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Weekly Horoscope (December 14 - December 20)

Take a look into your coming time with us. We present you the exclusive predictions of weekly horoscope and weekly love horoscope written by our expert astrologers. Read them and take a step forward toward success.

Note: Weekly horoscope is based on your Moon sign. Know your moon sign by clicking here: Moon sign calculator

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Arians will get mixed results in this week of December. Domestic life might face some hurdles in this phase. Tough time is possible in love life as well. It would be good to fulfill wishes of your partner. Workfront will go great and you will enjoy your work. Minor health issues like headache or pain in eyes are possible. 

Love Predictions: A relaxed week for love birds though they will have to keep their sexual desires in control. Positive start to this week is guaranteed for you. But don’t forget to spend some time with your beloved. Middle days are also going to be nice as you will feel the bond between you two. The end might not be so amazing. But nothing to worry as such. 

Love Rating: 3.5/5

Remedy: Please the almighty to fetch goodness.


Beginning of this week is wonderful for you. You will enjoy luxuries and comforts. You will make successful plans and will enjoy benefits out of them. Married couples will enjoy romantic weekend; whereas, singles will find fun in the company of friends. You might develop interest in reading any novel. Drive carefully.

Love Predictions: Mixed results will be seen in this week. You might feel distressed in the beginning days and you won’t get much time with your partner. Though this will be covered in the middle days. You will be able to manage your personal and professional life quite wisely. A good end to this week is also predicted if you will behave intelligently. 

Love Rating:

Remedy: Keep your loved ones happy.


Almost every day of this week is in your favor. However, you might get worried regarding education of your child. Success is possible in your endeavors. Businessmen will get beneficial deals. Finances look great, but you are suggested to keep a check on your expenses. Most of your week will be positive for you. Avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian food.

Love Predictions: Favorable end to this week is predicted for you but familial issues might give you tensions. Awesome time for lovers in the beginning days. Be in your limits and enjoy blissful love life. Favorable time amidst the week. In your free time, you will be enjoying your love life to the fullest. Balance your personal & professional life in this week. 

Love Rating: 2.5/5

Remedy: Give your best efforts.


First half of the week looks dull and not that favorable. Some sort of domestic issues might give you stress. Health will remain fine and you might add meditation in your daily to-do list. Workfront will improve in the middle of the week and you will see progress in your endeavors. Minor conflicts are possible in personal life, try to avoid them. 

Love Predictions: Generally a relaxed time is seen for you in this week. Still do not prolong little tiffs. The middle days are so amazing for all those planning to marry also those who are already married. Yet you are suggested to keep control on your desires in the last days of the week. 

Love Rating: 2.5/5

Remedy: Be calm in the beginning of this week.


Positivity will prevail in your life as this week starts. Your cards witness your focus shifting more on your health. Romantic evening with your beloved is possible in the weekend. Lions are expected to showcase their best talent in this span of time. Your hard work will be noticed and admired. Finances will remain stable; however, try to control your expenses. 

Love Predictions: Beautiful time for those who are in love! You might feel attracted toward your classmate or might meet your ex-classmate. Though the middle days are predicted to be going fine but yes, little tiffs can also happen. But a little spark is not bad. In the ending days, you will relish love. But do take care of your beloved and respect his/her emotions. 

Love Rating: 3.5/5

Remedy: Don’t spend money unnecessarily.


Virgos are suggested to keep a check on their words, else useless conflicts are possible. You might come across your ex boyfriend/girlfriend. If we throw some shade on your work front, things look promising. Married people might face some issues due to their children. You are expected to spend time on online shopping. Overall, nothing to worry this week. 

Love Predictions: Mixed results for your are predicted in this week. If you are planning to propose someone, make sure not to hurt anyone. Middle days are going to be fine but try to ignore any argument. You will have relaxed weekend. So, enjoy your time to the fullest.

Love Rating: 3.5/5

Remedy: Talk carefully and in limit. 


A promising week is seen for the Librans. Your dedication will take you close to your goals. Money is likely to spend on items of luxury and comfort. Personal life will remain normal. Though nothing wrong is predicted for finances, but it would be good to postpone plans of investment. You might go out on a date in the weekend. Generally, the week seems good for you. You will get success in your efforts. You will cherish luxurious amenities. In the beginning of the week, you will salivate more for junk food. It would be better if you could keep a control over your temptations. In the mid of the week, everything will turn in your favor. You may go to watch a movie by the end of the week. But, the movie won’t be able to satisfy you very much.

Love Predictions: You will have great love life in the starting days of the week. However your mood will not be so good due to your domestic life. But you can still meet at some safer place. Your love will now make up for the past tensions. Things will be good in the last days as well but try to avoid arguments. 

Love Rating:

Remedy: Be careful while taking financial decisions. 


It’s good to be emotional, but being over emotional is something you need to avoid this week. Make sure not to take any decision emotionally. You might get into argument with your father. Your vehicle might give you some troubles. Talking about professional front, promotion or hike in salary is strongly possible. Maintain good relations with seniors. 

Love Predictions: Amazing week for lovers. Try something new in the starting days if your partner demands adventure. You might be stressed in the middle days. Meeting at your friend’s place would be good. Avoid being stubborn in the ending days. There are chances that you might fall for your classmate . 

Love Rating:

Remedy: Try to share good rapport with seniors. 


Your chances of getting profits are stronger in the beginning of the week. Students who want to go abroad for education should try this week. Your in-laws might come to visit you for few days. Whether you are in job or business, benefits are on your cards. Expenses are possible on religious deeds. Don’t drink and drive. 

Love Predictions: Ego is the only thing that spoils a relationship. So, make sure you do not let ego triumph and spoil your mood. Some finance related things and something that has already passed will stress you in the starting days. Go out and relish time with your beloved. Your neighbor might win your heart. Stress might distract you in the ending days. 

Love Rating:

Remedy: Avoid intake of alcohol.


Give your best and get ready to get the best. However, nothing great will come if you leave everything on destiny. Friends might ditch you at the last moment. Businessmen will get profitable deals and might think about expanding their business. Finances will remain stable. You might think about investing money in something important. 

Love Predictions: Be true to your partner and your relationship. Unfaithfulness might become the barrier in your love life. You might feel attracted toward your colleague. Amazing start to this week is predicted for you. Your emotions will be valued. On the other hand, some quarrel can also happen in the middle days. The week will end on a positive note. 

Love Rating: 3/5 

Remedy: Don’t depend on luck. 


Aquarians will have an auspicious week. You might give your suggestions to others, which will help them in a great way. Your friend circle increase and so does your influential contacts. Your work will get appreciation by your boss and you will surpass all. Enemies will not be able to harm you. You might take interest in literature, music, or arts. 

Love Predictions: Basically a mixture of everything is predicted for the natives. You may have to stay apart for few days in the starting of the week. However there are chances that you will meet your relatives. Passion will have the upperhand in your love life in between the week and your emotions will be valued. Stiffs are possible in the ending days. So, try to avoid getting into any argument. 

Love Rating: 2.5/5 

Remedy: Don’t let your hard work fall.


Pisceans will begin this week on a good note. You are expected to purchase new phone or laptop. Success will come in job and business. Students will get success in education. Monetary gains are very much in your cards. Happiness will come for children. You might go on pleasurable trip with your family. You might invest on gold this week. 

Love Predictions: New energy will enter your love life. Time will support if you are planning to propose someone. Passion & excitement will fill your love life. You might have to spend some time apart in the middle days. You will feel more emotional but do not feel disheartened if others do not value them. Be positive and live your moment. 

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Strike balance between personal and professional life. 

Love Horoscope is exclusive by Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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