Sunday, February 15, 2015

Venus In Pisces - Check The Effects Of Venus Transit In Pisces!

On February 15, 2015, Venus will transit in sign Pisces. How will it affect your zodiac sign? Know impact of Venus transit in Pisces with astrologer ‘’Acharya Raman’’.

Know the impacts of Venus transit in Pisces.

Read Venus Transit In Pisces (February 15, 2015) Effects Now!

Venus is going to enter in its exalted sign Pisces. Where on one hand, planet Venus like luxuries; lord of Pisces, Jupiter is spiritual and believes in god. In this situation, the vengeful tendencies of Venus will come under control. Apart from that, the Venus dominated natives may get a feeling of doing something favorable for the society.

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Venus is a showy and selfish planet, whereas Jupiter is clear and fair. To read the effects of transit of luxurious and glamorous planet Venus in Pisces in detail, click on the links provided.

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Read Venus Transit In Pisces (February 15, 2015) Effects Now!

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