Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015: Usher In Festivity & Celebrations

Chinese New Year is the beginning of festivity and celebrations, a way to acquiring all the prosperity and good luck in the beginning of new year. Follow the traditional values of China and pursue the path of success and prosperity.

Chinese New Year in 2015 will be celebrated from February 19.

Chinese New Year is the time when New Year begins for Chinese people, as per the Chinese calendar. Chinese New Year starts with the New Moon on the first day of the New Year and ends on the Full Moon after 15 days. This year, Chinese New Year will start from February 19, 2015 and its celebrations will end on March 6, 2015. It is a time of festivity and celebrations. Chinese New Year is celebrated for a period of 15 days and it is the longest festival celebration in China. It is also called spring festival of China.

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Chinese New Year: Legend & Importance Of Red Color

Red Color is having a great importance in Chinese culture and this is very evident in Chinese New Year celebrations. It is believed that once there was a cruel demon named, Nian who used to visit Chinese villages on every New Year. On his every visit, he used to destroy everything like the crops, cattles and houses of villagers.

Once God visited that village and advised them to use red color paper cutting and fireworks, as it will keep the demon away. From then onwards, it is believed that red is the color which keep all the evil powers away. It is also considered as a color of luck, wealth, and prosperity.

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Chinese New Year: The Grand Celebrations

Celebrations of Chinese New Year last for a period of 15 days. Is is also considered as an important time for gaining good luck and prosperity for the complete year. Let's take a look on its celebrations in brief:
  • First Day: Dedicated to welcome God on earth from heaven.
  • Second Day: Celebrated as the birthday of Chinese deity, Che Kung.
  • Third Day: People visit temples and pray for good luck and prosperity.
  • Fourth Day: People visit the houses of near and dear ones for exchanging gifts.
  • Fifth Day: Celebrated as the birthday of God of wealth.
  • Sixth Day: Businessmen return to their business and pray for wealth and success.
  • Seventh Day: Celebrated as the birthday of lord of Devas of Buddhist named, Sakra.
  • Eighth Day: Special lunch or dinners are organized by companies for their employees.
  • Ninth Day: Celebrated as the birthday of Jade emperor, the ruler of heaven.
  • Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Day: Special dinner parties are organized by people for their relatives and friends.
  • Thirteenth Day: Dedicated to army general, Lt. Guan Yu. He is remembered for his loyalty and strength.
  • Fourteenth Day: People start preparing for the fifteenth day, i.e. for Lantern festival.
  • Fifteenth Day: Celebrated as Lantern festival, the most important day in Chinese New Year celebrations. On this day, people come in groups and participate in a procession carrying red lighted lamps.
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Traditional music, clothes and dishes are some integral parts of Chinese New Year celebrations. People exchange traditional gifts and symbols to increase good luck. Welcome this Chinese New Year in 2015 with great celebrations and open the doors for good luck to come in your life.

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