments. This week , many pleasurable trips are possible with family, relatives and friends. Office goers are expected to get an hike in your salary. You might also be rewarded with a big promotion. These incentives will also help you to work for the goals at office. A good news is likely to be heard from childrens. This week, chances are there that you might put tie a knot with your beloved. 

Love Prediction: This week promises to be very rewarding for you. Still you will have to be vary of your tone, as it could cause havoc in your love life if you don’t. The beginning of the week looks gratifying, but mid week could be problematic. A female friend could be instrumental, in your quest for true love. 

Love Prediction: 4.5/5

Remedy: Keep working hard to achieve your goals. 

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Scorpions, this week your phone bill is likely to increase. It is foreseen that you might spend your most of the time bin social networking. It will be great if you maintain the transparency in your relations. At office. the good thing that will happen is your relation with boss will get improve. The important thing that is recommended for you is to read all the legal documents carefully before making any signature. Lastly, avoid junk and spicy food. Eat healthy. 

Love Prediction: This week will comparatively be better, although you are advised not to get impulsive if things don’t pan out the way you want them to. At the start of the week you could find it very tough to meet your partner, normal call & video calling are some great ways to get past that. Mid week will bring you lukewarm results, whereas the week will end on a positive note for you. 

Love Prediction: 4/5

Remedy: Avoid wasting too much time on social networking platforms. 

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Sagittarians , who are in a relationship will see their love blooming in a right direction. But, some ups and downs are possible in conjugal life. There are chances that some unnecessary expenses are likely to arise this week. Even on useless journeys. So, it be wise if you avoid them. This time is great is you are thinking of any business expansion plans. So, make the best use if this time. 

Love Prediction: Stay far off from any quarrel or fracus, control your anger & never doubt your partner. Although things will be smooth at the start of the week, due to some reason you could find it really hard to meet. Mid week looks pretty stable as well but you will have to keep your emotions in check. Try sweet talking your way out of all your troubles, come the weekend.

Love Prediction: 2.5/5

Remedy: Keep expenses in control.

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Capricorns, a bag of mixed results will be gained this week. Your professional life might see some unfavorable changes. But, no need to worry, as you will be able to tackle them with your skillful nature. As per the predictions, it would be better if you focus on yourself rather than being focussed on other’s flaws. Journeys are possible giving you the profitable deals. It will be good if you spend your time with family members. 

Love Prediction: This week could get you drunk on love, do not mull about a particular thing as that could be the thorn in your side. Ditch the stubbornness to enjoy the week to the fullest. Your week will start with an aplomb, mid week could mean travelling a lot. The end of the week will give you serenity & peace of mind.

Love Prediction: 4/5

Remedy: Work on improving your personality.

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Aquarians, you have to make the best use of this week. As this week contains lots of opportunities for you. This week growth and success are possible in business as foreseen in your cards. Some guest might knock on your doors. Even some get-together are possible. Even you might go on some family vacation. Friends will prove to be a great help for you. Lastly, you might plan a surprise for your beloved. 

Love Prediction: The week will be pretty satisfactory for you. If you are alone & searching for your perfect match, choose wisely. The start of the week looks pretty solid but if you find yourself falling for a co-worker, be careful. Mid week will provide beneficial results, you will be able to speak your heart out. The weekend could be dreary.

Love Prediction: 3.5/5

Remedy: Take out time to add meditation in your daily regime.

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Pisceans, the bright future is ahead. So, it would be good if you forget the past, focus on your present, in order to make future blissful. At workfront, a lot of scope is there for growth. Your dedication towards work will be appreciated by your seniors. While family happiness will also remain in harmony. Your taste buds are going to experience many delicacies this week. 

Love Prediction: This week will be quite indifferent for you in many ways. The week could be pretty shaky in the beginning but as the days will progress, your love life will be in ascendancy. You will have to strike a balance between work & love in mid week. Come the end of the week, you will be able to bare your heart out to your partner, which in turn will help you establish a rock solid bond.

Love Prediction: 3/5

Remedy: Don’t take useless tensions.

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Love Horoscope is exclusive by Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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