Friday, December 25, 2015

Venus Transit In Scorpio Today - Predictions For You

On December 25, 2015, Venus will transit into Scorpio. Here, it will travel in constellations of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury. In the Kundali of Kaal Purush, this sign comes in eighth house, which is not considered good. Impact of this transit will vary from person to person depending on their sign or ascendant. Natives going through Antar or Pratyantar Dasha of Venus will witness major chang.

Venus transit in Scorpio will affect your life directly or indirectly.

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You might face disappointments at the last moment. Keep a check on your speech in this phase of life. Read more


You will feel mentally good. Progress will come to businessmen and servicemen too. Great time for conjugal pleasures. Read more


Luck is not that favorable, be careful. Don’t leave current job till you get any other. Expect less in this time. Read more


Problems are foreseen for businessmen. Embarrassment is possible due to any hidden relation. Read more


Time is very fortunate for service people. This transit will bestow you with wealth and sensual pleasures. Read more


You will talk polite and influential. Your efforts will be quite energetic and you will get benefits out of them. Read more


Wealth gains are foreseen for businessmen and service people. Long journeys will bring rewards. Read more


Happiness will come in married life. Quality time will be spent with friends too. You will coordinate well with all. Read more


Avoid online shopping in this period. Harmony might lack from your personal life for some days. Read more


Time is good to switch job, if you are bored from current one. Benefits will come from friends as well. Read more


Time is great to test your luck. Wish anything and it will come true. However, avoid over confidence. Read more


Luck is with you and you will enjoy extreme profits. You are going to have a fabulous family life.

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