Friday, December 18, 2015

Saturn Rise In Scorpio Today - Future Predictions For You

Saturn will rise in Scorpio on December 18 under its own constellation, Anuradha. Natives who were getting fruitful results will now have to face its adverse effects and vice versa. It all depends on whether or not you are going through Dasha or Maha Dasha, Antar or Pratyantar Dasha of Saturn.

Saturn rise in scorpio will affect bring changes in your life.

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You need to find hidden sources. Some problems are foreseen for you in this phase. Read more


Others might cheat you. You might get married and a lot many good things are possible. Read more


You might face problems due to others. These things might affect your father too. Read more


You need to please Shani Dev, as extreme problems are possible. Read more


‘All’s well that ends well’. This phrase will come true for you. Read more


Golden days for you. Everything will happen slowly and steadily. Read more


The road looks not so easy, as some problems are possible. Read more


Other than few things, this transit is fortunate for you in every aspect. Read more


Self esteem is everything. Make sure it does not gets damaged. Read more


Excellent phase for you. Be calm, all will turn into profits. Read more


Your desires will come true and new opportunities will come your way. Read more


Lord Shani is pleased by you. However, you might not get that good results. Read more

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